More Details on New NXT Rookie Kaitlyn

More details have emerged on new NXT Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, previously known as Ricki Vaughn in FCW. Kaitlyn’s real name is Celeste Bonin and she is a 23 year old model from Houston, TX.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has some more details including an interesting observation about her replacing Aloisia on NXT:

The storyline is that Vickie Guerrero fired Aloisia and replaced her with a woman called Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is Celeste Bonin, a 23-year-old former fitness competitor from Houston who placed in several national contests including fifth in her size class in the amateur division in the 2008 Arnold Classic. She had been working as a bartender and was just recently signed and probably only has about a month or so of ring training. They are really high on her look because she got huge implants to go along with the fitness body (she was quite cute pre-implants). The push of her as the combination pretty girl and class clown is legit as she was a total jokester and prankster in high school before getting into fitness. Earlier this year, before she was signed, she had decided to move from the fitness competitions to the bodybuilding contests, which is the really freaky roided up guy looking division, but the WWE saved her from a life of having a deep voice and having that overly chemical looking facial features. Here’s the kicker. She’s got far far sleazier photos on the Internet than Hayward, so it makes no sense that photos were the reason. And between the two, based on WWE standards of what they want, Bonin has what they are looking for and Hayward only had very short shelf life freak appeal. Plus, with her size, she couldn’t work any semblance of a match with the other WWE women.

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  • Luis

    she is like seriously BEAUTIFUL!
    especially from the face lol

  • FCW Divas

    i dont know, i still like Kaitlyn better than Aloisia, but i think getting ride of Aloisia was a good thing, because all the divas would have had to job to her, to make her look like a monster and woulhd have been harder to bet her in competitions and that too, like the race, three steps and she would have been there

  • darkangels

    she is very pretty now with all that face time on NXT3 and vickies coaching she will be a star

  • Ayzali

    I do like her, I’m a bit nervous to see her in the ring however. I see them using Vickie “assistance” as a good method to distract from that. With her build though I’m hoping she’ll grow into a solid wrestler.

  • Jack5326

    All I can say is LOL. WWE never ceases to amaze me. So they removed someone as they didn’t think she was good enough? Let’s hope this is a load of rubbish and the only reason they removed Aloisia as they thought she had better potential off of NXT.

  • alexl467


    While I certainly do not have any hard proof to back up my theory I believe the difference between her racy photo past and Aloisia’s is probably the fact that Kaitlyn didn’t try to keep it a secret from the higher-up within the WWE.


  • Andre

    I commented earlier in another post and incorrectly identified Kaitlyn as Jennifer Thomas, my apologies. They look similar to me, but the point i made in my earlier comment still stands, It’s hypocritical of WWE to use Aloisia’s photos as an excuse to pull her off NXT, when Celeste’s photos are more risque. Just be honest Aloisia doesn’t have the look that WWE covets and her limited ring skills aren’t enough to balance out the fascination her size would bring to tv. Maybe this will be a good gamble in the end, I like Kaitlyn, great look and personality, hopefully she goes far and her inexperience won’t be too much of a hurdle, With Aloisia down in FCW she has more time to hone her craft, While being brought up to tv in a proper and impacting manner

  • FCW Divas

    But i read what happened was that Linda opponent, in the senate race, apparently found out about ALosia photos and he was gonna use them against her or somethiong and WWE found out, so they pulled her from the competition, but with,Kaitlyn is that she is not as unique as Aloisia, so people just ingore it, but if they heard about this 6 foot 9 diva havin erotic photos then that would grap peoples attention, SO its not WWE< dont blame them

  • alexl467


    If Aloisia is indeed being punished for her photo past I believe is because by her own admission whether intentionally or not she kept the existence of her pictures a secret from the WWE.


  • YourHero

    She looks good, but can she still throw a 100 mph fastball?

  • corndogagenda

    I wanted to make this comment smart and objective and all that, but I’m in full gawker mode! Hole Lee Shizz, Kaitlyn is a hottie! I thought she was bangin’ last night (didn’t see enough of her ring work for a real critique), but my my my! I’d love to know her workout routine, especially for her legs.

