WWE Superstar Not a Fan of NXT Season Three

Former WWE United States Champion, MVP, had some choice words about the current season of NXT as well as the Rookie Divas on his Twitter page last night.

Responding to a fan question on his thoughts on Michael Cole quitting the show, MVP wrote: “NXT is awful. I’ll be glad when it [sic] ALL over!”

Later, when told by a fan that one of the Rookie Divas could be the next Lita, he responded: “What an incredible INSULT to Lita! Lita is an ALL TIME great! These chicks? Lita? Not in this lifetime!”

MVP was a Pro on the second season of NXT with Percy Watson as his Rookie.

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  • http://twitter.com/RangerDeon RangerDeon

    He could have been a little nicer about it.
    I can’t speak for everyone on NXT 3, but some of those girls are working hard.

  • https://twitter.com/Ana_THDanielson Ana_Nattie_rules

    Saying NXT is awful isn’t the same as saying that NXT season 3 is awful.

    And its not like he’s not being nice to the girls, when he says none of them is Lita. Its a fact.

  • bxradimus

    I’m not really a fan of NXT, this season, at least…I didn’t watch the other two. I just can’t get into the whole “diva” concept and how they are portrayed in WWE. And the fact that most of them are just models who don’t know what they’re doing. Most of WWE just seems like a joke to me in general and this is no different.

    That Naomi chick was somewhat impressive and AJ Lee has her moments as well. But the rest seem just as useless as half the women on current WWE roster.

  • MikeChrisH

    I fully believe they’re making the show awful on purpose so they can use that to explain why it’s ending. And of course it’s at the diva’s expense.

  • RedHotVixen

    What exactly makes this season so much worse than the previous 2 seasons of NXT? I honestly dont give a flying a flying fig what the amazingly boring MVP thinks. But the general disrespect that these women are getting is infuriating. Of course alot of them are awful in the ring. But why are they painting all these women with the same brush?

  • ABC

    I read that as him saying NXT as a whole is awful, not just NXT season 3

  • FCW Divas

    wasnt MVP, rookie out like 7th, in his season, so he must have sucked, as well

  • darkangels

    the show ending in the US not in other countrys and mvp should not be talking his rookie was awful wrestling with red glasses on as long as linda running for office the divas won’t be acting like lita did jumping off cages guys punching her even shedding blood i think the ladies getting tv exposer is a good thing shimmer and other women promo’s have been out for years can’t even get on tv still doing tape shows girls in the indies are repected but the divas make way more money than thay do trish retired a millionare

  • Kiss Of Death.

    NEXT LITA.? Oh c’mon.. Seriously.. It’s ridiculous.

  • donnie darko

    Although it’s very nice of him to give Lita credit for the amazing talent she was/is as a WWE Superstar…he doesn’t have to be such a jerk. First of all, aren’t they supposed to pretend they support it? WWE is full of fucking hypocrites and its childish and pathetic. Were we a fan of the sick Katie Vick storyline? What about that convoluted Invasion angle in 01? The nasty “Kiss My Ass” club by McMahon? The way Cena has dominated the title picture since 2005? That’s an insult to other great talent who’ve been buried over reality stars and mediocre ring workers like Orton. So we could say the same over that shyt too. And if he really wants to put in a good word for women wrestlers like Lita, then he might as well ask McMahon to start taking the womens division seriously..because otherwise MVP; your not helping matters…worry about yourself…you haven’t done anything noteworthy(not in recent memory) anyway.

    Naomi could most definitley be the star Lita is.

  • CableV

    At least NXT 3 has entertained me. Which is more than I can say for anything MVP has done since his ’06/’07 feud with Matt Hardy.

  • RedHotVixen

    @donnie darko- I couldn’t have put it better myself. The way the Divas are used as a scapegoat is really getting old.

  • NT86

    Isn’t this the kind of thing WWE doesn’t want their its workers to be talking about? Criticizing the product like this might get him into trouble somehow. MVP was punished in 2008 (though it was made into an angle) after he made off-the-camera remarks about the doctor who carries out drug tests on the Superstars. This is a problem with WWE workers using Twitter and Facebook, IMO.

    At another level, how can we blame these girls for not being like Lita or other big name Divas of the past, when WWE itself pretty much gave up on the division after herself and Trish retired? There’s been the Mickie James’ and the Beth Phoenix’s but the chances given to the women has been so limited in the last 2-3 years, though there have been some exceptions (the Beth/Melina I Quit match from 2008 is a good example). Nowadways the booking of the Divas has been so inconsistent. One week they’ll be used well, the next they’ll be in some stupid gimmick contest. Superstars matches have been quite good though. I think this season of NXT is a good opportunity for WWE to show off a new generation of Divas and hopefully the ones who last can go onto much better things.

