The Post-Raw Show: July 26th, 2010

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  • ilovelita

    When Eve Torres won a “No.1 Contenders Match” on Raw last week, I don’t think it was an actual contenders match. Because it wasn’t announced and I have heard announcers talk about other Divas winning the their matches they would say she’s one step closer to getting a title shot and when a Diva gets a lot of wins she’s the no.1 contender and that’s what I think when Ted DiBiase said “if she wins this match tonight will become the no.1 contender”, and I don’t think Eve is actually the no.1 contender. But if I’m wrong then they should have announced it!

  • mojodoom

    Can we talk about how Jillian is looking alot more like a woman less like a fish lately. Thank God she got her fishlips situation taken care of. Jillian’s inclusion was the highlight of that whole segment. I don’t know what exactly the aftermath of that segment accomplish coz judging by next weeks spoiler they seem like they already forgot what happened on the earlier taping…oh yeah Jillian is a punching bag for the RAW divas, I guess that’s what it accomplished.

  • I <3 Maryse

    I would buy tickets to see just the Divas on Smackdown. I honestly don’t care for any other superstars besides Dolph and Christian. I love Laycool and Kelly and I like the rest of the Divas on SD so, I’d definitely buy tickets just for Divas on SD. The Divas matter to me, WWE is just stupid lol.

    PS: I feel the need to say, Maryse didn’t even do anything special and I was watching her, not Teddy. She’s too hot to be a manager because my eyes are always on her which is why I have to watch whatever she does twice because the first time over I’m just staring at her lol.

  • knowyourrole

    Maryse is the best manager in a long time, probably since Melina with MNM. I am loving Teddy Jr. and her. I’m glad that they are putting her personality to use and letting her cover a little for Teddy. Mangers used to be HUGE in this business and now they but random people together and the girl never does anything but Maryse is bringing it back and in a good way :)

  • I <3 Maryse

    I would also like to say she does an awesome job but I still think she’s too hot :)

  • chrisP

    “Maryse is the best manager in a long time, probably since Melina with MNM. I am loving Teddy Jr. and her. I’m glad that they are putting her personality to use and letting her cover a little for Teddy.”

    I find so many things about this hilarious.

  • MikeChrisH

    Maryse the best manager in a long time? What exactly has she done as a manager that’s putting Ted over? lol

  • MickieFan226

    I agree with MikeChrisH, I don’t find Maryse to be that great of a manager. She just stands there and doesn’t do much. If anything, Nattie is the best manager since Melina, then Serena, IMO.

    Getting back to Jennifer, the Divas match wasn’t even 3 minutes long! Lol, someone on Twitter said they timed the match at it came out to 1 minute & 2 seconds! Maybe the whole segment together was 3 minutes lol.

    I’m so glad Eve wasn’t on Raw this week. Ugh, it was so refreshing to have the Bella on for a change. I’m so sick of Eve. And last week, I don’t think it was a No.1 contenders match. 1) Justin didn’t announce it as a No.1 contenders match, & 2) usually when someone becomes the No.1 contender, it will say it on the TV screen after they win the match. It didn’t say that last week.

    Cryssi you’re a fan of Big Brother?! I love that show!!! Who’s your favorite cast member? I love Rachel/Brendon! :D

    Anyway, I can’t wait for Raw next week. I’m not going to say what happens just incase people didn’t read spoilers. But yeah, it should be goooooooood! :)

  • mojodoom

    @VINCENT Well I guess I spoke too soon. Kudos to them for not making Jillian the RAW diva’s resident doormat.

  • ilovelita

    Jillian Hall also does a 360 splash or 460 but I have only seen her do it 2 times (1.In OVW on YouTube) and (2. On Melina because Maria puuled her in and got away.)

    And @vincent, I hope they don’t edit that cross body Gail Kim did to Tamina on the outside that you say is what happened!

