In Video: FCW Divas Championship Match (Naomi Night vs Serena)

FCW history is made as the promotion crowns its first ever Divas Champion. After an eight-woman tournament, the finals are here as Naomi Night battles SmackDown’s Serena for the belt. Watch below:

Watch the second part after the cut:

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  • Dim3y18

    yesssss u posted it awesome match right here im so impressed with naomi knight shes coming along really well hope she doesnt get released like savannah though

  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    Great match as I saw it a little bit ago. Naomi really does come off as a pro in the ring, and a match with Serena was worthy of being the finals. I’m happy they decided to go with Naomi as the winner as she deserves it.

  • Toby

    awesome match. naomi was really impressive; congrats girl.

  • Erwin

    Naomi really impresses me. I just wish she would get new attire and I hate that paper looking belt lol .

    <3 the match kudos to both of the divas.

  • Jack5326

    What a match, there was some excellent spots. I especially liked the start as it made sense for Naomi to care her hair had been cut (take notice Eve, you do actually care you lost the Divas Title!) and I loved the powerbomb spot. The spot where Naomi kicked out of Serena’s finisher is gerat aswell, and makes Naomi come off a strong, determined and gutsy performer.

    I know her attire actually matched this week but still, what is going on? She looked like a tomato in that thing. I do love her spunk and attitude though, she has the makings of an excellent character and someone who I would love to see a tomboyish girlfriend role of someone like JTG.

  • JJ

    FCW might be completely whack with it’s character progression (unexplained face/heel turns), but they know how to treat the diva’s.
    They always made the Queen of FCW crown seem important, and they’ve started off on a good note with the first Diva’s Title. They gave the match plenty of time, which was great to see. Naomi and Serena told a story with their wrestling, something that is lost in a lot of wrestling matches these days (fanstastic work by both). They sold Serena working the arm (even after the match Naomi was selling!). They both kicked out of each other’s finishing moves, making it look important to both. FCW is the training ground for WWE yet the WWE, and even TNA, needs to look at this match: THIS IS HOW YOU BOOK YOUR WOMEN.
    We all know Serena is a solid talent, but good lord Naomi Night is utterly fantastic. She’s at this level and hasn’t even been training for a year? Incredible. People often say “so-and-so carried them” but Naomi was standing toe to toe with Serena here. She really deserves this title as a reward for her fantastic work. Also, her outfit looks alot better here!
    Did everyone spot AJ Lee’s unenthusiastic clapping for Naomi? Coupled with her recent backstage segment with Liviana, it looks like FCW is finally starting to take care with their heel/face turns.

    Congratulations to both women, especially Naomi for her title win. I hope she comes to WWE and gets to show what she can do (and isn’t saddled as an interviewer/announcer then canned). Serena’s in good company with Punk, so hopefully she can show off her skills soon too.

    Really impressive stuff from FCW.

  • boi213

    that belt is sad….lol…but this match was great i hope serena gets to wreslte on smackdown soon

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Holy crap! That was really f’n impresive. Naomi just went from 0 to 60 in like what? Two matches?! I love her! And she’s very, very likeable as champ. I can’t believe the crowd gave her a standing ovation when she won, that’s and FCW Diva FIRST! I can see why they’d love her, and the tension between her and Serena was sold fabulously. I wouldn’t mind seeing this on Raw, Smackdown, or really (honestly), even pay per view. My only jibe is she needs a second, more emphatic finisher. She should keep the one she has and add a second ala’ Melina, Mickie, Trish, etc. And her attire….well, I actually like this one. Just get rid of those hideous orange kneepads, and a new hairstyle would be nice. Great, great match.

  • The_Eric

    Great match. I do share others peoples complaint about the belt though. With the exception of the strap, it kind of looks like the belt that Medusa put in the trashcan on Nitro. The main plate is TINY. They upgraded from a crown though. That’s progress.


    No offense Naomi, A dropkick is not a finisher (please get a new one) and that title belt is soooo small….
    Great match though, easily better than what we get on TV

    Oh and on a side note, Look how pissed AJ is when Naomi wins

  • Jonathan

    Great match definitely rivals anything WWE or TNA has done in the past year. I almost kind of think Naomi is ready for a call up. She was utterly fantastic, the way she moves her ring is so fluid and she has good ring awareness and just think this is well under a year of training. Just imagine how good she’ll be in a year or two after she’s started to perfect her craft. Just sick! That girl is wrestling prodigy if I ever seen one.

    I expected nothing but the best out of Serena. She incorporates her heel character flawlessly in her ring work. This match really shows why she should be wrestling in some sort of capacity on Smackdown. WWE please pull the trigger and give this girl a shot to show what she’s got on the main stage already.

