Raw Redux (September 6th, 2010): The ‘Undefined’ Champion of Divas

Divas Champion, Melina has to be on cloud nine after single-handedly defeating BFF champions, Lay-Cool last week in a tag team match on Raw. What Melina didn’t expect is that she had to defend her title the very week, despite having a unification match at Night of Champions in a few weeks time. Watch below as Melina takes on the woman she defeated for the Divas Championship at SummerSlam, Alicia Fox:

Melina makes her way out to the ring first and poses for the fans in her usual fashion. Out next is her challenger Alicia, who apparently has something to say. Alicia informs Melina that she will not be competing at Night of Champions. Alicia goes on to say that she will become the ‘undefined champion of Divas’. Hey Alicia, ‘Undefined’, ‘Undisputed’ and ‘Unified’ do NOT mean the same thing. I guess we won’t be seeing Ms. Fox on the mic again anytime soon.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Alicia follows up by saying she has more Twitter followers than Melina and Lay-Cool combined. I have no idea how Alicia would know this since she has probably never logged into her Twitter account.

After Alicia finishes the referee calls for the bell and our match is underway. The Divas start things off with a lockup, which Melina gets the best of, pushing Alicia into the corner. Melina breaks clean, but Alicia gets frustrated and shoves the champ. Looking to get the jump on her opponent Alicia comes charging, but is leveled with a back body drop, followed by a forearm and a split-legged Yakuza kick, sending Alicia tumbling out of the ring.

With the match not going her way, Alicia decides she’s leaving, but Melina isn’t having any of that. The champion grabs Alicia by the hair and brings her back in the ring the hard way. As Melina tries to climb in the ring, Alicia takes advantage of the opening and goes for an elbow drop. Unfortunately for Alicia, Melina sees it coming and slides back out the ring, causing Alicia to smash her elbow on the canvas.

While Alicia is still reeling, Melina slaps her across the face before hitting a kick to the gut and a top rope crossbody for a near fall. Melina tries to stay on top of ‘The Foxy One’, but Alicia takes he down with a drop toe hold, sending her throat first into the ropes.

Now in control, Alicia starts taking it to Melina with kicks and clubbing blows to the back. Alicia charges at Melina for a clothesline but Melina evade with the Matrix and lands a kick in the gut and follows up with a flurry of strikes.

Alicia manages to reverse an Irish Whip and charges Melina in the corner, but Melina jumps up and into position for the Last Call. Luckily, Alicia has Melina scouted and flips her over the top rope and onto the apron. Alicia grabs Melina by the hair and drags her into the middle of the ring, but Melina lands a kick to the head, sending Alicia into the ropes. Before Alicia can recover Melina hit the Sunset Split for the win.

This was probably the best match that Alicia and Melina have had since their Smackdown days. As we said on last night’s Post-Raw Show, Alicia and Melina Pre-Summerslam and Summerslam matches left a lot to be desired and this match was a lot more enjoyable than those two matches.

Unfortunately, this match won’t be known for it’s ring work, but for the epic fail Alicia made in her promo. Most of it was decent, but that flub at the beginning overshadowed the entire promo. I guess WWE will be making the Divas mute again.

Also making an appearance was Diva Dirt’s Sexiest Diva of 2010, Maryse. Check out the segment below:

I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Maryse and Teddy combo, but I have to admit: it’s really starting to rub off on me. As we’ve said countless times before, Maryse shines most when in a non-wrestling role and it shows here. Fifty percent of this promo was in a foreign tongue and I still enjoyed it. Kudos to Teddy as well. It seems he has finally gotten comfortable with this pairing and it shows. I don’t feel like Maryse is overpowering him so much anymore. With a good storyline and a bit of fine-tuning, I feel like these two could truly be a power couple in WWE.

