In Video: Mickie James Wrestles for Dory Funk’s !Bang! TV

Former WWE Diva, Mickie James returned to one of the promotions she frequently wrestled for before her WWE career took off, this past Saturday. Mickie wrestled for Dory Funk’s !Bang! TV in a tag team match. The promotion has posted the full length bout online. This marks the first full, free match fans can see of Mickie’s since her final appearance on SmackDown in April.

Another match after the cut:

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  • donnie darko

    Thanks for these uploads. Its always good to see Mickie James. I see she used her own song(Country) for her entrance, nice touch! And she’s lost weight. Good for her. If only WWE brought her back :(

  • shannymac

    I miss seeing Mickie on TV so much! Although, in light of the clusterfuck that is WWE’s current women’s division, it’s probably better that she’s doing her own thing.

  • litafan2000

    Sucks that she isn’t in wwe anymore!

  • RangerDeon


    It’s nice to see her in the ring after so long of…not.