WWE Signs Model Melyssa Buhl

WWE has signed a new developmental talent in model, Melyssa Buhl. The 26 year old is from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

Melyssa has updated her Model Mayhem profile (which is like a MySpace for models/photographers) etc., noting that she will be entering a contract after October 14th and will not be able to take on anymore work after that.

Furthermore, several comments on her page from other users congratulate her on signing with WWE.

You can see here profile here.

Thanks to Casey for the tip.

UPDATE: Melyssa wrote to LordsofPain.net, who also reported that she had signed with WWE, disputing the news. She wrote:

I was just forwarded a link to ur page and read about me signing with the WWE PLEASE REMOVE this at once!!! I have not yet signed ANYTHING and simply mentioned that i will be entering a contract and will not be shooting!! Please Please remove it now!!!!

Take that for what it’s worth.

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  • Ryan1919

    Now you really Know that WWE doesn’t care about PG when it comes to the women and that Isis the Amazon being fired was because of her suggestive pictures. You can see EVERYTHING in her pics. I hate to be mean but she isn’t that pretty she kinda looks like a pornstar to me and from reading her website bio she seems kinda bitchy, thats just the vibe i’m getting. Not to prematurely judge though. Oh also, I’m gonna guess and say that she signed with WWE because she wants the Tv time

  • Rockstar

    Are the WWE aware this woman runs an adult website? I just took a look at her webpage and found video clips with tag lines: ” Natasha and I get Naked! – Full Length Full Nude Clip! Watch me and my friend Natasha get all nakey and stuff!! ” and ” Butt Naked Strip Tease – Full Length Full Nude Watch me do my little dance and get naked and stuff! ” just to name two. She also has numerous nude galleries. What happened to the PG policy and not hiring women who have posed nude? The candidates in Lindas senate race will be all over this.

  • Soapguy

    Ryan1919 said:”from reading her website bio she seems kinda bitchy, thats just the vibe i’m getting. Not to prematurely judge though.”

    @Ryan. . . Lolz.

    I’m not going to complain too much because she looks athletic, which is usually a decent indicator of ability to pick up in-ring skills. Of course, people like Batista, Rob Terry, and Jamie Keys are also athletic looking. . . so we’ll see how that turns out.

  • 041293

    Not all athletic looking girls are actually athletic.

  • cutymania

    O M G Madusa/Alundra Blayze 2.0! Holy shiz she looks like Madusa back in her heyday, well at least in that pic. Dang #weird

    And I find it ironic people always complain when a model gets signed, yet here they are complaining that she’s not pretty. I thought it was the talent? Did y’all change your mind?
    I’ll wait and see what her role is gonna be.

  • Soapguy

    041293, did you actually read my entire post? I already addressed that.

  • alexl467

    Whether or not she’s going to end up having the in-ring and on-mic skills of a successful WWE female superstar only time will tell, but at least she appears to have the body of one.


  • Soapguy

    cutymania, I don’t think it’s all that ironic. WWE supposedly hire models because they are more attractive than the typical female wrestler. At least that’s their argument. Why wouldn’t people be confused when they bring in models who don’t look any more attractive than indie wrestlers like Tenille, Jessica James, Jessie McKay, or Sarah Stock?

  • theregoeskitty

    she looks like VicTara and Daisy haze had a baby

  • http://www.twitter.com/dynamochen Dyna-Mo Chen

    Them booting Isis and blaming her past is obviously bogus considering this girls past and present. More like they just wanted another skinny little girl on NXT instead. After all, you can no sell a 5’4″ 105 lbs waif girl managing to pin a 6’9″ gal, who can bench press a man.

    How many more generations will it be before the big feds let women’s wrestling actually evolve?

    Sadly, I no think it will be in my lifetime. But, Mo Chen can hope.

  • NT86

    WWE’s hiring policy shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at all at this point. They’ll sign mostly models or other women without a wrestling background, but will occasionally sign a couple of trained females per year. The success and longevity of a Diva is kind of like natural selection. Some make it, a lot don’t, whether they’re wrestlers before or models. Just look at Jillian Beyor (a Playboy model). She was released just a few months after getting signed. And who knows what will become of Christina Crawford, Su Yung, Jemma Palmer (when she arrives in FCW) and now this lady.

    They need to make it through developmental first and impress the officials there. If they get called up to the main roster, they need to show that they’re worthwhile and can get over with the crowd.

  • iVain

    For a company that hires so many women they sure do book their women in short matches.

  • http://www.stratusfacts.com C-Ray

    Okay…filing this under “Wait and see.” Yeah, it’s no surprise how WWE hires their women. “rolls eyes” BUT…for the most part, some have far exceeded expectations. Perfect example of that=Naomi. I can recall quite a few people here though she would be a waste. Fast forward to now…can’t see anyone saying that at all, huh?! :) I’m not saying she will be another Naomi, but I will at the very LEAST give her a fighting chance and see what she brings to the table.

  • NT86

    Yep Naomi is a perfect example of someone they hired with a non-wrestling background. But her success in FCW as well as being an early favorite to win NXT caught a lot of people by surprise. Whether it’s male or female performers, WWE wants their stars to be entertaining at the end of the day. Naomi is developing as a wrestler, she has charisma, can connect well with the crowd, knows how to dance and if I remember correctly one of the commentators said she can rap.

