TNA Impact & Reaction Feedback: October 7th, 2010

Get your weekly dose of Knockouts action on tonight’s Impact and then stay tuned for even more on TNA Reaction. To watch, tune into Spike TV from 9pm ET.

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  • Jayd211

    im excited hoping that this live show will be better for the knockouts then all the other live shows have been in the past

  • Lovepassionfuryenergy

    Could Mickie be part of “Them” with Daffney????

  • Alex

    hey look its steven

  • sugarrush28

    I hope the knockouts are up soon cause I can’t watch a full episode of TNA

  • sugarrush28

    I just want to say I hope Dixie stops trying to act. She’s no good at it lol

  • donnie darko

    “Mickie James!” Is all that’s running through my mind right now! Hmmm…no so sure about the start of Impact so far. It’s always a safe bet to start your live TV shows(that are once in a blue moon) with a solid match. Maybe a fatal 4 way to determine the number one contender for the TV Championship?

  • hewitt

    I’m kind of tired of this whole Dixie Carter damsel in distress thing. I just don’t care…

  • wildsnorlax

    TNA keeps on scouting former WWE stars cuz they trying to bring the good days of WWE.

  • donnie darko

    @Hewitt – Agreed. For me, it’s not so much that it’s Dixie Carter, it’s more the way they’re executing the angles, not to mention the poor acting. Everything is carried about in such a sloppy manner.

    WWE’s problem is their lack of focus on other stars and storylines not involving Cena, Orton and Nexus. TNA’s problems are that their storylines are hard to follow along with lack of character build up. Also too much focus on Bischoff and the other old guys like Nash, Sting and others. It’s like they make it hard to care on purpose….:(

  • donnie darko

    On a side note – I think Pope is a great character. Using WWE’s measuring stick, I reckon he’d be in the Intercontinental Title ranks. I could see WWE stealing him away…

    Anyway, how many times does Bischoff have to stumble on his words? I feel uncomfortable watching poor Hogan in pain like that..:S

  • Jayd211

    my main problem with tna other than the old dudes is that most of their wrestlers cant cut a credible promo to save their lives i die on the inside listening to some of them talk

  • Alex

    holy s$%!

  • sugarrush28

    I just saw Mickie. i’m so excited

  • Jayd211

    @donnie the pope has been in wwe he was elijah burke they released him tna picked him up

  • The_JM

    mickie looked great

  • donnie darko

    Mickie James!!! She looks great! And before anyone asks, why aren’t they calling her Alexis Laree? Probably because she’s famously known as Mickie James! Can’t wait!

  • Jayd211

    how did i miss mickie i changed the channel for one second

  • SClub7

    Seeing Mickie totally made up for the first 20 minutes!

    I don’t understand how anyone could like this show..

  • donnie darko

    @JayD – Really? My bad. I didn’t catch Smackdown and ECW for a good while there…thanks for the heads up.

  • alexl467

    Based on her first segment I believe Mickie is going to debut as a heel and probably team up with Madison and Tara.


  • LaceyVonErichFan

    why would she debut in a backstage segment?! It should of been a surprise.

  • Trevon

    Glad to see Mickie on TV Again. HMMM Now what are her plans there.

  • BC757

    i think they kind of ruined a OMG moment with that sneak peek,, it makes me not want to see her debut because i know its coming now

  • Jayd211

    im so made i missed her ugh

  • Alex

    @LaceyVonErichFan its tna what do you expect