TNA Impact Feedback: July 22nd, 2010

Get your weekly dose of Knockout action on tonight’s Impact. To watch, tune in to Spike TV at 9pm ET.

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  • ozzyv

    Awesome Video package to open up TNA Impact tonight. Should be a very interesting show. Also, the regular intro video is cool, is that new? Loved the Daffney scream.

    Championship match to start the show and AJ Styles is in it! Good things!

  • TRiSHA

    I now care about the Global championship.

    When did Mick came back..?

  • jaded

    I thought that American’s were not eligible for the Global Championship and it wasn’t supposed to be defended on American soil or some funky rules like that.

  • TRiSHA

    That was good.
    Von Erich is funny.

  • Alex

    is it me or is madison’s weave starting to look better

  • MaccaJack

    Madison’s hair looks amazing straight.

    Sarita’s singlet looked amazing too. Can’t wait to see the match.

    Madison’s really come into her own as an actress, and imo she’s better than Velvet who is a bit OTT for me. But hey, Sarita and Madison as friend’s is so funny and cool.

    Lacey was GOLD! “She still loves you. We still love you. Bye”

  • TRiSHA


    Yeah, it starting to look better.

    But I love Von Erich’s weave,
    so pretty.

  • ozzyv

    I didn’t realize Foley was still part of TNA. Seems to be as though Mick is simply milking the company for every dime he can, while he can. Can’t say I blame him if TNA is dumb enough to think Foley can offer anything more than a sloppy match.

    Funny backstage segment between the knockouts. Sarita wears her outfits well ;)

    I do feel bad for Lacey caught in the middle of Madison and Velvet.

  • Mr. I-55

    I don’t know why, but I would really like to see Madison and Sarita (Tara too) in a heel stable. Considering if Velvet and Love don’t team back up, they could be the new beutiful people (Madison could even make them dye their hair blonde :).

  • TRiSHA

    Sarita was the best part of the match.
    So, I guess this how TBP going to get
    back together without Madsion and Erich.

  • MaccaJack

    That eye contact between Velvet and Angelina makes it so obvious.

    The Original TBP are on their way back! I’m super pysched.

    Good little match. Angelina came across well. No mention of any Tag Title shots so the report was wrong.

    And I hope Lacey is either a face or Madison’s lacky.

    MBC, Madison, Sarita and Lacey could be a great little stable.

  • ozzyv

    Oh shyyyyyt…..

    I saw those smirks between Velvet and Angelina! We’re definitley having a BP reunion soon. Nice touch.

    The match itself wasn’t anything special really, kind of messy but served its purpose. I’m starting to have doubts as to who the Biker Chick really is. She wasn’t as ….well…shapely? as she usually is….maybe its cause of the different angles? Haha I don’t know! Speaking of angles, Taylor Wilde looks a little like Lady Gaga from the side. Just a random observation.

  • Mr. I-55

    Short match, but I’ll be looking forward to next week. And I’ll be praying for a Sarita-Rayne stable (SariRayne?).

  • theregoeskitty

    i would love if the beautiful (velvet and Angelina) people reunited as a face team

  • KidKamikaze

    The match was sloppy, but Sarita’s heel antics were worth it! (I wish Taylor sold the suplex better).

    TBH, I don’t really care much about possible Original TBP reunion, nor Madison’s new stable. I just want to see more matches with Sarita, Taylor, and Daffney. (Hamada too, but TNA don’t want to use her…)

  • Kaledrina

    loved it. tbp original reunion is definitely happening soon. what’ll happen to the tag titles, though?

    lacey playing little lost puppy was great, too. the match.. not the best, but definitely not the worst.. the knockouts seem to be back on their way to greatness. hopefully tna keeps it up at the next set of tapings..

  • Cyndi

    Kinda sloppy match and what’s the point?

  • appleman58

    The match was a bit awkward to me a little messy. And is the biker lady looking to idk not curvy enough cause tara has a better butt than that. Oh and hearts and smiles for original tbp kind oh hoping lacey goes with velvel and ms. love. Oh and for something off topic i like how tiff is the diva of the day and her hubby is the superstar of the day

  • SnDi

    I love poor, confused Lacey, and Killer-Sarita. And the new opening with Daffney is tops, too–now I get to see her for at least .5 seconds a week!

  • Skylar

    WTF was Sarita wearing the long sleeve thingy killed the attire.

    This sarita/wilde feud went to fast it shouldve went nice and steady.

    Match was boring as hell.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    This happens all the time when a tag team partner betrays there other partner and they lose the gold so i think TNA is going to try to pull a WWE angle here like when cody rhodes betrade his partner for ted d JR , im guessing this will happen when velvet betrays lacey and then angelina who was suppose to have a mystery partner chooses velvet and then the original beautiful people reunite winning the tag gold .

  • javiousmckenzie

    I love Velvet she is just so real in these promos and yes Madison weave is looking more real thank god. Lacey is such a great character i would love to see her branch off on her own maybe TNA version of Maryse she has the looks and such a good character i can see it happening and we all know TNA would love to shove it in WWE face

  • javiousmckenzie

    And the biker women looks sloppy i think Mia Yim pulled one on us personally to throw everyone off or hey maybe its a ECW chick but unless Tara let her body go after watching Lisa for 10 years i can spot her bod any where

  • AjLeefAn


    i know that cant be tara her body is more round and shaped lol

  • Kaledrina

    i agree that tonight the motorbike person looked less like tara than it has before, but the angles/tight black catsuit can be pretty deceiving.. and her kicks looking sloppy unlike tara could be blamed on her trying to see out of a visor? iunno… i think it’s pretty much set in stone it is her, but i’d love it so much if it isn’t.