SmackDown Spoilers for This Friday Night (August 20th)

Spoilers for this Friday’s episode of SmackDown below:

* There was a segment with LayCool and Hornswoggle. There were other segments too but it’s late.

* Serena and Luke Gallows beat Big Show and Kelly Kelly. If Serena and Luke lost they would have been kicked out of the SES. Serena pinned Kelly after the GTS. (Source: Lords of Pain)

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  • ImGoingCrazy

    Serena to be shown wrestling on TV? I think I just stroked out.

  • PedroPedroso17

    Kids run to the hills, Hornswoggle is back. On a more positive note, Serena is wrestling, can’t wait for that.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Finally something different and Glad Serena gets to wrestle

  • dunk20

    Can’t wait for the redux!! Serena wrestling is what they already should’ve done when Beth got injured!

  • jeremycanrana

    wooow Serena’s first match in the wwe ! and she finished the match ….hell yeah!!

  • gailfan

    I can’t decide whether to be thrilled or horrified. On one hand serena wrestles, which is brilliant, on the other the leprechaun is back, God help us!

  • 04bia

    finally serena wrestles, its obvious she had to since sd lacks soo many divas!!! and laycool have a plan, i think we know what that might be?

  • Eric

    I like the way the segment was reported. This person is clearly in line to transcribe presidential press conferences.

  • ImGoingCrazy

    lol @ Eric I was trying to figure out myself why they bothered to even send in spoilers I saw the full rundown at lords of pain and for taping spoilers they seem a bit lacking.

  • fanboy

    mY eyes widened when I read Serena and Kelly in the same sentence…. hahaha…. couldn’t wait…

    Just wish Serena is taken out or leaves SES……. I may not know a lot about her since… I dont really follow FCW stuff but I want to see what she’s got…

  • fanboy

    Maybe Melina or Teddy hired Hornswoggle to keep an eye on Laycool… so he could get to hear what Laycools plans are and give them to his boss or something.. maybe… just hope he doesn’t come out whenever Laycool is in a match to distract them (In the future)

  • madslam2009

    Cant wait for Serenas in ring debut

  • MiPiMafia

    Serena wrestling.. on smackdown.. and wins.. WWE, you are spoliling us.

  • Felipe

    I don’t know why WWE feels the need to put Hornswoogle back on television, the kids were doing just fine without him.

    Finally Serena gets to wrestle, too bad SES is the most boring angle in WWE right now.

    I can’t wait to watch Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio it’s going to be EPIC!! This has really been a good week, because both Raw and NXT put on entertaining shows, hopefully SD will do the same.

  • Bobby Burchill

    First Jillian Hall, then Zack Ryder, and now Serena all get pinfalls in the same week? Who took over booking for WWE as I’d like them to forever stay in this position.

  • ozzyv

    @Bobby Burchill, don’t forget Kaval won a singles match on NXT as well!

    Can’t wait to see Serena in action. I’m not a expecting a clinic but I’m looking forward to it anyway!

  • johnnythunderstorm


    Glad Serena’s wrestling, sad it’s against Kelly. I usually don’t like mixed tags, but this one has reasoning behind it and is the best and most logical way for her to debut.

    Hope she gets to pummel the crap out of Kelly this week and then in singles action next week. Would be awesome. If they’re trying to do the SES breakdown angle whilst keeping Serena with Punk, they could do an angle where she destroys the SD divas to prove her worth to him. How much would you love to see her beat the crap out of Kelly and Rosa?

    Could also lead to her claiming she’s unstoppable until….the return of the Glamazon!

    Oh I should so work for creative :P

  • layglamacool

    i read another report on Michelle McCool’s official fansite, that give a little more detail…just a little.

  • DPWE1111

    FINALLY! 7 Months later, Serena gets to wrestle! I hope this isn’t one of those 1-off matches, like they do with Natalya. Wow, I was worried they might have had Layla beating Kelly…again.

  • wildsnorlax

    LOL I was expecting Rosa n kelly vs laycool .

  • RockinRed45Mvs

    Not really interested in the backstage segment. I can’t believe that hornswaggle is back, i don’t remember the last i saw tbh. Can’t wait for Serena!!! and she wins!!! lol.

  • xAzureSkye

    YES!! finally Serena is wrestling on Smackdown & she gets the pinfall victory, double brownie points on my behalf :L
    what have we done to deserve this pampering WWE?

  • Jaefoxx

    Sounds lik a must see!

  • Jack5326

    Looks like posting additional spoilers with more info isn’t allowed, sorry!

    I did also say that I was very excited to see Serena <3 in the rin, it's about time she kicked some arse. Shame the crowd aren't into the S.E.S though, I personally think it's great.

    Hornswoggle is going to be a little grass aswell, least it's another interesting element into the story. It'll probably be more entertaining than them fueding with Rosa.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Looks as though Kelly vs Lay-cool is done -claps-.

    Meaning a new smackdown diva will debut soon hopefully a RAW diva. Lmfao big show & kelly , thats a random pairing. But as long as serena dominated kelly and is known as a wrestler from the WWE universe than im glad serena is wrestling bigger chance of her getting a title in the future.