TNA No Surrender in Review: Was the Crowd Really Chanting That?

After several weeks of all the talking behind each others back, all the backstabbing, and catfights, FINALLY it’s Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne in a grudge match… with Angelina Love and Tara both at ringside. Instead of  having the two fight woman to woman, my suspicions about outside interference were starting to look correct.

Madison Rayne is the first to make her entrance out to the ring accompanied by Tara on the motorcycle. I’m going to go ahead and assume that TNA Management seen my request regarding Tara and Madison because when they are on the ring apron, Tara decides to smack Madison’s a** before the two kiss each other.  The beautiful theme song continues to play as Velvet Sky makes her way on to the ramp with her BFF, Angelina Love. They do the usual “Dancing With The Stars” routine before strolling down to the ring, smiling like they’re friendship has never hit a slight speed bump.  While Velvet and Angelina were on the ring apron doing their vintage booty shake on the middle rope, Tazz makes it seems like Angelina has a bomb implanted inside of her boot. Wiring device? Really Tazz??

The match has finally started and it hasn’t even been a full 10 seconds before Tara takes it upon herself to grab Velvet’s foot before throwing her hands up innocently causing the ref to get distracted with her, giving Madison the opportunity to take a cheap shot at Velvet. Madison then takes Velvet and slams her head into the turnbuckle before using her boot to start choking Velvet. At this point I’m trying to figure out if the Impact Zone is chanting what I thought they were chanting or was it just me hearing voices because of Madison’s short shorts.  After the  ref warns her about the boot to the throat, Madison takes a shot at Velvet and turns around to Angelina, striking a pose while Tara begins to fan herself.

Madison goes to continues her beat down, only to be met with a stinging chop to the chest by Velvet. She delivers another chop before pushing Madison against the ropes for an Irish Whip attempt, but Madison counters and pushes her down by the head. Madison jumps on top of Velvet and starts to throw punches at her while Velvet puts her hands up for protection.  Madison screams bloody murder at the ref for warning her about the close fists and shrieks again while she starts to choke Velvet out.  Before the ref got to the count of five, Madison gets Velvet to her feet and starts to wrench her neck around like she twisting a cap off of a giant beverage. After figuring out that her head wasn’t going to come off, Madison throws Velvet back down on to the canvas and applies the “sexy”  camel clutch submission.

Madison stands up, drops down on Velvet’s back, and drags her out to the middle of the ring to reapply the clutch.  The ref begins the count and tells a confused Madison that she needs to stop clawing at the face of Velvet. Madison tries to jump down on Velvet’s back again, but instead gets two kneecaps into her goodies. Velvet holds on to her own goodies, mocking Madison and screams “Poor baby!’ before delivering a vicious slap.

Tara was having none of that as she gets on the apron chewing out the ref , temporarily distracting him while Velvet rolls Madison up for a pin. The ref slides back in for the count,  but Madison was able to kick out before the three. Madison springs back up and stops Velvet’s momentum with a flying clothesline.  Madison now has the match back into her control and starts to dig her fingers into Velvet’s skull. Speaking of skulls, Madison then wraps her legs around Velvet’s head, turns her over, and begins to drive her skull/face into the match while Tara hilariously bounces her hands up and down in sync with Madison’s skull bashing.

Thinking that Velvet is done for, Madison goes for the pin and Velvet kicks out. Madison goes for another quick pin, but again, Velvet kicks out.  Madison backs Velvet up into the corner and Irish whips her to the opposite turnbuckle. Velvet reverses, sending Madison running into the corner. Madison tries to leap over Velvet, who is running behind her, but gets caught and slammed front first into the mat. Both women are out of it as their friends on the outside begin to encourage them to get to their feet. Madison is up first. She walks over to Velvet, trying to give her a double ax handle to the back but gets slapped in the midsection. She tries to go for it again, but Velvet repeated her slap to the midsection. Madison grabs her stomach in pain while Tara yells, “Come on baby!” (So freakin’ cute.)

