TNA Impact Feedback: July 8th, 2010

Get your weekly dose of Knockout action on tonight’s Impact. To watch, tune in to Spike TV at 9pm ET.

You can also watch the Knockouts action here and here.

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  • Born This Way

    Good promo by Anderson w/Hardy. So its okay to say “asshole” on TV now without it being censored? That was kind of surprising. And a tad edgy when compared to the E I suppose.

  • TRiSHA

    lol. I love Flair.

  • FCW Divas

    wow, really TNA showing Angelina, looking for a top,

  • Kaledrina

    the match was too one-sided on love’s behalf for me. it being such a squash does make me ponder the possibility of angelina losing this weekend and being forced to retire..

    great promo, though. rayne is really starting to shine in that department. the fake boobs/bad weave was hilarious considering it goes for both of them lol.

  • TRiSHA

    Like I really want to see
    Angelina skinny ass.

  • Born This Way

    Oh wow…….ALove topless! Turn around Angelina! :p

    Once again the “edgy” thing is enforced with Flair saying “assholes” again and things like, “Quit dicking around!” Along with being verbally abrasive towards specific audience members. I thought he was funny. AJ Styles and Kaz(?) had a good match tonight. So far so good, the backstage seconds watching Angelina trying to pick out a top was good too. ;)

  • Born This Way

    “Let’s Go Daffney” chant! Good crowd. Honestly I have a soft spot for girls like Daffney, Ariel, Lita, Katie Lea and Angelina. Love them rebel girls.

  • Onetooth

    lol Madison I great.

  • TRiSHA

    I missed when knockouts actually
    had amazing and great matches.

    Where’s Hamada?

  • FCW Divas

    it is not hard to tell, that Angelina is gonna win by DQ, with Velvet turnin on Madison, but i kind of wish Angelina would lose and leave TNA, i am not really a fan

  • sugarrush28

    I love Madison lol. Her calling out Love’s fake rack and weave was too funny. It was a,lso funniers considering she has a fake rack and bad weave as well. So I gfuess Angelina will be a 4 time champ cause I can’t see them letting Madison win over her.

  • sugarrush28

    The match was okay but Angelina was just too strong during the whole thing.

  • Born This Way

    Ahaha! Gold Madison! Gold! “Cheap fun bags?” Lmao!

    Daffney/Angelina Love was good. It was short as most TV matches(girls)tend to be, but it was hard hitting and back and forth. Something I’ve wanted to see in a womens match recently. Just because I always miss Superstars and Eve and Maryse leave a lot to be desired for me.

    The promo was okay, Madison was funny and I like her look. I don’t think she looks bad at all. She reminds me of an 80’s rocker chick with the big hair. Like that group “Heart(?).” It works.

    Angelina is great but her voice was getting a little annoying as the promo went along. Like two whiny bitches fighting over who’s prettier or something..I suppose it goes with their characters?

    And I’m all for a Daffney reign in the future. In the near future that is. Her or Sarita. That is before Mickie James comes in. Because once she does, she’s going to get the Gail Kim treatment wether we like it or not.

  • TRiSHA

    Brother Devon ready to take us
    to church.

  • xadpfan

    madison talked about A.Love’s weeve??? wow….did she see hers

  • Matt

    Yeah, Angelina’s weave looks natural compared to that thing that died on Madison’s head. Whatever match, but one of the best Knockout mic segments we’ve seen in a long time.

  • Born This Way

    Lol @Trisha

    I appreciate Bubba and Devons contributions to pro wrestling but I think its time to hang em up. Its time guys.

    Anymore Knockout action coming up today?

    RVD vs. Joe was intense. I loved it. Except for the poor ref at the end..why Joe? Why?

    I’m looking forward to that new movie, Dinner for Shmucks! Looks like its gonna be good.

  • Flybytre

    after watching tonights match i’d rather watch the divas at least it’s not just 1 feud to watch every single week. tna knockouts suck now it’s all about the divas

  • Born This Way

    What do you mean Trevon? Howcome?

  • Sapphire Eyes

    We’re not going to get amazing ring action when they only afford the ladies three minutes or so to work. Match was hard hitting at least, as said above. And the back and forth talk was good.

    Hope we see more time given to the Knockouts as things move along over months. The experiment with cutting them and other TNA affiliated acts down while giving more time to yesteryear segments has pretty much run it’s largely unsuccessful course. With many of those acts now gone.

  • TRiSHA

    @ozzyv, yeah I agree they
    need to hang it up already
    and take Jesse with them. But
    I love the way they talk it remind
    me of Dustin Rhodes alittle.

    @Matt, Angelina’s weave look
    just as awful. Von Erich’s weave
    is the one only who looks real in tna.

  • Dim3y

    yea i agree angelina loves extensions look horrible she should go back to the ones that she had wayy back during her feud with kong i think cuz hers r to thin towards the bottom while the top of her head is think not cute i thought madison and her extensions looked good tonite and loved the action but the match was to short

  • Dim3y

    i meant to say the top of her head is thick as far as the hair goes it needs to be even thickness all throughout i think lacey has the best extensions tho i love hers

  • Flybytre

    ozzyv i just hate what tna knockouts has become they have no purpose now divas may not have a purpose either but atleast it’s not just the same people always on tv tna has sarita, hamada, taylor and daffney what are they doing nothing. they can put another feud on impact well my point is knockouts suck now 07-09 we’ll never have that back

  • Born This Way

    Well maybe one day but thanks for explaining. Be optimistic, the roster is full of talented female workers- so they have atleast that. They just need to make it happen.

    Hopefully they can bring in Katie Lea and my girl MJ to help out.