    And the hiring policy for men is also selective. I read a few years ago that they’re looking for guys of only a certain height and build. Imagine a lot of the smaller guys or cruiserweight types who won’t make it in WWE. Mysterio being an exception, Evan Bourne is someone quite popular but hasn’t had the most consistent push nor has he held any gold.

  • Aksana

    I love how people automatically asume that because shes a model, she’ll be bad in the ring. Give the girl a break, congradulations to her.

  • PedroPedroso17

    Is it me or she looks like a younger Kathy Griffin?? I love her already, at least based on her look. She also looks athletic which is always a positive but I guess I’ll wait and see what she’s capable of doing in the ring.

  • Rashanti

    Wow, she kinda looks like Madusa.

    If WWE management thought with their brains instead of their “you know what”, then they would of signed someone else out of the British Columbia area instead. *cough* Nicole Matthews *cough*

  • https://twitter.com/Ana_THDanielson Ana_Nattie_rules

    There’s the chance WWE hasn’t seen the photos. So, she can be released before even appearing.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    But, But, I think the difference between Melyssa adn Isis, is that Isis was gonna go start to TV, and millions and millions of people were gonna see her, Melyssa is gonna go to FCW, where only thousand or so people see her. Also, i dont judge until i see the models, wrestle, because when we look back, so far i would say WWE has been successful in signing women, Naomi Knight, Alicia Fox, Tiffany, Layla, Michelle McCool, Eve Torres, even Kelly Kelly, (way over with fans,)

    Also, we must say FCW is doing a hell of a job training the girls, look at Jamie and Kaitlyn they have been trainign less than 6 months and they are decent in the ring,

  • NT86

    @Aksana, I’m not sure if your comment was meant for me (apologies if it wasn’t). I basically said that Diva signees have an equal chance to break into this business regardless of whether or not they have any ring experience. In WWE, look at Maryse or Eve. Maryse isn’t an amazing wrestler but she’s had a strong run so far because she is the best heel character out of all the Divas. Eve Torres was a Diva Search winner and look how far she’s reached now. She’s been hurt by crap booking in recent months but her wrestling skills have improved a lot in the last year to the point that she can be a top face.

    I didn’t critcize Melyssa Buhl here. As I said before, any developmental Diva stands the same chance as another but it all depends on a variety of factors to be a success in WWE. Naomi Night is someone who I think could go the distance. Savannah was someone who could have gone far too but was never given that shot and got released.

  • Lady Sheamus

    …there ARE beautiful women who are ALREADY wrestlers, actually. If people are stupid enough to think that SOME of those “beautiful” women/models look the same without makeup then it’s on them. NO, I’m not hating on models or “beautiful” women, because I don’t care, b/c at the end of the day I understand the WHY of WWE hiring as they do. And YES indeed, people without experience can be good/great at wrestling even after a short while. The word “model” just jumps out because it always seems to be there with new hires. :/ I just don’t understand (I do) why they have to hire the same kind of women. It’s like a man/woman only dating one crappy kind of female/male and complaining about never being lucky at love. NO that doesn’t mean that she will be terrible, but seems like it would be a great idea to hire someone they don’t have to train, IF this woman does not have any experience. I do not know. The point NOT being that “she will be terrible because she is a model” but “why would you be surprised if she was terrible” when it’s apparent that women are not the foremost concern for the company? And I say this because of immeasurable past complaints about particular model/”wrestlers”. I forsee more go-out-hit-the-spots-look sexy-and-smile-and-get-out-of-the-way with the underlying understanding that they are cheerleaders at most to a lot of people who watch. Naomi is one exception but there needs be many more exceptions like her. Or have I been missing progress in the months I’ve been away? :(

  • alexl467


    While I do not know this for a fact but I doubt unlike Isis (who I truly don’t have a problem with) Melyssa Buhl didn’t try to hide her photo pass from the WWE, which being a model would probably be harder for her to accomplish even if she wanted to conceal it.


  • cutymania


    Oh yah I know tht. My point was that it’s ironic how some people will complain about models getting signed and then when a model who looks rather average comes up, ppl want to hate on her saying she’s ugly etc…so it’s like, do you want wrestlers or do you want pretty girls because the way you’re coming off (not you, ppl in general) is really quite doubtful. Where do you draw the line? But I guess if you wanted to sign beautiful models they should at least fit the part right? Jst like signing wrestlers who you know…wrestle.

    @Lady Sheamus oh u go gurl! Ryt on…! It does seem like a never ending trend, didn’t they already sign a blonde? At least change it up and get some brunettes, maybe some red heads, and how about more asian, latina and black gurls in the place! At least give the crowd some variety cos not all like the tall and thin types, im jst sayin.

  • wwefcwfan

    She posted this on her facebook wall on Sept. 13:

    “OMG sooo excited!!!! going to WWE corprate office to meet with their talent department!!! WWE DIVA here I come!!! I go Oct. 15th!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!”

  • mykel1990

    I saw her modeling mayhem page, this girl is ripped, and she has said on her page that she has done nude modelling, big deal. I think what makes her case different from that of Aloisa is that, with no respect to Ms. Buhl, but Aloisia sticks out, given her unique look and size, whereas Melyssa can be just another face in a sea of divas. That being said, I hope that she does well and becomes a successful diva, she has the look of one that will, so we’ll see. Oh, and she DOES look like Madusa!