Dangerous Women of Wrestling based out of Philadelphia have announced that their new TV show will be called ‘Underground’ and premieres on Tuesday, August 24th on The Fight Network in Canada. Press release below:

It is with great excitement we officially announce the return of The Dangerous Women of Wrestling (DWOW) to the television airwaves with our show titled… DANGEROUS WOMEN OF WRESTLING UNDERGROUND. The Dangerous Women of Wrestling Underground is a weekly, thirty minute TV Show, presented by Highspots.com. DWOW present Women’s Wrestling like no other company in the history of professional wrestling –extreme, sexy, hardcore wrestling and total chaos at times.

The Dangerous Women of Wrestling is an entertaining upstart, featuring a cast of hardcore and sexy females who are anti-establishment starring in a one-of-a-kind politically incorrect wrestling show. DWOW is unlike any other wrestling show ever, as these Dangerous Women defy the rules of wrestling –and at times moral conduct. Most commonly seen at a on DWOW TV and live wrestling events are beautiful scantily clad women wrestling, g-strings, tables, stripping referees, blood, ladders, chairs, midgets, sexy dancing, oil wrestling, the handicap, and disgruntled male staff members. The Dangerous Women of Wrestling is where anything and everything goes!

Check your local listings for the exact time.

After the cut, two promo videos for the new show: