Note Regarding SmackDown Spoilers

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Just a clarification on spoilers posted last night… it will be Layla vs Tiffany next week for the Women’s Championship.
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  • 041293

    Michelle is so gonna interfere, or it’s probably gonna be a handicap match. I’m interested to see what goes from this. I mean, giving Tiffany a title shot for no reason? I’m hoping that a certain someone’s *cough*AJ*cough* gonna interfere. But I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • theregoeskitty

    that changes things, i thought it was Lay-cool vs Tiffany, i find it very odd they they gave Tiffany a title shot, she hasn’t won in a wile

    maybe they aren’t 100% sure on Layla as champ after that PPV match

    or this could be a story device, after retaining Layla could do what Angelina did on impact when Tara debuted “how many times do i have to keep beating the same Divas over and over” then issue a challenge that brings up a FCW Diva to the main roster

  • jacknife2058

    Michelle interfering is pretty much a given.

  • ebmich

    The interesting thing will be how the match will.. Match up against the title match vs Kelly. Did Layla really have an off night? Is Kelly’s progression over blown? What about that mythical Kelly and Layla chemistry? So many questions. haha

    I think Michelle will interfere, cost Layla the match, but Michelle still claims she is a champion. Thus, everything will be like normal on SD with Michelle ruling all and Layla’s character looking dumber than Lacey’s character with her constant butt smooching of Michelle.

  • Kaledrina

    “i find it very odd they they gave Tiffany a title shot, she hasn’t won in a wile”

    agreed, but i guess it beats kelly getting another title shot just after losing one *glares at RAW*

    smackdown are in a real unfortunate place roster-wise right now. after layla beats tiffany (likely with help from mccool), what’s next? going back back to kelly?

  • Justin0422

    Michelle better not interfere but Tiffany can fight her off. I’m getting sick of Michelle interfering I want to see a new champion and no not Melina. Somebody new like Tiffany or AJ Lee. But if AJ Lee is brought up Tiffany might not be used anymore :( I need to see Tiffany every single week.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    You could tell that they are running out of ieas , there is only so much that they can do now … but hey I will take Tiffany vs Layla 4 the Womens Championship!

    I dont understand why they just dont bring Gail Kim 2 SD , I would have a battle royal divas of Raw the Last Diva Standing Gets Traded 2 SD and gets a Womens Championship shot , then they could have had Gail Kim win….but wwe is dumb sooo

  • ozzyv

    Sounds good to me! =)

    AJ Lee could debut an day now..atleast I hope so.

  • melina prez

    pleese aj just debut already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aiden123

    I like Goodnightddtmnm
    idea of having a battle royal and the winner gets traded but i think they should bring jillian to smackdown!!!!! otherwise i think she will be released soon shes been there for nearly 5 years now and its getting stupid now!!! mccool and jillian have had a fued before which was quite good but those were back in the days when raw was the dominant brand in womens division as it had trish lita candice torrie and victoria………

    jillian will be the best contender for the womens title 100%

  • AjLeefAn

    wasnt sure where to put this is the reason why aj hasnt debuted it.

    “At the July 6 Friday Night SmackDown television taping, WWE ran a vignette before the Atlanta crowd introducing a new Diva by the name of AJ Lee. The vignette, however, was cut from the broadcast. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a decision was made to introduce one new character at a time — currently Alberto Del Rio — thus explaining why vignettes introducing Lee have yet to surface. Once Del Rio makes his official debut in WWE, the promotion of Lee will commence”

  • melinafan1998

    i think there should be a big draft after summerslam!! that would be good? get gail kim over on sd and put kelly back on raw and do more stuff. Get more divas on sd too!