Earlier today, we reported that the likely candidate for WWE’s Playboy crossover, Kelly Kelly had shot down that she’ll be posing nude next year. Who do you think could be the next Playboy covergirl? Vote below!

Just to help you out, we’ve listed a few of the ‘suspects’ we think could be in line to take the coveted *cough* pictorial and of course, the WrestleMania push that comes with it.

The Suspects
Brie & Nicole Bella: Twins in Playboy? That’s gotta be every straight man’s fantasy right? It’d definitely be a first and stir up some publicity for both Playboy and WWE. We haven’t seen or heard enough of the Bellas to determine whether they would be up for it though.
Eve, Lena Yada & Tiffany: No, not in a three-way pictorial. The reason we list them together is because we have the same reason for all of them. None of these Divas have really shown much prospect in WWE thus far, if anything it’d gain them some attention and fame.
Layla: Some of you threw around the idea that it could be Layla. Well these rumours actually made the rounds earlier this year and Layla was adament that she would not be posing for the mag. I hope for her sake and the fans’ that she sticks to that decision. If there’s a Diva too beautiful and classy for Playboy, it’s Layla.
Maryse: If I had to pick a Diva to be the 2009 covergirl, it’d be Maryse. She’s been in the pages of the magazine before, so she’s not exactly abject to nudity. Plus she’s smokin’ hot and given her improvements in the ring and her great character, maybe finally we’d have a Diva worthy of the Playboy push?
Mickie James:
It’s rare to see the ‘wrestlers’ in Playboy, but Mickie James has done a good job in crossing over as a bit of both – eye candy and wrestler. We can’t deny her porn past, so who knows, maybe Mickie would be up for the task?
Victoria: Okay, we’re just throwing it out there! But Victoria has been very, very vocal in the past that she’d do Playboy in a heartbeat if approached. Unfortunately, it has never come to fruition as Victoria is hardly the ‘conventional’ model. But methinks Victoria is a woman who is incredibly comfortable with her body and would have no reservations in showing it off. And if I could look like her when I’m that age, I wouldn’t have any reservations either!

Those are just a few of the candidates. But now it’s time for you to vote! Who do you think will join the likes of Chyna, Torrie Wilson and Maria?

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