YouTube Classics: Torrie vs. Kelly; Ivory vs. Tori

Welcome to the YouTube Classics! Today, I’m posting two videos – one in keeping with this week’s “WWE Alumni” theme and one inspired by last night’s 100th episode of ECW.

First, I’ll post what we believe to be one of the best Diva moments on ECW so far. In the land of bikini contests and dance-offs, it’s hard to differentiate between Diva moments but this one, even if it begins as most have, has its own interesting outcome. Torrie Wilson & Kelly Kelly compete in a seemingly standard bikini contest, but this soon turns into a much more interesting (in my opinion) 6-man tag match:

Next, we have our “WWE Alumni” match – Ivory vs. Tori in the WWE’s first all-female Hardcore match. It quite a blast from the past, as it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen either of these Divas. Watch out for what Tori’s wearing, though – is it just me, or does that seem waaaay too racy for today’s standards? See for yourself:

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  • Melanie

    Both good matches. WWE has hardly ever shown confidence in Torrie as a wrestler, but this match is one of my favourite displays from Torrie, she showed she can play the aggressor and I just like that it was a six person match and just something different from what WWE usually does with the Divas.

    Lol the second match is pretty darn wild, but in the physical sense and that makes me appreciate it more. Giving an example of today’s matches, compare this one to Melina and Mickie’s anything goes match last year, it had a lot of sexual innuendo and not as much (like the Divas lockerroom bit) and not as much emphasis on “Here are two girls that can and are beating the crap out of each other!”

  • Daniel

    I LOOOVE the Ivory/Tori match!

    The bit with Jacqueline in the shower: “What the heeeelll?!”

    Also love the end with the mirror, it’s just a great match!

  • Jack

    TNA should bring Ivory in she’s a great wrestler and talker and she has name recognition from WWE and being on MTV Tough Enough

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