  • shameronstar

    I think managing is a lost art and if it makes a comeback I might just give it a shot. Besides I want to be different and stand out so I would want to have a character based on Invader Zim because Zim is so AWESOME. Plus cartoon and anime characters arent used as inspirations for wrestling characters so it would be very unique. In the words of Zim,”I AM ZIM!!! AND SOON EVERY HUMAN OF THIS PATHETIC PLANET SHALL BOW DOWN TO MY FIST, BOW TO THE FIST, HAHAHAHA!!!.” Now translated into a wwe situation,”I AM ZIM!!! AND SOON WITH THE AWESOME POWER OF(the so and so wrestler im managing) I SHALL TO OVER THE WWE UNIVERSE AND ALL OF YOU INFERIOR FANS WILL BOW TO MY FIST, NOW BOW TO THE FIST, HAHAHAHA!!!” OR if i were doing a promo with someone like john cena I would say something like,”ENJOY YOUR GLORY WHILE YOU CAN CENA BECAUSE ONCE I LEARN THE SECRET OF YOUR POWER IT’LL ONLY BE A MATTER OF TIME UNTIL (so and so wrestler im managing) ANILLATES YOU DOWN TO YOUR VERY LAST CELL OH YES SWEET VICTORY WILL BE OURS, HAHAHAHA!!!” oh yea you cant forget the evil creepy laugh and the very over dramatic statements, with an occasional lack of logical and ludicracrisy and just the simple craziness and randomness that makes Zim so awesome. so what do you all think of that.

  • ilovelita

    The only reason I can think of why WWE did it on a taped RAW is to get more fans to watch because say if someone reads spoilers to see if they’ll watch RAW or not and once they see Melina returned they’ll say “ooh i’m gonna watch RAW this week.”

  • vincent

    @ilovelita…i think it was that, or they wanted her to be a part of the international tour they are setting out on this next week. which btw i’m finding out was the reason as to why two shows were taped in one night.

  • ilovelita

    @vincent, how long was the whole segment?

  • vincent

    the match itself seemed longer than usual…i want to say at least 5 minutes. it may be just be that i was there live, so it seemed longer…but melina’s return segment was pretty quick. however, she did have the babyface spotlight afterwards.

  • ashford st pierre

    Great show guys. I am so looking forward to next week. I wonder what they are going to do with Eve’s No 1 contendership.
    TBH(to be honest) I don’t care.
    I really hope that they build Alicia vs Melina fued.

  • ilovelita

    Can’t wait for Melina’s return and that crossbody!!

  • SoRandy4Rosa

    Love you guys buuuut…

    Have to disagree about Ted.. he has personality I think its just hard for a lot of heels to get ANY reaction from the crowd sometimes. The same thing is happening to Cody on Smackdown. It also hurts them both that they came from a tag-team, and a stable with Randy Orton to now being single stars.

    But I will agree Maryse is def. out-shining him. I’m kind of sad because they are 2 of my favorites and I thought I’d love them together but it’s not going to do anything for Ted. It kind of reminds me of when Marc Mero and Sable were together and Sable got all the attention

  • MiPiMafia

    there is a live video on YT with her return. the crowd were buzzin’ for her.

  • knowyourrole

    When I say she’s the best in awhile it’s true. None of you can say that the previous managers (as in the last couple years) have done crap. Maryse is entertaining when she’s accompanying Ted she is a piece of eye candy but she’s a feisty one. I mean she climbed the damn ladder at money in the bank! Do you think any of the other girls that have been managing would do that (besides Nattie perhaps). I think you guys are missing the point of the heel manager, we haven’t had a decent one since Melina a few years ago and Maryse is showing shades of becoming a great one. Say what you will, but I think Maryse is great at what she’s doing.

  • daemonicwanderer317

    I wouldn’t say Maryse is currently a great manager, she’s coming into her own though. She wasn’t distracting from the match, but she did do some stuff. She grabbed Morrison’s leg at the beginning, she caused a moment of mass confusion, and she riled up the crowd by jawing at them and JoMo. I think DiBiase would be helped by being given a feud with someone that could actually “give him the rub”. Nothing against JoMo (I like him and wish he was pushing into the mainevent card like Miz, so what his promos are iffy, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio should never talk either and they are top of the card talent) but JoMo is in no position to help bring up a star as he needs to be brought up himself.

    In fact, to help bring the two of them up, Morrison should feud with Jericho (both “rockstars” and Jericho is already paranoid about youngins taking his spot) and Randy should be trying to smack Teddy upside the head.

    Thank goodness Alicia actually got on the show. They could have explained her absence last week–said she went to Disney Land, Space Camp, or something (I would have gone with Disney World, but then I remembered she’s from Florida). Hell, saying she was on a week-long celebration bender would work.

  • 041293

    Isn’t Eve the #1 Contender? She did win the match last week if I’m not mistaken. SO, triple threat?

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Great comments everybody! Enjoyed reading your discussion. Next week should be a fun Raw to watch for sure.

  • Cryssi


    Brittany is my favorite :D

    But I honestly at least semi-like everyone but Enzo, lol. He just irritates the shit out of me.

  • appleman58

    Steven don’t worry the boob punch is the equalizer