SmackDown Spoilers: July 16th, 2010

Spoilers for Friday’s episode of SmackDown are below. Click ‘show’ to read:

* Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters vs. Layla and Trent Baretta. Rosa came out distracting the Dudebusters and Masters took them out. Kelly pinned Layla with the rocker dropper. The guys did not tag in. Very short match. (Source: PWInsider)
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  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    Since the PPV is this sunday I expected shit tonight as there’d be no point debuting someone before Kelly’s title shot. Next week I hope someone finally debuts or Serena wrestles >_> of course we’ll get Laycool vs. The Blondtourage next tuesday most likely

  • layglamacool

    1- random mixed tag match never a good thing
    2- the guys in the match are garbage
    3- rosa is face now?
    4- what the hell is the rocker dropper

  • layglamacool

    oh and i forgot:
    5- this is the final show before the ppv i hope this isn’t it.

  • Ayzali

    Umm ok? A bit random of pairings. But neverless I didn’t expect much. I don’t know what I expected at all to be quite honest. So I guess I’m pleased..?

  • I <3 Maryse

    I didn’t expect much but really? That’s like the most random match in the world. Sounds super stupid.

  • Alex

    Kelly wins the night before the PPV so PPV logic comes in so Layla will retain this sunday.

  • Ayzali

    I haven’t heard of the move not even in training what exactly is that?

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    OK thumbs up for Layla action, but why does Rosa come out and distract the dudebusters? Have I missed something? Oh and boooo at K2 picking up the victory :( I do hope theres some backstage segments or something! XD

  • MaccaJack

    So. Rosa is a face.


  • e.beautyy

    aw, i lied .


    @Alex thats not always true when Eve won the title from Maryse Eve won in a tag match and pinned Maryse so thats not always true.

  • Felipe

    If Rosa turns face then they must be bringing in A.J Lee as a heel :(

    @layglamcool You clearly never seen Trent Barettas FCW matches if you think he’s garbage.

  • mffl413

    wait a minute… no michelle mccool on any show all week? im not sure how i feel about this… maybe shes on her honeymoon?

  • MrJCena

    tbh i wasnt expecting much because last week they did all the story prgression but i am happy they had rosa do something better then just her usual training and i dont know if i want rosa face because wat can u do with her as a face not much. STILL LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH K2 FTW!!!!

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    wasnt ecpecting much either ….but Layla will retain and walked out MITB still our wwe womens champion…..if k2 wins…..gosh i dnt know what i will do

  • AjLeefAn

    “If Rosa turns face then they must be bringing in A.J Lee as a heel”

    yea i think so too plus she’s already turning heel in fcw so i see her joining laycool or something else

  • MickieJamesFan07

    HAHA Kelly Kelly is going to lose and she should!!!

  • AjLeefAn

    harsh much MickieJamesFan07

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Layla Retains 95% and Kelly Loses 5%, it will seem weird if kelly wins there is no one she can compete for the title against except lay-cool but that will get boring but if layla retains then melina can come to smackdown and feud with lay-cool, so layla will retain and kelly will never be champion she is just another torrie,stacy and maria.

    Also a big chance AJ will debut as a heel because kelly defeated her at a house show and lay-cool attacked, Layla and Michelle left with AJ lee , leaving tiffany and kelly in the ring. Also with rosa going face then serena can start wrestling as a heel and we wont be needing AJ Lee up in the main roster at the moment.

  • Valese

    Screw all that PPV logic; Kelly Kelly still may become Women’s champion, i mean if they’re bringing Aj Lee in as a heel, she’ll have to feud with someone or then there’d be no use for her &her joining Lay-Cool is just not going to happen.My guess is:They have Kelly Kelly win the Women’s title and let AJ feud with her for it.
    Yay,I can’t for wait for Kelly Kelly to be YOUR WWE Women’s Champion…. if not, well then i guess we’re stuck with a potential Lay-Cool/Rosa Feud.

  • LaceyVonErichFan


    No Offense, but that is stupid , kelly winning the title and feuding with AJ Lee for it, is just a “hot” mess because they wouldnt give AJ an oppurtunity at the womens title so quick it would take a few months before we see her in the title picture but if melina returns then a fresh layla/melina feud will begin.

  • AjLeefAn

    @LaceyVonErich i agree with that i rather have aj come as a face to fued with layla or serena or something bt not with kelly! and what house show did kelly defeat aj lee??

  • chrisP

    “Also a big chance AJ will debut as a heel because kelly defeated her at a house show and lay-cool attacked, Layla and Michelle left with AJ lee , leaving tiffany and kelly in the ring.”

    That didn’t happen. Someone made it up. The Diva match at the Smackdown house shows over the weekend was Kelly vs. Layla. Michelle wasn’t there, and if Tiffany was there, she didn’t get involved.

  • Valese


    None Taken. But think about it this way, Melina may go back to Raw & help John Morrison in his feud with Ted & Maryse. Then what will they do on Smackdown? Besides Alicia needs someone to feud with after Eve. We all know she’s retaining this Sunday. Besides it won’t be a “Hot Mess” because Aj isn’t green in the ring & in those few months it’ll take her to get into the title picture, Kelly could finish feuding with Lay-Cool &then Aj could get her title shot.


    heres a Live report from Smackdown
    Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters (with Tiffany) defeated Layla El and Trent Barretta (with Caylen Croft). Rosa Mendez came out and distracted Layla by jumping rope, with the Dudebusters holding the rope at one point in a funny moment.