Velvet  runs towards Madison and tries to give her a clothesline, but ends up missing her completely (It’s okay, though. She apologized for it).  Madison is quickly back on her feet, but Velvet is on her just as fast and delivers a nice clothesline. Madison tries to run after her again, but instead runs into a nice shoulder block from Velvet, who is completely fired up at this point.

Velvet grabs Madison and Irish whips her into the ropes. Madison reverses and bends over, looking for a big back body drop, but gets a kick to the face before getting hit with a spear. Velvet climbs on top of her and starts to drive Madison’s head into the mat repeatedly. Velvet starts to give Madison a taste of her own medicine by delivering similar shots to the back, which she was on the receiving end of earlier in the match. While Madison tries to recuperate, Velvet drives her face down onto the mat with the running bulldog.

Velvet goes for the pin, but is immediately pulled out by Tara. Tara grabs her helmet and tries to repeat her actions from this past Thursday’s IMPACT before Angelina comes to the rescue and delivers a kick to her lower back. When Velvet gets back into the ring, Madison tries to execute her finisher , but Velvet reverses and hits Madison with the DDT and picks up the win.

Despite the fact the fact that Angelina and Tara both accompanied their partners to the ring, I must say that I am pleased with the lack of interference. I liked it was just limited to a few basic things. Things that you expect to see when  partners/managers on the outside. I honestly thought there was going to be an overload of interference, but Velvet and Madison were able to get a lot of time to wrestle on their own in the ring without any help from the two on the outside. Also, I felt that there was a clear vision of who was the face in this match and who was the heel. Nothing in between.

I wasn’t feeling the majority of this match. It dragged on a bit and I think Madison’s and Velvet’s styles both clashed. Velvet is more of a brawler than a wrestler and I think it showed for the most part. But I thought she was beginning to catch fire towards the end when the crowd really began to get into it.

So what next? To be honest, I can smell some sort of tag team match for the next PPV (maybe even sooner). I think TNA needs to get rid of the Knockout Tag Team Titles and start putting more women on TV.  Revolving the division around these four women isn’t going to work forever and I think fans are starting to get a bite tired of it already. I know I am.

Match Rating: 2.5/5

  • theshape31

    Yes, they were chanting that. Perhaps it was the crowd’s way of saying that the Knockouts’ current narrative is just an ‘exercise of tedious repetition’.

  • theshape31

    It couldn’t be because they’re all hyper-sexualized characters dressed as prostitutes. It just couldn’t be.

  • RockinRed45Mvs

    The storyline is still good but the problem is that they’re the only ones shown on Impact and the PPVs. What happened to Sarita vs Taylor or her and Hamada winning the tag titles. The match itself wasn’t memorable at all. Nothing stood out to me and I was hoping for more than this. I think that this match should’ve been for the title. I agree with the match rating too.

  • gavin harvey

    what where they saying

  • theregoeskitty

    most of the guys chanting that looked creepy to be honest
    they should all go listen to ‘U & UR hand’ by Pink lol

    it was an alright match i guess, a bit one sided, but Velvet looked more like a competitor and less of a jobber

  • IfYouSeekRay

    Hopefully Dixie Carter does SOMETHING to the knockouts division now that she heard that M word being chanted. Oy a “classy” woman such as herself should be appalled by such chanting but I’m not expecting much or anything for that matter psht

  • FCW Divas

    The match was alright, and thats it nothin memorable,

    I find TNA has no diversity or anything now, and is just boring, for example they have no black girls, or big girls or anything like that, they use the same 4 or 5 knockouts each week, and they have 9 active female wrestlers, with a knockout belt and tag belt, there is not enough knockouts,

    over half of there female wrestling roster, is blonde, (so it is not just WWE who does it ), Angelina, Velvet, Madison, Lacey, Taylor, and tnen There is Daffney, Tara, and Sarita, and Hamada, is really the only different looking one,

    So in all in all, WWE has a more diverse and better lookin roster, in my opionion

  • darkangels

    yeah when i heard that i sad WTF!!!! no class at all the match it self was alright i really think the divas from FCW wrestle better than the Knockout sometimes just saying!!

