Dangerous Women of Wrestling TV Series ‘Underground’ Launching Next Week + Promo Videos

Dangerous Women of Wrestling based out of Philadelphia have announced that their new TV show will be called ‘Underground’ and premieres on Tuesday, August 24th on The Fight Network in Canada. Press release below:

It is with great excitement we officially announce the return of The Dangerous Women of Wrestling (DWOW) to the television airwaves with our show titled… DANGEROUS WOMEN OF WRESTLING UNDERGROUND. The Dangerous Women of Wrestling Underground is a weekly, thirty minute TV Show, presented by Highspots.com. DWOW present Women’s Wrestling like no other company in the history of professional wrestling –extreme, sexy, hardcore wrestling and total chaos at times.

The Dangerous Women of Wrestling is an entertaining upstart, featuring a cast of hardcore and sexy females who are anti-establishment starring in a one-of-a-kind politically incorrect wrestling show. DWOW is unlike any other wrestling show ever, as these Dangerous Women defy the rules of wrestling –and at times moral conduct. Most commonly seen at a on DWOW TV and live wrestling events are beautiful scantily clad women wrestling, g-strings, tables, stripping referees, blood, ladders, chairs, midgets, sexy dancing, oil wrestling, the handicap, and disgruntled male staff members. The Dangerous Women of Wrestling is where anything and everything goes!

Check your local listings for the exact time.

After the cut, two promo videos for the new show:

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  • Jennifer

    Oh dear. This smacks of WEW. I have no problem with the violent aspect (since women are fully capable of being as violent as the men), but they’re going for the lowest common denominator with all the sex/skin. Very disappointed. =/

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/jdcabltv/ jdcabltv

    whoa…this smacks of WEW? dude…IT IS WEW!! they are also known as ‘dangerous women of wrestling” before they became WEW…sorry, showing my age..LOL

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/mikas/ Mikas

    “IT IS WEW!! they are also known as ‘dangerous women of wrestling” before they became WEW”

    Not exactly. Here is a brief history lesson (as far as i can remember it):

    The company was started in 1999 by Dan Kowal, who was one of the ECW promoters, and this company became GLOOW and was a female version of ECW with lots of extreme wrestling. They also had some nudity and some oil matches, but they had a good balance. Their wrestlers included Alexis Laree, Tara and Candie (all 3 from MCW), and Angel Orsini, Jazz, Simply Luscious, Lizzy Valentine, Traci Taylor, Bobcat, Little Jeanie (wrestling as Jeannie Mae). In addition they also used “strippers turned into wrestlers” like GI Ho, Tai Weed, Brittney etc. Some of these strippers were actually very good (like the original GI Ho), but naturally they werent there for the wrestling, they mainly did the oil matches who took place at the end of the show.

    In early 2003 GLOOW was renamed to DWOW to avoid confusion with GLOW. Up until then the company was basicly run by Dan Kowal’s wife Heather and Steve O’Neill (aka “Sound Guy”).

    When ECW went bankrupt in 2001, several ECW associates (Dan Kowal, Steve Karel and Greg Bagarozy) launched a new company called WEW (womens extreme wrestling). While DWOW did shows in the eastcoast and had a tv show, WEW only did “ppvs”. Both WEW and DWOW had the same roster (mostly), and because the big money was made with WEW’s ppvs, DWOW kinda became their development fed.

    This didnt last long though. WEW started to focus on adult-related stuff instead of DWOW’s extreme wrestling, and even renamed itself to “Womens erotic wrestling”. There was some friction between Dan Kowal (owner of WEW/DWOW) and some DWOW employees (who did all the work in DWOW), and eventually DWOW went onto a hiatus for several years, with only doing a few shows since 2004.

    DWOW in their prime (2000-2002) was actually a very good company, introducing a lot of good wrestlers to a larger public. But once WEW went overboard with their porn (pussy world order), things went downhill for both companies. Sure, WEW had the occasional good wrestling match, but the level of early DWOW was never reached. I dont know who the current owners of DWOW are, but i hope they dont go the WEW direction.

    Note: BWOW (Beautiful Women of Wrestling) also had the same roster as WEW/DWOW, but had no ties to them. BWOW was basicly the womens division of MCW (maryland promotion), filled up with some GLOOW wrestlers. I think they only did 5 shows.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/jdcabltv/ jdcabltv


  • Jennifer

    Mikas, thanks for the info! I hope there’s new owners of DWOW that go back to extreme wrestlng. We don’t need another WEW.