Trish & Lita Notes: Working on Project Together, Plus Radio Appearance Tomorrow

A couple of notes on Diva legends, Trish Stratus and Lita to go along with the earlier post today.

The pair are said to be working on a project together which they will be discussing tomorrow when they appear on Live Audio Wrestling.

That’s right! Trish and Lita back on the airwaves together (albeit radio) tomorrow at 11pm ET. You can listen to the show live on Sirius 98 Hardcore Sports Radio or online at this link.

You can also call in and ask questions or email questions for Trish & Lita to

I’m very excited to hear that Trish & Lita are working on a project together — although it could be a multitude of things. Who’s to say it even involves wrestling? I’d love to see them open up a wrestling school together, or maybe their own all-female promotion; though that is just wishful thinking. Can’t wait to hear what they have planned!

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  • donnie darko

    Can’t wait! After all the bad news recently with Luna’s death and Serena being released, Lita and Trish are just what we need. Love them both, my two favorite Divas ever. Love Lita and Trish

  • t-dogg

    They’ll probably do a shoot interiview together.

  • theregoeskitty

    aren’t they meant to be best friends in real life? it’s so lovely to see them together and not punching or kicking eachother haha

  • Jack5326

    As much as I’d like to see them be doing something monumental for women’s wrestling, I have a feeling t-dogg might be right about a shoot interview or some form of minor event like that.

  • Sitau

    too bad they can be their at the 900th episode of raw…….

  • donnie darko

    I think they might open or start their own promotion..or do some PR for SHIMMER? Who knows but I’m dying to find out. I love these girls!

  • 041293

    I hope that they get inducted into the Hall of Fame together, 25 years from now. :’)

  • ilovelita

    Hey, that’s my picture of my username!

  • fanboy

    Please WWE let them be in the 900th episode… puh-lease!!!!

  • Kaledrina

    ooh, awesome. whatever it is, it’s just nice to know they’re still friends :)

    on the possibility of a 900th episode appearance. gah, i kinda hope not. i love ‘em, but it’ll be a real boot in the kisser of the division right now. ya know, “we don’t care for you current girls, so we’d rather have trish appear for five minutes instead!”

  • Toby

    Trish & Lita <333

    Looking foward to seeing what they're gonna do together.

  • gavin harvey

    Arda Ocal of the Right After Wrestling show sent word that former WWE Diva Lita is in Toronto this weekend with another former Diva – Trish Stratus, to talk about upcoming business deals together.

    Lita told Ocal that she plans on opening up a Lucha Libre themed restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia soon and also has movie projects in the works. Lita’s band, The Luchagores, is currently on hiatus as band members are working on other projects.

  • donnie darko

    @Gavin Harvey – Cool. But how does Trish have anything to do with this? Is she going to help her out?

  • gavin harvey

    @donnie darko i dunno whats happing with trish
    i saw that on a website ans said ill tell diva dirt they had nothing on what they could be doing together

  • donnie darko

    Alright thanks. We will see later today.

  • bananaleaf24

    they are pretty much the new moolah and mae young

    they should make a come back together – anyone who watched their careers take off has to admit that is would be the AWESOME