  • Lita Fan


  • Lita Fan


  • HoorahMonster

    @Lita Fan I was sure I was hearing “You screwed Lacey” or something along those lines :P

  • HoorahMonster

    Wait I hear reservation.. I don’t get it :P

  • Kerry

    It really annoys me when people always go on about what colour of hair the Knockouts or Divas have, I mean what relevance does that have?! I couldn’t care less what colour hair any of them have, I care about what they bring to their respective promotions, and hair colour or dress sense or any other superficial things like that is not relevant when it comes to in-ring ability, charisma, etc.

    Having dark hair doesn’t make anyone stand out anymore than the others, just because a few of the Knockouts have blonde hair doesn’t mean they are all practically the same – Taylor Wilde for example is completely different in her overall look and in-ring style than the current and former Beautiful People members.

  • FCW Divas

    @Kerry, i know you were talkin to me, and i said it because, every time WWE signs a new diva, they say well she is prob blonde or something like that, and i thought this was a perfect chance to say that TNA has over half of there knockouts are blonde, :)

  • Paulp27

    For those who can’t hear what they’re chanting, I will type it backwards in the interest of keeping the comments PG: noitabrutsam, clap clap clapclapclap. I suppose this was meant as an insult? But really it tells you, don’t touch the guard rail at a TNA show.

  • FCW Divas

    thank you @Paulp27, i couldnt figure out what they were, saying but that is extremely disresceptful, and fans never went that low, and called the divas them names and they have been called alot of names, but never that wow, i am in shock

  • swader

    Was I the only one who thought the crowd was chanting “Smash her face in”????

  • Rashanti

    “Was I the only one who thought the crowd was chanting “Smash her face in”????”

    Apparently, LOL. They could of been saying that, though.

  • Teri

    @ swader

    LOL! I like to think that they did

  • Alex

    the crowd was chanting ” INTERMISSION” which in entertainment is a break period and the fan live thought that the KO’s match was break time

  • vonVile

    The rumored title match at Bound For Glory is: Angelina vs Tara

    I know Tara has been “gone” from the TNA for a few months and I love her, but the Knockout division needs to move on. The KO division has gotten as bad as SD!. Put Daffney (or Sarita when she’s all healed up) in the title hunt.

  • JJ

    They were chanting masturbation. While the context it was used in was rude, it’s not like masturbation is a really dirty swear-word. You CAN say it Diva-Dirt readers!!!

  • NT86

    Anyone notice how Velvet has done back to wearing her old ring attire again? I’m pretty sure she wore that in 2008. When they repackaged TBP with Lacey, Velvet and Madison got those matching attires.

  • xfrenchkiss

    I thought they were chanting “Federation” (like World Wrestling Federation reference, or something) I kept rewinding it and that’s all I kept hearing everytime. But yeah, at least I got the “ation” part right…But srsly, just gross. Ew. -_- I don’t think it’s really the Knockouts fault, just a bunch of perverts in their audience who’re way too vocal about what they do in their spare time. Keep it to yourselves, gentleman. :x

  • Sapphire Eyes

    ” It really annoys me when people always go on about what colour of hair the Knockouts or Divas have, …………Taylor Wilde for example is completely different in her overall look and in-ring style than the current and former Beautiful People members. ”

    This, and what you said in between it. It’s funny how some in the IWC will base TNA or WWE criticism largely on appearence or ethnic makeup. But then apparently base their own views largely on the same thing, just in another direction.

    Though I don’t disagree TNA needs a bigger women’s roster to make something of both the tag and singles belts. Otoh, given who the WWE product is and will be run by longterm vs the hopefully more temporary associate leadership in TNA, I’d figure there’s more hope for a near future renaissance in TNA. With decades of Vince and Stephanie staring them in the face, there’s probably little expectation for a better E product to be seen anytime soon.