Raw Redux (August 16, 2010): Jillian, It’s Your Lucky Day!

As we all know, Melina picked up a huge win last Sunday at SummerSlam over Alicia Fox to win the Divas Championship, but her moment was ruined by the BFF champs, Lay-Cool. Will Melina get her revenge on the Flawless Ones? Will Alicia get a chance to redeem herself and win back the Divas Title? Will Melina come to the ring as a Vegas showgirl again? No. None of that happens. Instead we get a 6 Diva tag match pitting the team of Melina, Gail Kim and Eve Torres against Alicia Fox, Maryse and Jillian. Check out the match below:

Out first are the babyfaces and I must say, they look like a rag-tag group of super heroines. but I like it for some reason. Next, we have the heels, led to the ring by Alicia, who gets right in Melina’s face. This lead to a bit of a scuffle between the two teams. The referee finally gets control of the situation and signals for the opening bell.

Gail and Maryse start the match off for their respective teams. In her usual arrogant manner, Maryse shoves Gail, before narrowly dogding a bitchslap to the face. Maryse charge but is quickly taken down by a drop toe hold. Gail follows up by slamming Maryse’s face into the canvas repeatedly. Maryse tries to get back into the game by reversing an Irish Whip but Gail using the ropes to hit a springboard crossbody. Gail ties Maryse up it the Tree of Woe and tags in the Divas champion, Melina. Gail grabs the still incapacitated Maryse by the hair and Melina leapfrogs over her partner, coming down hard on Maryse’s mid-section.

Melina tries to the heat on her opponent, but Maryse manages to power the champion into enemy territory. As the referee chastised Maryse, Jillian and Alicia (Ummm, I thought they weren’t friends anymore. Frenemies, perhaps?) attack Melina in the corner. Melina fight them off but is laid out by Maryse’ French TKO for a near fall. A frustrated Maryse tagged in the former champ, Alicia Fox.

Fox goes on the attack immediately with a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex for two. Before the champ can gather herself, Alicia hits a snapmare before driving her knee into Melina’s back for a submission. Melina fights out with a Jawjacker and both Divas tag out, bringing in Eve and Jillian.

Eve burst out the gate swinging, hitting a few dropkicks and a scoopslam, before busting out her running senton splash. It looks like Eve may have this in the bag, but the pin is broken up by Alicia, who subsequently taken out by Melina. Maryse tries to take advantage of the confusion and hit Eve with her French Kiss, but the ‘Sexiest of the Sexy’ is leveled by a flying clothesline, courtesy of Gail Kim.

Jillian whips the still dazed Eve across the ring but is met by an elbow and a kick to the head for her trouble. Eve goes to finish Jillian off with her moonsault, but Jillian is back on her feet and snatches Eve off the top rope with a school boy/powerbomb combo for the win, making this her first win since defeating Mickie James in October of last year. I can honestly say this is the most shocking twist that has happened in the last six months, in regards to the Divas.

While I’m happy for Jillian finally winning a match and all, what happened to the Lay-Cool/Melina altercation. Aside from recapping it prior to the match, it wasnt referred to at all. Also, what happened to Alicia’s rematch? And I thought Jillian and Alicia were enemies now. There was just so many holes in this story, as I mentioned on last night Post-Show. Why can’t we just follow through with a storyline for once, instead of introducing all these random ass angles.

When it comes to the in-ring action, I was satisfied. All the Divas got to have their moment and the moves were on point for the most part. It seems WWE is getting better at these multi-Diva tag matches, because the last couple have been pretty entertaining in comparison to what we’ve seen in the past.

If you listened to last night’s Post-Show, you know exactly how next week’s Divas action is gonna go down, so I won’t get into what i think will happen next week However, what I will say is the Diva division on both Raw and SmackDown are in desperate need of direction. All the twists and turns between SummerSlam and next week’s Raw are a prime examples that creative has no idea what to do with these girls. Hopefully, in the coming weeks this Melina/Lay-Cool/Jillian angle starts to make sense.

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  • Looking Glass

    The match is alright, Jillian’s little powerbomb to Eve, could’ve been down better, it always seems Jillian wins with flimsy throwdowns like them, but it’s a win none the less which is always a good thing. I’m just gutted at the spoilers, a Jillian/Melina feud would’be been really good.

    The problem I have is I know the SummerSlam beach match is an annual thing, but like The Bellas only ever seem to win gimmick matches for the hot twin factor, there’s no continuity about them, it’d been good to see something span from that.

    Another weird thing was that all Divas in this match bar Gail were Divas champions at some point, it goes to show how much the title is worth because none of them had ring presence of champions in my opinion. Plus ever since she got pushed down, Maryse seems to have little character in the ring these days, she was just essentially there to get thrown around, which I found pretty weird for a two time champion. Good to see Gail on the offense this week, although her crossbody didn’t really look effective as it good, but I guess that’s all a bit too ‘masculine’ for the WWE.

  • ohiofan1

    I was impressed with the match this week. I thought the divas might get scrapped because of the Nexus focused show. The match got time and every diva hit the moves properly. It was a nice suprise seeing Jillian actually win a match. Always nice to see a little unpredictablity in wrestling. The only thing I didn’t like was Melina being happy after getting her ass kicked by LayCool the night before. Although there was no storyline progression, we might get some on Smackdown and there is a little next week on Raw. I’m really excited to see what happens in two weeks on Raw. Personally, I don’t want the see the titles unified, but I’ll give my reasons on the live show ;)

  • mah

    nice match and i really wish they start a melina/jillian feud

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/art1ej art1e

    eve looks awesome here i love orange & yellow,gail looked really good too..love how gail got infront of melina liked she was protecting a friend..the gail/melina combo was what victoria used to do with melina..MARYSE is just awful ….does alicia only know a scissor kick & a northern lights suplex lol… eves reaction from the crowd when she tagged in was good & that first dropkick she owned that…melinas clothesline on alicia owned lol..
    eve was the spotlight of this match & the crowd got behind her abit…

    congrats to jillian for her first win in yrs lOl…i thin the crowd was stunned jillian won.

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    Last night’s RAW was ‘alright’. I was really looking forward to either Laycool making some sort of appearance in person, or at least an appearance via titantron.

    And Steven baby, please fix up some of the grammar errors and add question marks after, well, every question you ask.

  • RedHotVixen

    Man, Alicia looked pissed last night. She looked like she wanted to cut somebody. Not that I blame her. In just two weeks she went from being RAW’s top Diva to being completely buried without a second thought. Nexw stop, Jobville.

  • RedHotVixen

    *Next stop*. Sometimes I’m as sharp as a marble.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/xAzureSkye xAzureSkye

    so basically we saw NO further storyline progression.. match was alright i’m so glad Jillian got the pinfall & btw it’s the first time (correct me if i am wrong) that she has pinned someone since Jillian vs Mickie James back in OCTOBER!! but i wonder what will go down in Smackdown this week, will they skip a Diva match or is it gonna be another Kelly Kelly/Rosa match?

    personally i think it is time to bring out the big guns on SD! & i’m talking about Serena & AJ Lee, hopefully one of the two debuts over the next few weeks & i know people think AJ will be on NXT but personally i think it will be Naomi, Liviana, Aksana & Ricki as the Rookies.. AJ has so much potential & should be rewarded

    BTW; if Rosa turns face, i will die.. i dont see her as a face

  • Taylor

    I don’t watch RAW anymore, but I’m so happy that Jillian finally gets to pin someone. It does make me sad that it only happens once every twenty blue moons, though. And, that’s probably not even an exaggeration.

  • shannymac

    I’m hoping, though I know I’ll probably wind up disapointed, that WWE will do something interesting with this storyline, Preferably, have Laycool challenge Melina to a winner-takes-all tag match at Night of Champions and bring in AJ Lee as her partner. Smackdown is in serious need of more Divas and AJ seems like the perfect choice.

    The thing I’m really scared of is Laycool winding up with both titles and dominating every show. I like them as heels (most of the time) but there’s only so much “Flawless”-ness I can take.

  • Mikas

    “nice match and i really wish they start a melina/jillian feud”

    Yeah, the last Melina-Jillian feud was a huge success. Didn’t it last like 2 seconds? ;-)

  • 041293

    Props to Gail for calling Maryse a gold digger hahaha.

  • CuteBoiMd82

    I am happy Jillian win. Gail’s face in the pic above is priceless!!! LOL

  • SoCalLove

    really solid match up, I enjoyed it. you can tell Eve has been built up fantastically from the crowd reaction.

    I hope LayCool get traded to Raw somehow. imagine if the rosters were:

    RAW: Melina, Eve, Tiffany, Natalya, Michelle, Layla, Jillian, and Tamina
    SD: Beth, Gail, Kelly, Maryse, Alicia, Rosa, Serena

    that would be so refreshing.

