Results from ICW: Mickie James vs Mercedes Martinez

Former Women’s Champion, Mickie James contested for the WSU World Championship just moments ago at ICW in Queens, NY. Diva Dirt‘s Steven is on hand and wrote the following:

Mercedes def Mickie via Fisherman’s Buster. Insane matchup between these two. Afterwards, the two celebrate in the ring. Mickie looked great and took it to Mercedes. A must see match.

The match will be available on DVD via WSU in a few weeks time.

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  • fanboy

    I really miss Mickie… I wanna see this match…

  • Trevon

    i knew Mercedes Martinez was going to win she is the face of WSU. wish I could’ve saw the match but hey.

  • Kaledrina

    i still get all warm inside knowing that mickie is still out there wrestling. she could easily have stopped, so pleased she hasn’t.

    can’t wait to see it. i wonder if her wrestling is different at all now that she’s not under wwe’s diva restricted moveset?

  • Jennifer

    Can’t wait to buy this DVD. Congrats to both women on having such a great match and to Mercedes for pulling out a big win!

  • BC757

    i miss Mickie

  • melina prez

    congrats mercades and i really miss mickie james

  • wildsnorlax

    I was thinking Mickie is gonna win cuz she’s an WWE ex-star.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    I miss Mickie so much , Im glad she is still doing small wrestling though…..nd i cnt wai to see this match

  • RedHotVixen

    Can’t wait for Kong vs Mickie. I hope we also get to see MJ go up against Chearleader Melissa and MsChif. That would be epic.

  • JohnHype

    There is no small wrestling, only small wrestlers.

    Props to my homey Mercedes for pulling it out. Here’s hoping Mickie continues to enjoy her return to being a Professional Wrestler as much as fellow ROH alums like Colt Cabana have.

  • IronSheikFan

    WSU continues to present the biggest matches on a regular basis. I think Mercedes is the greatest womens wrestling champion today. Their match was great and Mickie looks happy to be able to do what she wants in the ring. Great job by the athletes in this match. It is a shame that this match happened on an indy show and not at Wrestlemania.


    Hope this is going to be avaliable for the end of August so that I can complete my WSU collection buying all the DVDs from the Uncensored Rumble to this show

  • redsoul

    a more than expected result,but it seems that the quality of the match covered that aspect.
    but i hope that Mickie can get some victories also.

  • KiKi

    Wish I could’ve seen it!

  • Kevinmci

    Will it be on clickwrestle?

  • IronSheikFan

    Every WSU match is either on Clickwrestle or on the DVDs, there is no way WSU is not releasing this match