All in all, I enjoyed the Divas on this week’s Raw. We got a decent title match, closure on the Melina/Alicia feud and a potential new storyline with Maryse and Teddy. In my opinion, this week’s show blew that crap they called a 900th Episode Spectacular out of the water. Let’s just hope that Raw can keep up the good work at least until we crown our ‘undefined’ champion of Divas.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/thewweuberfan TheWWEUberfan

    Awwww. Y’all need to leave my precious ‘Licia alone! She cut a pretty good promo and is better than most girls on the mic. At least she sounds fluent while hyping herself up and not like a robot. *cough cough Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly cough* I love Michelle to death, btw.

    Oh, and Alicia had better hope they don’t turn this whole, word confusion thing into a gimmick of epic *fail* proportions. hahaha. <3

  • https://twitter.com/Ana_THDanielson Ana_Nattie_rules

    I wonder if the Alicia marks are going to say the Undefined was on purpose.

    I didn’t think the match was that great. It was just to short and I don’t think they have a lot of chemistry. The lack of chemistry, in my modest opinion, is one of the things Melina has to improve. If she improved that, she could easily become even better.

    To me she is in the 4th place in terms of female wrestling in the RAW roster (with Jillian, Gail and Natalya being better) and 7th with both brands (since Michelle and Beth are better wrestlers also). But this is my opinion. She could have been placed higher on my list if she didn’t have a freaking finisher that almost never comes out perfect.

  • seasons-of-love

    I loved the match. The slap was great, lol.

    I know people will complain about Alicia not getting any real offense in, but they’re clearly booking Melina really strongly to make the match against Lay-Cool seem more legit and ‘big’. Since returning she’s beaten Alicia in a non-title match a week in, flattened Alicia in a title match, retained her title against Jillian, defeated the co-Women’s champions in under a minute and destroyed Alicia again. I do have a sad feeling Lay-Cool will be victorious, but I think they’re setting up Melina for a big run in future.

  • seasons-of-love

    Oh and I have a sneaking suspicion that both the phonecall and the letter came from Cody Rhodes, by the way.

  • seasons-of-love

    Oh, and sorry for the third comment, but whilst I thought Maryse did great, TDJ was like a plank of wood in that segment.

  • Billy James

    It wasn’t that bad of a match. I notice that Melina used a different finishing move than from her first match with Alicia after she came back from her injury. Yeah Alicia screwed up her promo but she looked hot doing it and kept going. Depending on who wrestles Melina will determine who is going to win. If it’s Michelle vs. Melina, then Michelle will win. Anybody who has read my comments on here knows that I personally do not like Michelle McCool but I will give the devil her due that for someone who came a Diva search contest, Michelle learned to wrestle very quickly. However I think that it’s Michelle’s high connections in the WWE why she’s going to win. Just my opinion ok not saying I’m right.

  • chrisP

    Despite that Alicia mistake, I still don’t think she makes nearly as big of a fool out of herself as Maryse does when she talks. At this point, Maryse offers nothing beyond some goofy facial expressions that can and have be done by other Divas like Layla and Jillian who can be just as amsuing and also can actually give you a decent match, too.

    The match had some rough spots, but it was fine overall, I thought. I still don’t see why they need to unfiy the titles, though. It’s not like the tag tiles, where there’s only a handful of teams in the whole company, and the roster is going to get even bigger if all the NXT Divas go to Raw and Smackdown when the show ends.

  • Looking Glass

    I really didn’t enjoy this match, it was nice Alicia got to cut a quick promo, it was different – even with the flub- however it was just a dragged out squash match. I mean does Melina ever put anyone over? I swear the only people she loses to are Maryse, Mickie, Beth or Michelle all of whom are already over. I mean yes, she’s the champion and a ton of people will say now how she’s their queen and goddess and the yworship their shrine of her fifty times a day, but she could’ve at least let Alicia do something. I swear Alicia reversed a few moves, went to hit her own and Melina countered it to dominate again. Along with her show-pony dance moves and her stale face character, it just chips away at the Melina I use to like.