    After a brief internet search, I found some more photos and an AFW Wrestling profile. My computer screen almost melted! In a few pics, she’s sporting chestnut brown hair. Gorgeous. Her AFW profile mentions her character tendencies: sexy (DUH!), calculating, technical, and can be a “borderline heel.” *strokes chin* Hmmmm…curiouser and curiouser.

    Yet, I have to wonder if “erotic” to the WWE means “She ain’t got no draws on, dawg!” In the photos I’ve seen (so far) here and on my own, with the possible exception of one photo, Kaitlyn’s wearing…something.

  • layglamacool

    those look like modeling photos more than erotic photos in my opinion. But with Aloisa in Fcw i guess she can learn to work with small girls so she doesn’t end up injuring anyone lol.

  • art1e

    I think she has the build to go far…beth could carry her to a decent match if she trains more…3 rd pic goggle her without implants LOL…only one pic that was racy but nothing like Aloisia ones lol…like ewwwwwwww…
    the 6’9 one i dont know what wwe could do with her sorry but thats how i see it…

  • Matt

    To be honest, I think the most likely explanation for the Aloisia removal and this girl coming in is that it’s much easier to hide the deficiencies of someone who doesn’t stand out from the pack. If the pictures mattered one iota, both of them would already be fired period. We’re talking about Linda’s political career here, after all. I’d also think Aloisia’s development and introduction would be of far greater priority than just about any other woman they can sign. They look at her and see dollar signs where they’d typically just be seeing tits and ass.

  • Matt

    Disposable tits and ass at that.

  • Toby

    Well she looks great and I’m looking foward to seeing her in the later weeks.

  • partyguyhilton

    I am sorry but Alosia’s photo’s were just trashy. Where as Kaityln’s photo’s are something I could see in an Oxygen mag (with the execption of the black attire). She is totally showing off are muscle tone and from these photos you can tell she has done fitness modeling before. It is Alosia’s own fault for not checking out her photographer’s portifilo before accepting that job. Second look at the website you find her pictures on. Where as Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, and Kaityln probably have their photos on modelmayhem or some other website under someone’s portifilo. Alosia knew her two photo’s were trashy and that is the bottom line. I felt like I had to throw-up seeing whatever that was between her legs (was that stain, pigment problem, or vajayjay?).

  • partyguyhilton

    Oh and btw maybe just maybe the WWE wants to use Alosia like a Chyna. Look how the used Shaqinua and where that lead storyline wise with the divas. If Alosia is used right she can have great matches with the likes of Beth as well as other male superstars. But Alosia vs someone like Melina comeone. Most of the diva’s movesets are even prepared for someone like Alosia. So stop crying it was a smart decision on the WWE half, and it allows fans to think their vote matters, and the WWE can train up Alosia and debut her right.

  • dashingorton

    she is awesome….im crazy about her!!…….

  • Blowbangfan

    At first, I was upset that they fired Aloisa because I thought it would be cool to watch her in the ring. She is so massive and powerful and she would likely dominate every other woman she faces…but then they found Kaitlyn!

    Firing Aloisia seems like a brilliant move now that Kaitlyn has charmed the WWE Universe (as much as I hate that term). She has the best personality of all the Divas and is as sexy as any woman alive so I’m sure she will be a huge hit and watching her in NXT was always fun. She was the only reason why I caught every episode.

    As for her pictures, I’m glad I searched Celeste Bonin on Google Images. She has some amazing shots and has one of the most beautiful bodies in the world. It was the best choice to have Kaitlyn instead of Aloisa, and I’m sure Kaitlyn’s unmatched sex appeal was the number one reason. I had a feeling she would win the whole time ,though I was weary of AJ Lee and Naomi. The only knock I have on Kaitlyn is her stage name…kind of plain and forgettable. I wish they had just gone with her real name…Celeste is more beautiful and unique than Kaitlyn in my humble opinion. Oh well, she’s still perfect in every other way so hopefully she will somehow fall in love with me. I know, it’s not going to happen but dreamers can dream…

  • iAndrawis

    looking forward to seeing her perform i like her alot