  • http://yahoo.com madslam2009

    Was the match good = Yes
    Am I glad Jillian picked up the win = Yes
    Does it make sense = No
    Did I like the Lay-Cool segment momentarily dropped = No
    Do I like the Champion vs Champion feud = No
    Did I loike Eves in ring gear = NO

  • aiden123

    i think there switching brands and possibly switching championships like i think wwe would of thought of that to make layla divas champ n melina womens champ because layla and the commentators at summerslam said that there is no more competition on smackdown so lay-cool to raw

    btw please let jillian be used as a wrestler now not a jobber i hope that this isnt just a 1 off i was shocked when she won i think i saw a few people in the crowd shocked aswell :D

  • mah

    @Mikas of course i remember but melina is strangly botching alot lately but away from that they both are great wrestlers…they might be able to make better matches this time….

  • shannymac

    @SoCalLove There’s no way that Laycool (Michelle specifically) could be drafted to RAW while The Undertaker is on Smackdown.

  • vonVile

    The sadist thing about Raw this week is that the Divas match was the best thing on the card. All the Nexus matches sucked hard.

  • ozzyv

    @Mah – Melina is botching but I don’t think there’s anything strange about it. Especially when your rushed back onto the big show so you can win the title in your hometown. That’s the creative team for ya..

    You know, speaking of The Bellas I was thinking of this awesome, dramatic storyline for them. I had watched this “telenovela” called “La Usurpadora(The Usurper)years ago..and the storyline seems perfect for WWE TV. I know I know…what the hell are you doing watching telenovelas Ozzy!? Huh? Well I don’t know!? That’s besides the point, but you could say WWE is a giant telenovela..(Telenovela = Soap Opera in spanish).

    The storyline goes something like this…

    The bad twin(I would say Nikki)forces the good twin(Bella) to take her place while she’s off for a year enjoy a life of luxury with her lovers. Eventually she returns to reclaim her throne(so to speak)and the good twin is sent to jail.

    Ofcourse we’d have to modify the storyline quite a bit, but the basic elements of the story sounds good to me. And it will give the Bellas something fun to do and the viewers something interesting and fun to watch. =)

    Ya I know…not gonna happen…..

  • fanboy

    Really happy Jillian picks up the victory… But i feel sad that I thought she had a possile face turn after Alicia attacked her… so sad

    The match was good… I loved how Maryse pretty much got dominated here…. she’s been getting more of the hits lately…

    And I’m lovin that Meina has returned to her trademark FUR BOOTS…. when she stopped using them… she was like the rest of the divas and their lame gear…..

  • Luis

    did nobody else notice Gail calling Maryse a gold digger when she was banging her face into the mat LOL

  • The Crying Light

    MAH: “of course i remember but melina is strangly botching alot lately but away from that they both are great wrestlers…they might be able to make better matches this time….”

    I think they’re capable of it. When the two had a match in Smackdown! during the time when Jillian was a face and Melina was a heel, it wasn’t half bad. Of course, one can attribute that to the fact that back then, Melina was more of an aggressive brawler than a full on grappler.

    As for the match, it was OK. I have to say, Maryse is starting to grow on me. She still has some awkward moments in the ring but I think she’s beginning to get better. And, unlike Michelle McCool, I love the fact that Maryse maintains a solid degree of popularity despite the fact that she isn’t in the title picture.

    But again, I wish she would change her finisher, shift from that dull DDT to that solid heel kick. It should lessen the criticism about her looking unfit to be a contender because she can make her moves, despite how few they are, look hard hitting.

    FANBOY: “And I’m lovin that Melina has returned to her trademark FUR BOOTS…. when she stopped using them… she was like the rest of the divas and their lame gear…..”

    Yeah, they look good. But the mere fact that they’re made out of fur or fur substitutes kind of dilutes the aesthetic for me. :(

  • SoRandy4Rosa

    This match was good except I def. did a double take when Jillian got the win. I’m not really an Alicia fan but its not fair that shes being forgotten so fast.

    The WTF moment for me was when both Melina took out Alicia and then Gail took out Maryse (at the end) and they all kind of struggled to get out of the ring!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/justin_tyrel ChiTownPrince

    I dont think there gonna unify the belts it took them years to finally get the divas belt.and i think its time for the laycool gimick to die down or change.although they are funny some times.but i cant see the both womens and divas title on smackdown the dominate divas(melina gail natalya) are on raw(but are used poorly) idk what there going to do tho. shall be good