Former Diva Working on TV Pilot

Former WWE Diva, Lita aka Amy Dumas is said to be working on a television pilot for a ‘horror-based stage show’, according to Rebel Ink magazine which features a spread on Dumas in its October 2010 issue.

“Amy’s full plate currently includes shooting a TV pilot for the horror-based stage show she performs, near her home base in the ATL area,” writes the magazine.

We posted another picture of Amy’s photoshoot for the mag earlier today.

Dumas is also working on a wrestling-themed movie with Trish Stratus and looking to open up a restaurant in Atlanta.

Busy, busy!

Thanks to Donnie Darko for the tip.

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  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    That is going to be hard. I would love to know more about what the show would be about. There isn’t a lot of networks into that kind of show, unless you already are a well known creator.

  • ecwroh

    Hope the pilot gets pick up. I would love to see it. As for what networks, I can see it being a part of Syfy, Chiller, or maybe A&E.

  • soupkitchen

    Amy’s Luchagore band mate Shane Morton is the creator of the Silver Scream Spookshow. She stars alongside Shane’s Professor Morte in the Spookshow as SpooksModel Pandora.

    I’m pretty sure if this does work, the show will broadcast on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim]. Shane has worked with them on countless occassions and their HeadQuarters are right in Atlanta.

    The Silver Scream Spookshow is a half-hour comedy bit that is performed the last Saturday of every month at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.

    I think their show would fit right in :)

  • donnie darko

    I’m excited for this too. Sounds like a unique project for sure. I was also thinking it would fit into the Adult Swim Lineup for the Cartoon Network. Just because I’ve also read and heard Shane Morton, works closely with them for FX and such. A very interesting development for Amy, I hope it works out. And I’m also anticipating the Wrestling Women vs. The Doctor of Doom as well. Can’t wait!

  • melina prez

    hope it good but what is it and when is it on and she is busy

  • donnie darko

    Question from the Rebel Ink interview-
    -What is the “Silver Scream Spook Show” all about?-

    Lita (Amy) says -We do that the last Saturday of every month. We do “The Silver Scream Spook Show” at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta. We describe it as “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” meets “The Munsters.” There’s improv, comedy; we have burlesque troupe and magic. We show a horror movie, and the theme of each show is based on the movie We’ve shown King Kong, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. It’s a once month, but we’re not doing a September show, because we just started filming a pilot for a TV series for it.-

    I hope it gets picked up! =)

  • mojodoom

    yup it’s got [adult swim] written all over it. hope it happens for her!

  • saurabh da luchawhore

    Iam sure [ Adult Swim ] would love to air it.. cuz as far as I knw its pretty popular in the ATL area and have got rave reviews from people who have seen it live or youtubed it.. so lets c how iot rolls.. Yeah Amy is like real BUSY wid soo much happening and Its alaways wonderfull to know whats goin on with her.. I cant wait for the movie with Trish n I soo soo want to dine in her Java Lords resturant.. Long Live Amy Dumas..