  • shameronstar

    I agree with everyone. The first time I say naomi knight wrestle i knew that if she kept going she’d be something very special one day but i never thought she progress this much in under a year’s time though wow. Her movements are quick and fluid, her ring psychology and storytelling is good, she’s aggressive, and has a certain charisma that most diva’s don’t have. She on her way to become one of my favorite noobies like alicia fox. It seems that black diva have a nature niche for this wrestling thing(not to be racists but all the black female wrestlers i know to kong to jacqueline all great women). Hey, maybe Alicia and Naomi should be a tag team or maybe they should feud ha. black power(once again not being racist just representing you know)lol.

  • theregoeskitty

    the belt looks like a cheap toy lol but the match was really good

  • boi213

    About her finishing move is that a drop kick or a calf kick? or was is the correct term for a one legged drop kick….lol…..

  • NT86

    FUCKING IMPRESSIVE! Wow!! That, folks, is how to book a women’s match. WWE or TNA haven’t had a Divas or Knockouts match this strong in quite sometime. It told a story, was fluid and no visible botches.

    Serena is a kickass heel and she should be definitely doing the rounds on the main roster soon.

    But Naomi Night is easily the best FCW-produced Diva so far. Her progression in just a few months has been nothing short of brilliant. Her background in dancing definitely provides her with a nice athletic edge. She cut a promo during the earlier stage of the tournament and she’s got that one on lock, too! By the sounds of it, seems like she has the tools to be a top babyface. She just needs to keep training hard to improve further as well as develop a better finisher. But these will come in time.

    Serena and AJ Lee are proven talents. But of the girls straight out of FCW, Naomi Night is leading the pack so far. It is a shame WWE cut Savannah because she was really impressive too.

  • madslam2009

    It’s nice to see how far Naomi Night has come. Some say AJ Lee is the only FCW girl ready for the main roster but Naomi is definatly ready but I say keep her in FCW so she can have a great reign as FCW Divas Champion.

    The match was fantastic and one of the best diva matches of the year. Change Naomi’s finisher because I’m not feeling the leg lariat.

  • gmosoto

    thats all i have to say WOW!,,
    amazing match
    i always knew since the first time i saw naomi that she was going to do it better than other FCW divas.. she has been there for like a year and she is as good as some girls in the main roster!..

    cant wait to see you in SD!..


    and about hte finisher i think is called Flying Whipped Kick
    cause she jumps with her legs closed and then she kicks you throwing a leg

  • bortman

    wow.. naomi’s kicks are very swift, high and crisp. loved that spinning heel kick. talk about perfecting her craft. she have come a long way in such a small timeframe, not even a year! she fought like a pro and shes certainly have tons of persona/charisma with it. bravo! wwe have struck a gold here. hopefully they won’t be dumb enough to do what they did to angela…………………………..ha! who am i kidding… its wwe.

    serena is just FLAWLESS! putting her to SES did a good thing on her! it gave her heel persona a third dimension.

    the belt looks cheap and fug. looks like it was cut out of cardboard.

  • JJ

    Naomi’s finisher is a leg lariat. Add Jumping, leaping whatever infront of it, in simplest terms it’s a leg lariat. Her name for it (as said by Abraham Washington) is the Night-Mare. It’s a pretty good move, although I think eventually she’ll use that as more of a transitional move and have a different move as her finisher.

  • TRiSHA

    That is one of the best matches
    I have seen in couple months in
    both tna and wwe with the women.

    This match told a great story.

    Naomi and Serena = Awesome.

  • Luis

    great match. great outcome.
    and it was the main event lol

  • ilovelita

    There was nine FCW Divas that I counted and the was only supposed to be 8 on the roster unless Jemma Palmer was there because there was an extra blonde that was sitting who I don’t reconize. Who made the video, you can always place the camera on a table do it won’t be all wobbley. And the match was way more awesome than TNA and WWE women’s matches!

  • Luis

    at ringside it was Rosa, Tamina, Aksana, AJ, Savannah and Liviana
    in the ring obviously Naomi & Serena
    and Jamie Keyes was on the mic.

  • ohiofan1

    What an awesome match by both. I have never really paid attention to Naomi until this match and I must say she really impressed me. She has alot of potential in this business. Also, this just shows why Serena must be an in ring competitor. Her and Natalya are not meant to be valets and nothing more.

  • Jordan

    Wow that was an awesome match. I like how FCW can produce quality matches like this, but not on the main shows. Anyways, I love the chemistry these both have. I saw the story and it was told to perfection.

    I like the fact that Naomi completely just sprinted into the ring going after Serena, that’s how you make things interesting. I love Naomi and the way she just makes her moves look hard hitting. She’s just so fluid and refreshing to watch. I think she could get a better finisher, but keep that leg lariat as a signature move.