  • donnie darko

    @RedHotVixen- Thanks. Its just bullshyt the way they downplay the women. They don’t even support it in kayfabe anymore. What’s the deal? And you’d think they show them more respect with Linda running for senate and all. What does this say about how they see and value their women performers. Nothing more than “candles” to light the way for the men as Debra once put it. I’m disgusted.

  • stylinprofilin

    totaly agree with mvp, also whoever trashed mvp as a pro dont you realise nxt isnt real!?

    i dont think that anyone who knows the industry would be a fan, hardly any pro wrestlers rate wwe and dont even watch it regularly, i agree with him to compare these girls with lita is a joke, she lived the business it was her passion, was a risk taker, skilled and looked like she actually could kick butt, she had all the basics nailed and only then did she start doing the more impressive moves.

    these days the girls a given a couple of fancy moves that they hope will get them over without actually understanding the business, basic moves, running the ropes or even bumping let alone ring phsycology and actually calling their own matches

    wwe is not wrestling as they always proclaim its entertainment so maybe we shouldnt judge the girls wrestling skills at all just wether they are entertaining and i enjoy the comedy factor that this seasons nxt brings its hilarious

  • JJ

    I’m sorry, criticising part of your company’s product like this is just plain stupid. Not to mention highly disrespectful to the women working very hard.

    MVP needs to learn when to shut the hell up and keep things to himself. He’s not vital to the WWE, and could easily be on his way out if he keeps on like this.

  • Kaledrina

    “I fully believe they’re making the show awful on purpose so they can use that to explain why it’s ending. And of course it’s at the diva’s expense.”

    i completely agree! form the little things like not being bothered to edit in a nice crowd response or editing out botches, to even bigger things like making the show completely about vicki (who people hate!) and having michael cole spend a whole hour last night telling the people at home not to watch it!

  • xfrenchkiss

    ….Who cares? Who is MVP? I can’t even remember the last time he was used regularly since his feud with Miz, and only God knows how long that was. I honestly don’t care for anyone’s opinion of NXT, even WWE — I don’t care if its the most liked season or the most hated, just as long as I get to keep seeing Aksana and a few others ’til the very end of the season, then I’m good.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Daavidd4 dayvid

    I don’t care what MVP says, he’s entitled to his own opinion. I’m not a fan of him and i never have been so he can say whatever he wants he’s of no importance to me.

    On the whole, “new lita” thing… I know none if these rookies are close to litas in ring ability. But they are young, new women, coming in to the wwe. Look at the obvious.. Trish. Everyone thought trash was just a no talent good looking model.. 6-7 years later she retired as (in the eyes of most) ONE of the all time greats in the wwe womens division with 7 womens title reigns.

    Now I know times have changed in the wwe. But nobody seems to give any woman a chance in the wwe these days. If they are pretty people just think “oh just another Barbie” when really, they should look at these women and think, well, maybe with training and experience who’s to say that in 7 years time we could see one of these rookies as the leading women in the division!? It may not happen, but it’s also possible it could.

    Give these new girls a chance. They are being thrown in there, doing the best they can with limited training. That’s the WWE’s fault, not theirs. Give them time, experience and more training and they could prove us all wrong. Nobody knows heat could happen, in NXT season 3 we could be watching the beginning of a GREAT diva. And although you may not feel it now, as i don’t, give it time and we could be surprised. Just don’t bash these girls, give them a damn chance.

  • JoshiTom

    So not nice MVP.. He needs to be reprimanded! But considering its WWE, I won’t hold my breath.

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    Hate to break it to you MVP, but you ain’t nothing special bro. Have fun being a mid carder for the rest of your life.

  • WrestlingBarbie

    That is just rude -.-

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Well MVP, these divas are young and new to the wrestling world so calm the heck down when was the last time i actually hear about MVP obviously it was pretty long ago i think at the DRAFT. Mvp you keep flaunting yourself in the company because your ass is going to be cut soon w/ a whole bunch of nobodies who have nothing left for them in the company, also iv never been a fan of MVP.

  • http://yahoo.com madslam2009

    MVP really could have delievered his message in a more sofistacated way instead of going straight to acting like a hypocrite.Season 2 rookies werent that good either minus Riley and Kaval.

  • wildsnorlax

    I don’t like this season either cus 4 off them can’t wrestle and I only watch the show just 4 AJ nd Naiomi the rest can go to hell and die.