Impact Write-Up (August 19th, 2010): Original Beautiful People Are Reunited And It Feels So Good!

On last week’s Impact, the entire world witnessed Angelina Love win yet another TNA Knockouts Championship. The response to her historic victory was pretty underwhelming and rightfully so. Madison Rayne had been doing a phenomenal job as champion and why the title was taken from her we’ll never know. Seeing Angelina as champion brings nothing to the division that wasn’t there before but that’s just the state of wrestling these days. What’s done is done and there’s no use in questioning it anymore. It’s a brand new week and on this week’s Impact, we were treated to a Knockouts Championship rematch featuring Angelina and Madison.

Before the match go underway, we were treated to backstage promo featuring Angelina and Christy Hemme. Christy told all of us that tonight Madison was evoking her rematch clause and that there was a good chance that she wouldn’t be alone. Angelina said that with Madison it was never a fair fight because she was scared. Angelina reminded us of the last time she was Knockouts Champion. She complained that she had to literally give the belt back to Madison because the former title holder threw a little hissy fit. Angelina went on to say that Madison would only get the title back if she pried it from the champ’s cold, dead hands. Then she teased that she would have her own back-up with her tonight.

The challenger, the aforementioned Madison was the first Knockout to make her way to the ring tonight. She didn’t enter in the usual, Beautiful People fashion either. She rode out to the ring on the back of a motorcycle driven by Tara Mystery Woman. Madison was in a foul mood upon entering the ring and she started screaming at everyone in site. She jawed with a few fans and then turned her PMS rage to Earl Hebner. Eventually, Angelina’s music began to play and the Knockouts Champion made her way to the ring. She paused at the end of the entrance ramp and waited for the music of her back-up to start playing. A few seconds later, the Beautiful People theme started to play again and a delicious looking Velvet Sky made her way out. Madison flipped out upon seeing Velvet and she demanded that Mystery Woman get out of the ring and go take care of business. Mystery Woman made a beeline for Angelina, and Madison and Velvet headed for one another.

A brawl broke out between all four women, with Madison getting the upper-hand over Velvet. She dropped Velvet face first into the steel ring steps, and it’s a wonder the impact didn’t bust Velvet’s nose right then and there. Absolute sick bump to begin this melee. Angelina whipped Mystery Woman into the ring and attempted to pull her helmet off, but Madison came and made the save. She clubbed Angelina from behind and began to bounce the other woman’s head off the ring apron. Hebner tried to get Madison to take the match into the ring and finally she obliged. A lot of shrill screaming ensued as Madison hooked her legs over Angelina’s shoulders and turned her around. The bell had already rang at this point so the match was official, and Angelina’s face began to get slammed down into the mat over and over again. Madison went for back to back covers, but only got a two count each time. She got to her feet and exclaimed that it was a three count, but Hebner had to politely disagree.

Madison headed back to Angelina and hooked her arm underneath Angelina’s chin. She slammed her in the gut a few times with her knee before attempting a neckbreaker. Angelina rolled through it and caught Madison with a jawbreaker. That sent the former SHIMMER standout staggering but she tried to rebound. Unfortunately, Madison’s offensive attempts were met with some decisive shots delivered from the Canadian and Madison ended up on the mat. She tried to get up, but Angelina yanked her down by the hair, and after Madison attempted to get up for the second time, Angelina scooped her up and laid her out with a powerful front slam. Angelina got back up to her and feet ran towards the rope, but Mystery Woman was waiting and grabbed her around the legs to halt the momentum. Velvet came springing from the other side of the ring and beat down Mystery Woman, making sure she didn’t dare try and involve herself again.

Thanks to the drama, Madison was able to recover and she tried to fight back. When Madison went flying towards the ropes, Velvet grabbed her foot and that caused Madison to flip her lid. She wanted to know why Velvet was against her but Velvet simply pointed to what was behind Madison. Angelina put Madison away with the Botox Injection and Earl Hebner counted the three count. Angelina successfully retained the Knockouts LADIES Championship (stupid name) and she began to celebrate in the ring. Eventually Velvet climbed up on the apron and slipped between the ropes. She nodded in approval at Angelina’s victory and finally, FINALLY Angelina extended her hand. Velvet took it and both girls raised their arms in victory. Love it.

