First Look: PWI Female 50 2010 Revealed

Diva Dirt has obtained a copy of the November 2010 issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated (see above for preview image), featuring the third annual PWI Female 50 list. We can exclusively reveal the list is as follows…

1) Michelle McCool
2) Angelina Love
3) Mercedes Martinez
4) Cheerleader Melissa
5) Eve Torres
6) Madison Rayne
7) Beth Phoenix
8) Mickie James
9) MsChif
10) Maryse

More after the cut:

11) Tara
12) Sara Del Rey
13) Gail Kim
14) Awesome Kong
15) Madison Eagles
16) Sarita
17) Alicia Fox
18) Taylor Wilde
19) Daffney
20) Hamada
21) Velvet Sky
22) ODB
23) Nikki Roxx
24) Jillian
25) Portia Perez
26) Kelly Kelly
27) Rain
28) Angel Orsini
29) Natalya
30) Serena Deeb
31) Nicole Matthews
32) Amber O’Neal
33) LuFisto
34) Daizee Haze
35) Allison Danger
36) Layla
37) Kellie Skater
38) Tiffany
39) Jennifer Blake
40) Jazz
41) Melissa Coates
42) Cat Power
43) Malia Hosaka
44) Cherry Bomb
45) April Hunter
46) Jessicka Havok
47) Brittany Force
48) Naomi Night
49) Cindy Rogers
50) Roxie Cotton

The November issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated will be available on newsstands next Tuesday (Sept. 14th) and also features an interview with Mickie James, plus a ‘One to Watch’ feature on Diva Dirt LIVE co-host, Mia Yim. You can also order the issue online here.

  • Jack5326

    Wow, nice to see Naomi made the list. But Kelly Kelly as high as that and above Layla? That;s a joke tbh.

  • Kaledrina

    i love angelina.. but being number 2 when she was inactive for like, half the year? is terrible on pwi’s part. it’s a bit like that time when candice and melina both broke the top ten when they weren’t active for nearly the whole year. and where is lacey? lol poor girl.

    anyway, diva dirt.. brace yourself for the drama in the comments ;)

  • layglamacool

    Here come the haters.

  • layglamacool

    @Kaledrina if you are talking about lacey von erich then she does not need to be anywhere near that list, she is god awful, but hot.

  • Nicolex3

    Congrats to Michelle on being #1 :D . . . To me she definetly deserved it .

  • Kaledrina

    “@Kaledrina if you are talking about lacey von erich then she does not need to be anywhere near that list, she is god awful, but hot.”

    oh, i know she sucks in-ring, but pwi usually explain their choices as being not all to do with wrestling ability – more with how marketable they are, screen-time, yadda yadda.. and she’s had a lot more of that the past year than say, for instance, daffney, taylor, odb and kong. so even though she sucks as a wrestler, her not being on the list doesn’t seem right to me.

  • unscripted & flawless

    › about time this was officially announced. mccool ftw!<3 and i agree above about kelly being above layla .. oh please.

  • Pedro

    Michelle & Eve only DIVAS in the Top 5 XDXDXDXD

  • Teri

    Kelly Kelly ranked higher than Jazz? Someone give me my fucking pills.

  • Alex

    let the haterz loose!!!!

  • Teri

    I take that back – I just remembered that this isn’t necessarily based on grappling skills.

  • RangerDeon

    Michelle, Eve, Beth, Mickie and Maryse made top 10. Hells yes. Those are my gurls.

  • Kaledrina

    anybody else noticed that melina isn’t listed? i’m kinda pleased she isn’t. not in a mean way, but because she literally wasn’t around.

  • BC757

    where is melina

  • madslam2009

    Pleasently Surprised to see Naomi Night there

  • SoRandy4Rosa

    I’m really confused about the Melina thing too.. Angelina was gone for awhile and shes number #2.. Beth, Maryse, Tara, Kong are all in the top 20 when they were not active all year.. hmmm.

    Eve is ranked waaaay too high though. This list must have been made up awhile ago??

  • Maxine

    We’ve known Michelle was placed at number one for a while now, so I don’t know why there would be many more “haters” in here. As a matter of fact I feel like the discussion regarding the article which sought to justify her placement was pretty mature. No disrespect meant at all either, but I don’t quite understand why this is being referred to as “exclusively revealed” here when it had already been posted at a few other places.

    • Melanie

      Maxine — If it has been posted elsewhere prior to us posting it, it’s news to us and we happily concede that we aren’t the first to post. However, I’m not going to nitpick over a couple of words or who may or may not have posted it first.

  • mffl413

    layla needs to be higher and melina needs to be on the list

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    WTF?! Eve #5 that’s a joke right yeah she is my 2nd favourite but really!? Dont you think she deserves to be at the end of the top 10 and honestly Alicia has done better than her. Alicia had a better divas champion reign , she is good at the mic also cutting promo’s. Eve only defeated Maryse which isnt that big of a deal. Alicia defeated Gail 2 times and won the first fatal 4 way for the divas championship. Okay PWI has lost there mind! I mean doesnt that mean something you know what im not going to overreact to this at least alicia made it in the top 20. Congrats Michelle you deserve it.

    Well melina didnt make it .. wonder why? -sarcasm- Also where the hell is AJ LEE?!?! Congrats Naomi!

  • Trevon

    Wow congrats to Naomi for being the only diva in training to make the list.

  • Mikas

    Teri wrote: “Kelly Kelly ranked higher than Jazz? Someone give me my fucking pills.”

    Jazz hasnt really wrestled (much) in 2010 and most of 2009, so she shouldnt even have been on this list at all.

    The list still sucks, but i think its more balanced than last year when it was mostly WWE/TNA, and it even had a few retired names on it. The positions of Mecedes Martinez and Madison Eagles at least showed they looked beyond WWE/TNA this year.

  • NoypiLuv

    Congratzzz to Michelle!!

  • Mikas

    Oh, i just noticed that Melina isnt on the list. Well, guess i have to take my words back, this list isnt better than last years. Sure, she was injured for a long time, but she did have 2 title reigns in the #1 promotion, and other women were also inactive. So there is no excuse to leave her out of this list.

  • TheeB

    Shit list 101

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Eh who cares who ranks higher or lower then who we all know , who is the best at what they do and not the best at what they do…..Then again what dosent Michelle accomplish ???? She is ever where…lol