In Video: Mickie James Makes Triumphant Return to the Ring at WWC

Former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion, Mickie James made her long awaited return to the ring since being released by WWE in April, over the weekend at the World Wrestling Council anniversary show in Trinidad.

Mickie, who received a huge pop when she entered the arena, teamed up with WWC wrestler Carlitos to take on former TNA stars, ODB and Christopher Daniels.

The former Diva made a triumphant return, hitting the Long Kiss Goodnight on ODB before hitting Daniels with her patented Tornado DDT for the win.

You can watch the match below. Unfortunately, it is pretty low quality so be warned!

Part two after the cut:

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  • jeremycanrana

    oooouh she has got her old attire LOVES IT ! what a dream match ODB VS MICKIE ! hope you’ll find a better quality but thx so much for it

  • RumbleQueen

    wow i thought wwe don’t allow wrestlers to use there”re wwe names outside thier company maybe forgot to copyright her name and stuff and i’m glad she wearing her old outfits

  • theregoeskitty

    that ring looked like it was ready to fall apart :O

    Mickie did really well!!! it’s nice to see her get the win over Daniels

  • molly4ever

    Mickie James is her real name, so she is allowed to use it wherever she wants.
    But are they allowed to use that theme music? I’m not sure.

  • Jack5326

    Haha good day for female talent. Alissa wins a male title and Mickie pins Christopher Daniels!

  • Kaledrina

    “oooouh she has got her old attire LOVES IT ”

    which, if anything, means she’s been working out and getting back into shape as she stopped wearing those attires once she started to put on a bit of weight. i love that she’s still actively looking to compete, she could so easily have said screw it and stuck to the music.

    hopefully a better quality video shows up, looks a good match regardless, though. i do find it odd how both daniels and odb are still listed on tna’s website as being part of their roster, especially when they were so quick to remove roxxi lol.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    GOOOOOOO Mickie Good 2 See Her Wrestle agaain .. I hope she continues to do small wrestling events!!!!! I also see she went back to her old outfits I missed those outfits.

    I would love to see Mickie wrestle , Jazz , Molly Holly , Ivory in some independet circuits espically Molly Holly its one of my dream matchs Mickie James vs Molly Holly

  • Manda

    @ Rumble Queen

    I believe WWC and WWE have always had something of a working agreement with each other (the fact that WWE plays nicely with anybody is beyond me, lol) But I know WWE wrestlers have always shown up on the WWC shows and Primo actually appeared on this same one as Mickie. It seems there wouldn’t be music/copyright issues then.

  • Shan

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Trinidad!?! They can go to Trinidad but they can’t come to Barbados????? We’re like 30 minutes away dangit! Why does nothing even remotely wrestling related ever come here!?!

  • Billy James

    What a nice birthday gift to wake up to; Mickie James first match after being release from the WWE. I love the yellow and purple outfit, hope she keeps wearing those types of outfits like that one at. I hope that better quality video pops up but still great to see the match. Goodnightddtmnm, great suggestions for opponents for Mickie to take on. For me the dream match would be Mickie James vs. Ivory (Lisa Moretti). I love Ivory and Mickie so it would be an awesome match since they both great energy in the ring. Thank you so much Melanie for posting the match.

  • Toby

    so nice to see mickie wrestling again. shows you that her passion for the buisness is still their even though she’s still pursuing her music career. loved that she went back to her old gear.

  • ilovelita

    Good match, but tge other side of the arena looked empty!

  • RadicalRhys297

    Terrible quality, bad crowd (wish those laughing middle aged women would just zip it, NOW!), but it looked like an okay match from what I could make out, Mickie had some tidy & funny spots, and above all else in the entire match… SHE HAD HER OLD KICK ASS ATTIRE ON!!! >=-D I had no idea I missed that attire so much… T___T

  • shannymac

    Aww…it makes me so happy to see Mickie back in the ring!

  • ozzyv

    Mickie James! That’s my girl! The footage wasn’t so bad btw..shaky amateur..but not horrible, a million thanks Melanie.

  • A.A

    nice to see mickie is back .she really looks good from what i could see i hope we get a better quality latter that shows who passionate she is about wrestling.i hope latter we get to see a single match between her and odb .

    my dream match is angelina vs mickie or mickie vs daffney.actuallyi hope mickie get a lot of success in her independent wrestling and her music career in order to rub it in vince face

  • mah

    what a big night for all mickie fans…this woman is amazing