Who’s Next For Playboy?

Earlier today, we reported that the likely candidate for WWE’s Playboy crossover, Kelly Kelly had shot down that she’ll be posing nude next year. Who do you think could be the next Playboy covergirl? Vote below!

Just to help you out, we’ve listed a few of the ‘suspects’ we think could be in line to take the coveted *cough* pictorial and of course, the WrestleMania push that comes with it.

The Suspects
Brie & Nicole Bella: Twins in Playboy? That’s gotta be every straight man’s fantasy right? It’d definitely be a first and stir up some publicity for both Playboy and WWE. We haven’t seen or heard enough of the Bellas to determine whether they would be up for it though.
Eve, Lena Yada & Tiffany: No, not in a three-way pictorial. The reason we list them together is because we have the same reason for all of them. None of these Divas have really shown much prospect in WWE thus far, if anything it’d gain them some attention and fame.
Layla: Some of you threw around the idea that it could be Layla. Well these rumours actually made the rounds earlier this year and Layla was adament that she would not be posing for the mag. I hope for her sake and the fans’ that she sticks to that decision. If there’s a Diva too beautiful and classy for Playboy, it’s Layla.
Maryse: If I had to pick a Diva to be the 2009 covergirl, it’d be Maryse. She’s been in the pages of the magazine before, so she’s not exactly abject to nudity. Plus she’s smokin’ hot and given her improvements in the ring and her great character, maybe finally we’d have a Diva worthy of the Playboy push?
Mickie James:
It’s rare to see the ‘wrestlers’ in Playboy, but Mickie James has done a good job in crossing over as a bit of both – eye candy and wrestler. We can’t deny her porn past, so who knows, maybe Mickie would be up for the task?
Victoria: Okay, we’re just throwing it out there! But Victoria has been very, very vocal in the past that she’d do Playboy in a heartbeat if approached. Unfortunately, it has never come to fruition as Victoria is hardly the ‘conventional’ model. But methinks Victoria is a woman who is incredibly comfortable with her body and would have no reservations in showing it off. And if I could look like her when I’m that age, I wouldn’t have any reservations either!

Those are just a few of the candidates. But now it’s time for you to vote! Who do you think will join the likes of Chyna, Torrie Wilson and Maria?

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  • Mike

    You should have kept Kelly on there. I still think she’s doing it.

  • Kinley

    I know you guys HATE Candice but it’s not right for you guys to dissmiss her like that. It’s become petty now.

  • Steven

    @Kinley: No one is dismissing Candice. She has already posed for Playboy, therefore she is not on the list. God! Some people really need to get a grip. Even when they don’t mention Candice, Erin and Melanie are ‘Bashing’ her. Seriously people.

  • http://fitgemssite.wetpaint.com C-Ray

    Hmm…If I had to choose, it would either be Maryse, Layla, or maybe even Eve. But I’m leaning towards Maryse…although I STILL see Kelly Kelly being the one to get the Playboy shoot. What people say and what really happens are (nine times out of ten) two different things.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/Melanie/ Melanie

    Oh Kinley darling, do shut up and get a life.

  • TaylorJade

    I just voted Eve because she is one of the only ones on the list that hasn’t done it that seems like she would. (if that made any sense.) And it would boost her career. Although, the Bellas wouldn’t be a shock.
    I would have said Tiffany, but she has already been in Playboy before. (I know because I saw it on her Myspace.)

  • Luis

    i can totally see the twins pose
    but something inside of me is tellin me that Melina will do it idk why ;]

  • Ashleigh

    I can see Maryse doing it again… but this time it’ll be a big deal and she’d obviously get a push. I can see Tiffany doing it sometime down the road too. I hope that people like Eve and Layla etc don’t pose for it as I think they have gorgeous bodies and if they pose then they’ll be leaving nothing to the imagination. I wouldn’t be suprised if the Bella’s twins do it… although I’ve not fully decided as I don’t know much about them yet.

  • Katy


    I’m joking. :p

    I would love to see Beth.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/erin/ Erin

    Maryse seems like the obvious choice. A heel Playboy push could be different (and less annoying), plus the fact that she’s capable in the ring would make the push a lot more tolerable.

    Kinley, please choose another line of attack. That one was a little desperate.

  • marco

    kelly is a liar shes so doing it

  • marco

    if she doesn’t than we could see another sable thing
    after playboy her ego blew up
    that would be great for maryse

  • marco

    also it can’t be melina she said she would never do it

  • Luis

    i know but idk u never know

  • Kendra

    Maryse doing a Playboy for WWE for next year would be great imho. I’m not too keen on diva doing Playboy, but this can def. help Maryse big time. Maryse could def. do the whole Sable thing where it goes all to her head and gets a bodyguard. I think it’ll be quite interesting to say at the least so my vote goes towards Maryse.

  • Mannie

    Who I think will do it, Maryse. Who I think should do it, Victoria. It’s something Vic has wanted to do for awhile and with her retirement not too far away *insert sad face* she should have the opportunity to do it.

  • Krystal

    I like the Bella twins idea, and Maryse.

    Maybe we’ll be lucky, and not have a diva pose this year. The past two or three Wrestlemania diva matches have been revolved around Playboy, and it’s gotten quite annoying. I think it’d be better if no diva posed this year. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Samantha

    I definetly see Mickie James posing for Playboy. I don’t know why I think that, but I just kinda have a feeling. Maryse is another candidate too, but after Torrie Wilson & Sable posed, raw divas has been posing ever since. So I’m thinking it’s still going 2 be a raw diva, IMO.

  • pat

    I agree with everyone who says Maryse is the likely Playboy candidate. She’s already showed her goodies in previous issues, so I’m almost certain that somewhere along the road, Maryse will pose. At least if she does. and there’s a Divas match to go along with it at Wrestlemania, Maryse has the skills to make the match credible (unless we’re treated to a Maryse vs Maria or some other Diva who’s not really caught up in wrestling) I don’t think Mickie would do it, but what’s she really got to lose? She wasn’t shy to take pictures of her hoo haw. Might as well show the rest of her body.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carnellsfuturestar Dani

    i aid brie & nicole bella simply because its something different.we’ve never had twin divas in the wwe & i think hef would like the idea of two nude twin sisters in one magazine.lol

  • Jake Fury

    Tiffany has already done it I believe. Under her real name Taryn Terrell. I would absolutely love to see Mickie or Victoria.

  • rico

    dani we have had twin divas
    (the klimaszewski twins) look em up on owow.com under wwe but they never made it to tv.