Mystery Woman and Madison didn’t let the photo op reunion last for long. They attacked Angelina and Velvet from behind and began beating the snot out of them. Mystery Woman continuously pounded Velvet’s face into the canvas prompting the Knockout to start screaming, and Madison didn’t exactly take it easy on Angelina. At one point, Madison picked up the championship and declared that it was hers before tossing it down. Mystery Woman and Madison raised their arms in victory and the scene cut to a backstage shot of Fortune.

The Good: Velvet and Angelina being back together is a good thing. I was a huge fan of the original Beautiful People and it was nice to see the former best friends reunite in the ring tonight. I enjoyed the fact Angelina teased that she had back-up for her match tonight and I was in no way surprised that it was Velvet Sky. Back in the day, these two girls were a formidable tag team and I hope this reunion ends up lasting for awhile. I will say this, I would much rather see Velvet or Madison as the champion, feuding with the other one, with Angelina and Tara as the side feud. We can’t always get what we want, so I’ll take this reunion with a grain of a salt and a sweet smile on my face and stop wishing that roles were reversed in some capacity.

The attacks before and after the match were well done. The sick bump Velvet took before the match even began was definitely the highlight of the night for me. Sans the hideous choker, Velvet looked great as well. As bored as I am with the whole Mystery Woman storyline now (who doesn’t know her identity?!) it was a lot of fun seeing her mix it up this week. She threw down with both Velvet and Angelina, and as stupid as it is to have Tara and Madison team, their dynamic together is pretty darn good. I don’t know if Tara is going to take getting bitched at by a prissy little blonde princess on a weekly basis very well, but right now it’s working. I just wish they’d drop the silly shenanigans and just reveal Mystery Woman’s face.

Angelina’s promo wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I can only categorize it as generic because that’s all it was. I’m pretty sure that it was either Angelina herself or Tara that used the phrasing “prying the title from my cold dead hands” before so shame on TNA for using that again. If there’s anything worse than recycled storylines, it’s recycled promos. How lazy can your writing be?

The match itself can go in the generic category as well. It wasn’t special or groundbreaking, or even a showcase of exceptional women’s wrestling. It was something I could see on Monday and Friday nights, and I guess this is what TNA is going for nowadays. I will say that it was nice to see Madison maintain control during the majority of the match. Nine out of ten Angelina matches feature her and no one else. I’m very glad to see TNA isn’t ready to turn Madison jobber just yet. Lets hope it stays that way.

TNA was just a mediocre show tonight. It had a nice reunion with the original Beautiful People but other than that, nothing really stood out. The storyline progression was decent, so they get a thumbs up for that. I reckon that we’ll see a tag match in the near future or maybe a Velvet versus Madison match. That’s something I’ve been waiting to see since the Beautiful People began fighting so I hope it happens soon. There’s a set of tapings this upcoming week so more pieces to this bland puzzle will be revealed and maybe this picture TNA is attempting to paint will become a lot more clear.

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  • ohiofan1

    The match wasn’t memorable, but it wasn’t awful like the spoilers sounded it would be. I’m glad to see the original beautiful people reunite. Personally, I would much rather see them as heels because that is what Angelina/Velvet work best as.

    I’m also glad that Madison isn’t turned to a jobber just yet. Madison has really start to grown on since she won the Knockouts championship and I don’t want to see TNA pull the plug on her. Plus, what other heels do they have? Sarita is injured and Daffney will forever be a jobber. All they have is her and Tara…I mean mystery women.

  • darkangels

    divadirt really? reunited it look more like a clusterf%#k to me horriable setup last night

  • darkangels

    divadirt really? reunited it look more like a clusterf%#k to me

  • Jack5326

    I normally don’t disagree with you Cryssi, but I have to about the post match beatdown. Angeline and Velvet put in no attempts to stop Tara and Madison attacking them and Velvet was totally overselling Tara’s beat-head move to her. The attacking was also lackluster, like the match and like the reforming of the original BP. This reunion should have happened on a much grander scale, like a PPV or even last week on The Whole F’n Show. What a disappointment.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Agree with Jack5326: I think the reunion should be at a PPV. I’m not a fan of TBP. Actually the only one I find decent is Madison Rayne. Love is decent to, but they just gave her to many titles already. This thing of turning her the next Trish Stratus makes her boring into my eyes.
    But it wasn’t horrible as the spoilers make it sound. It was just decent. I wish they would pull the trigger on other girls. Do it like Smackdown. These girls might have the principal feud in the KO division but they don’t have to wrestle every single week. Have them doing a promo and others fight for once in awhile. It will not hurt the heat, in fact it will makes us care more. Seeing the same people brawl every single weak doesn’t draw heat, its boring. Build more they’re characters and do a minor feud with others, like Daffney or Sarita.