    I’m hoping LayCool does win at NOC, they actually have a gimmick and I think have more future potential than Melina does. Melina is one of the bigger Divas there, but WWE treats her like she’s the only Diva that matters on Raw (unless Maryse is wrestling) at least SmackDown has built Kelly Kelly up with some believability that she can wrestle, the same it did with Eve when she was there and Tiffany. Winning every match doesn’t always make a character entertaining.

  • seasons-of-love

    @Looking Glass: You don’t need to lose a match to put someone over. Before returning, Melina gave Alicia a lot of offense in each of their matches. And that is usually always the case with Jillian. She actually lost to Jillian in 2006, back when Melina was the most over female on SmackDown by a clear mile. And she lost over and over again to Michelle last year (and please don’t say that Michelle was already over – lol). She lost to Layla twice last year at all, which was when Layla finally began to look credible.

    She’s on a streak because WWE want to make her look strong. Not much of a problem there…I mean, IMO Alicia showed more personality last night than she ever has in any of the matches that she’s dominated, so that has to be a good thing, surely.

  • seasons-of-love

    *as well, not at all

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Today was Alicia’s night for the divas. Now we know she can cut a good or decent promo. Also is good on the mic like we have seen a few times before why can’t WWE give the mircophone to alicia as much as they do to Lay – Cool so people can get behind Alicia and give her pops and not just stay silenced. Also Alicia’s attire is so far my favourite. I was hoping she would wear that live since i seen the screen captures when she went against Eve in the China house show. I also really liked how she said she has more twitter followers then melina and lay-cool combined made her look like she isnt there to make friends but capture gold and gold only. By any chance who would know but what is Alicia’s twitter account?

  • xfrenchkiss

    @ChrisP, you don’t like Maryse very much, do you? To compare Maryse’s mere facial expression to Alicia’s mic mishap is just, wow. Maryse’s facial expression is based off of an opinion, some will think she look like a fool, whilst others find it to just be fine. As to where Alicia’s mic mishap was pure fact, ain’t no such thing as an “undefined” championship. o.O

    Furthermore, the match — no comment. I say this a lot about Melina’s matches and this is simply because Melina only entertains me when she goes up against Michelle, Mickie, or Beth to name a few. Her and Alicia have NO chemistry. Ugh. This match would’ve been completely forgettable if Alicia didn’t have that mic mishap, so ironically enough — it’s probably a good thing that did happen. Well, no not really. But yep, still a forgettable match, IMO.

    As for the Ted/Maryse drama — please let “the other woman” be a NXT Girl! Specifically Maxine or Aksana. Maxine probably would be a better fit seeing as like Maryse, she thinks she’s worth a million bucks and has a taste for the finer things in life. But Aksana, ughh! This would be the perfect first feud for her, the Original “hawt” Foreign beyotch vs the New “hawt” Foreign girl. I wants it! I wants it! Haha. (rarely, do i ever get to see two of my favs feud against each other, so you already know I’m marking out if this happens)

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Alicia and Melina can pull off decent match – ups but melina tends to get fast when in the ring with her maybe she gets a bit dizzy because alicia is a few feet taller or something related to that. Melina has to let Alicia catch up with her or else they both will get sloppy. Melina botched a kick and Alicia got sloppy as well did Melina. This just proves that Melina & Alicia dont have chemistry at all. They have had what 7 matches together and they all were bad or a bit entertaining. Alicia has the most chemistry with Natalya, Kelly and espicially Gail. Melina has chemistry with every single diva espicially Michelle & Beth but alicia.. no. Now i know never to get excited for Alicia & Melina in a singles match against each other unless WWE go back to TV – 14 and we possibly see a stipulation match then i will get excited.

  • chrisP

    “@ChrisP, you don’t like Maryse very much, do you? To compare Maryse’s mere facial expression to Alicia’s mic mishap is just, wow.”

    The comparsion I made was Alicia speaking to Maryse speaking, not Maryse’s facial expressions. I said Maryse’s goofy facial expressions were the only thing she has to offer, which isn’t saying much because, as I said, there are other divas who can make silly faces, too, plus actually wrestle decently on top of it.

