In Video: WWE Diva Tiffany on ‘Lopez Tonight’

SmackDown Diva, Tiffany made a brief appearance on last night’s episode of Lopez Tonight on TBS along with several other WWE Superstars.

The bodacious blonde appeared in the ‘You Don’t Know Me’ segment. Watch below:

Nice to see Tiffany get an opportunity to do an appearance like this and represent her company, over the usual suspects like Kelly or Eve. She’s definitely easy on the eyes, but also impressive in the ring — she could be a total package in a couple of years.

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  • art1e

    whats up with that hair lol,but shes on her way to being great over who was mentioned kelly & eve lol.

  • mffl413

    she looks like a damn drag queen with that hair!

  • mah

    nice to see tif but her hair..and clothes….strange look!!

  • johnnythunderstorm

    I love Tiff, so she can totally do no wrong by me, but seriously…..”Hi, I’m a SpokesDiva for the WWE! I’m Smart, Sexy and Powerful (i.e. Blonde, Big-boobed and Cheery)

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Snooki called, she wants her hair back!!

  • The_Eric

    As skirt Tiffanys super fan, I am going to over look her hair this one time…

  • RockinRed45Mvs

    What the hell is Snooki doing on George Lopez? lmao jk. Idk if i’m underexaggerating but it didn’t seem that bad to me at first glance. The Miz and Dolph’s “parts” were pretty hilarious.

  • Jack5326

    I’m not very familiar with Snooki but isn’t she like a fame desperate skank who gets arrested all the time? Way to go Tiff for looking like that haha!

  • Martin O’Boyle Miller

    For all you ”SO CALLED DIVA’S FANS” Tiffany actually dated Caroltin From Fresh Prince and also Tiffany is Hot so stop dissing her Hair atleast She’s better than Sleez Torres and Smelly Kelly

  • knowyourrole

    Oh my god lmao @ Ziggler. “No that fat chick”. Such a mean comment but it was hilarious. And of course the Miz was hilarious as well. As for Tiffany, I knew she dated Carlton, but that made it more awkward for me that she was talking about him like she was disgusted lol. I think she’s semi-charming but she made a huge mistake by looking super trashy with that hair.

  • Kaledrina

    telling people to stop dissing somebody, while in turn dissing two others? i don’t get it? lol

    surprising to see tiffany given the opportunity to appear as a spokesperson of sorts for the divas. goes to show that she’s not as low on the diva totem pole as i sometimes think she is treated.

    agree with you melanie, as long as she stays focused, i can see her making it big in wwe.

  • ilovelita

    George Lopez announced that next week there will be a Karaoke Competition all next week. They announced 4 Superstars and I think Jillian Hall will be singing too!

  • Toby

    God she looked horrilbe here. Did anyone else love the Miz part? lol. xD

  • theregoeskitty

    OMG Miz singing poker face Rofl

    Tiffany’s hair looked like a nest, that’s all I’m saying

  • I <3 Maryse

    Oh, Skirt Tiffany. So adorable but that hair…I got 3 of 5 right :] Skirt Tiffany not being one of the ones I got right…I kept thinking to myself I wonder if she got a little upset about Lopez making fun of the whole Carlton thing since they did date lol.

    PS: I died the entire time Miz sang Poker Face, I knew he was “Gaga for Gaga” lol