  • wildsnorlax

    Is it just me or Tara is becoming the new riasha saeed in TNA.

  • theshape31

    Biker Chick is the new Mr. America.

  • PedroPedroso17

    Terrible impact, the match was bad, but far better than what I’ve seen from the Knockouts lately. Although I pretty much stopped caring about TNAs female division, I’ve got to say, Tara is playing a great role, it’s entertaining and a tad ridiculous at the same time.

  • mah

    useless match!!

  • gailfan

    the match was bad but not as awful as the spoilers made it out to be. I must admit i don’t really bother watching impact anymore, just the odd match on youtube instead. They have totally ruined the show. Having said that, i am glad Angelina and Velvet are back together, they work much better together than apart IMO.

  • madslam2009

    Match was very forgettable. The MCMGs promo was twice as long at the actual match. And I didnt like Angelina saying that Madison threw a “hissy fit” to get back the title. The attack was good but the reunion was very predictable. Overall what could of been great was boring along with the rest of Impact.

  • HoorahMonster

    Is Velvet dressed as she used to dress when TBP JUST started? The punkish clothes instead of pink dresses.

  • seasons-of-love

    To me, the reunion wasn’t nearly as impactful as it should’ve and could’ve been. It was like, oh, OBP reunion! Yay! But then Velvet was attacked right away, which dampened things down. And the hand-raise thing at the end was a nice touch, but again, the moment was immediately killed by Madison/Tara. I say Angelina and Velvet should’ve gotten the upper-hand this week, and they should’ve gotten an actual celebration at the end, just to get the audience into their actual reunion. It felt lackluster.

  • Macho Madness

    I liked it. TBP are back, and are ready to dominate.

    I’m interested to see where Lacey VE will fit into all of this….

  • Holbrook

    i love the velvet chants!

  • melina prez

    the match was horrible-a little ok-ok

  • Tripp

    I thought it was pretty good match. and im happy Love and Sky are back together. Maybe they’ll go back to using”VelvetLove Entertainment” lol

  • SClub7

    It’s about damn time! Back in like 08-09 TBP was the best thing TNA had going but then they lost all their momentum when Madison joined. They look so good together! I’m so glad they reunited.

    I’m not gonna lie, I totally marked when Velvet came out even though I’m a Lacey fan and this isn’t good news for her…

  • brighteyedkayla

    It sounds like Madison yells “Tara, C’mon here”. You gotta listen VERY closely though.

    The second time, she turns around.

  • aiden123

    im really started 2 like velvet more….glad the original bp reunited and loved how the crowed loved it :D

    madison is on of the only knockouts to sell angelinas botox injection as it looks like it hits her hard

  • http://Ask Traylon Noble

    So, I have two questions that have been bugging me…

    1. I’m not a TNA fan at all so I don’t watch but were the original “Beautiful People” supposed to be a ironic group?

    and 2. I somewhat get how people say Laycool is a copy of TBP but I also see big differences. Laycool are more like a high class valley girl type of group and TBP is like a low class trailer trash type of group. Does anyone else see it this way?

  • Kaledrina

    tara was tweeting about dying her hair after so long a couple days ago, i think that means she’ll be unhelmeted at the next tapings? lol. well, at least i hope so. even though i like how the STORY is playing out, the matches are becoming too samey. i can’t wait until it wraps up, simply so angelina could feud with a heel daffney and a healed up sarita.

  • Tripp

    “and 2. I somewhat get how people say Laycool is a copy of TBP but I also see big differences. Laycool are more like a high class valley girl type of group and TBP is like a low class trailer trash type of group. Does anyone else see it this way?”

    I agree with this completely. I got in argument on youtube about this.

  • mah

    i also agree with Traylon Noble..and TBP are a copy from Vince’s Devils especially when madison joined so WWE still got the upper hand

  • faisalm999

    On tna wrestling news it says it maybe lacey but i dont think so because there’s
    been matches with lacey and the motor cycle chick. i think its tara