  • seasons-of-love

    I think Maryse’s main strength are her facial expressions, actually. She reminds me of bitchy Melina in that she’s very expressive, which is partly why I think both did/have done so well as bitchy heels.

    By comparison, I think Alicia is very forced. She’d be a lot more natural as a face, tbh.

  • seasons-of-love

    *is, not are

  • Bobby Burchill

    That was one of my favorite diva matches on Raw in a while. Really enjoyed the back and forth action, and some nice kicks and counters spread throughout. Alicia’s promo was decent to me, minus the flub xD Was hoping Laycool would attack Melina post match, but that wont get any complaints from me as a solid singles match on Raw is more important. Great write-up Steven =]

  • RedHotVixen

    Alicia and Melina have had better matches, but this was WAY better than the SummerSlam match. I found Alicia’s fail hysterical. Hey, everyone messes up. Remember how awful The Miz used to be on the mic? Not that I am comparing him to Alicia. All I mean is that, with a little more practise and time she could turn out to be great.

  • http://yahoo.com madslam2009

    I still dont get why Alicia Fox got no offense in

  • https://twitter.com/Ana_THDanielson Ana_Nattie_rules

    madslam2009: because Melina is getting the Superwoman booking. Simple.

  • chrisP

    “I think Maryse’s main strength are her facial expressions, actually. She reminds me of bitchy Melina in that she’s very expressive, which is partly why I think both did/have done so well as bitchy heels.”

    I think “only strength” would be more accurate.

    I would like to compare her and Melina as heels, but since Melina actually got over as a heel, I don’t think there is much comparsion.

  • Looking Glass

    “And she lost over and over again to Michelle last year (and please don’t say that Michelle was already over – lol). She lost to Layla twice last year at all, which was when Layla finally began to look credible.”

    I’ll give you Layla, but Melina lost twice to her, I think if anything LayCool has put Melina over or at least Beth. As for Michelle? First Divas champion? The same belt that actually put Maryse over, like it or not Michelle was over with the fans, just because people think she’s slept her way to the top or has no charisma, it doesn’t mean that she wasn’t over, because Michelle was and in some extent still is the top Diva on SD, why would she be that unless she was over with the fans whether it be heel or face?

    The problem I have with Melina is as I’ve said before, she tries too hard to be different with moves that look awkward and weak, just so she can look like the flexible X-Division type, I mean her finisher is resting her leg on someones chest and pushing them down? This match was essentially nothing but promo time for Alicia, she didn’t even look like a former champion. It just seems Melina is once again picking up the reigns of just keeping the belt on her, because its her. At least if LayCool won it, Layla who’s still very new to the championship (as in this being her first reign) will have the chance to make history, rather than it be another achievement for Melina.

    WWE might want her to look strong, but imo all she looks like is that she’s the be all and end all of the Divas title division, I mean if this is what it’s like with two divisions, I fear for what it may be like when there’s one belt and Beth returns.

  • RedHotVixen

    @madslam2009- While I dont think that Alicia got in NO offence, I do agree that she needs to work on her offence. She is getting dangerously close to Maryse Territory.

  • seasons-of-love

    Melina has been over since 2005, so no, not really. In fact, I’d say that Beth didn’t become really credible as a monster heel until she started beating the crap out of Melina in mid-2008.

    And holding a title has nothing to do with it: Michelle was NEVER close to over prior to late-2009 (and even that’s arguable). You’re completely ignoring the crowd in general if you think she was. IMO she’s the top diva because she’s a very solid wrestler and she’s totally WWE homegrown. No way in hell is it because she’s got a lot of fan support, because that’s totally untrue.

    The next paragraph is fair, because it’s subjective. But please don’t try to use false ‘facts’ in order to back your argument. If you dislike Melina then fair enough, but to some of the prior statements are ridiculous. I LOL’d at you saying LayCool put her over.

  • seasons-of-love

    And again, Alicia got no offense because they’re booking Melina strong for NOC. It’s hardly the fault of Melina; watch any of their pre-2010 matches.