NXT Redux (October 12th, 2010): Thank You Christopher Columbus for Discovering America and Giving Us NXT

Previously on NXT…

The first elimination of the season took place and perhaps the most well known rookie girl, Jamie, was sent packing. Her send-off from the show was filled with dignity and class, and well wishes for the remaining five. Aksana‘s immigration woes took a turn for the worse when it was revealed that she had four weeks to clear up her issues or she would be deported. Maxine took a horrible bump in the ring that may or may not keep her sidelined with a neck issue. And finally, the Kaitlyn/Dolph/Vickie Guerrero love triangle came to a head when Kaitlyn defeated Vickie in a one-on-one match.

How will tonight’s episode play out? Keep watching and find out!

As per usual, the gorgeous Matt Striker is the first person we see when NXT begins. He announces the girls and out comes Maxine, Aksana, Kaitlyn, AJ, and Naomi. They get in the ring and for some reason all of them have air horns in their hands. Striker tells them that the next elimination is three weeks away and as far as challenges go, the slate has been wiped clean. Everyone starts from scratch tonight and the first competition of the evening is going to be Name That Tune. For the first round, thirty seconds of a WWE Superstar theme will play and the first girl to sound their horn will get a chance to answer. In the second round, the points will be doubled.

This competition isn’t really a competition to be honest. AJ basically gets every single theme song right but one. All the other girls stand there and look dumbfounded and AJ even seems a bit embarrassed that she knows every single answer. She scores 1900 out of a possible 2000, with Naomi getting 100 points for an earlier answer. Needless to say, AJ picks up her first challenge win. Striker announces that up next is a rookie versus pro match, with Naomi taking on former Diva’s Champion, Alicia Fox. The show fades to a promo for Chris Jericho’s new DVD.

Kelly Kelly is coming to the ring when NXT returns. She looks very pretty tonight. Naomi is announced during Kelly’s entrance and Kelly stands on the apron. Alicia and Maxine make their way to the ring next. Alicia looks incredibly perky tonight and Maxine just looks confident. Maxine goes to take a seat at the broadcast table and the bell rings to begin the match.

The two girls lock up and begin to jostle for position. When they break hold, Naomi aggressively shoves Alicia back and the stoic Fox tells her to just bring it on. Alicia takes a hold of Naomi’s arm and begins to work it over. She throws a few elbows to the side of the rookie’s head before Naomi is able to take her down and roll her up with a schoolgirl. Alicia gets out of it and takes Naomi down with a huge right hand. She helps her back up and throws her into the corner. When Alica charges her, Naomi leaps over top of her. Alicia is confused and goes back at Naomi, but once again the ex-dancer shows off her athleticism by jumping over her opponent and then she sends Alicia crashing to the mat via drop-kick. Alicia is reeling and is taken down twice more by the popular rookie competitor. Naomi throws Alicia into the ropes and knocks her down with a cute little booty bump. A horrified and out of sorts Alicia rolls out of the ring to collect herself.

Naomi follows her to the outside and throws Alicia back inside the ring. Naomi climbs in after her but Alicia tells her to hang on a second. She apologizes and gingerly makes her way to the ropes. She’s holding her chest and the referee tells Naomi to back up for a minute. Alicia apologizes again and she kicks Naomi in the stomach. She doubles over in pain and the crafty pro is pretty proud of herself. She hits some convincing forearms that connect to Naomi’s face and then she slams her head into the turnbuckle. Naomi is backed into the corner now and in a world of trouble. Alicia flips her to the mat and locks in a sleeper hold. Kelly gets the crowd to rally behind Naomi and she fights her way to her feet. Alicia isn’t having that and she once again gets Naomi down. Alicia goes for a cover but Naomi powers out after a two count. Alicia locks the sleeper back in and starts to jaw jack at Naomi and Kelly.

Kelly responds by getting the crowd behind Naomi once again. Naomi fights her way back up to her feet and shoves Alicia back with some elbows to the gut. She misses wildly with a big kick but she comes back to catch Alicia’s jaw. Alicia falls to the mat clearly stunned. Naomi goes for a cover but she’s unable to score the upset. Alicia just barely kicks out. Naomi backs off and Alicia has to use the ropes to try and pull herself to her feet. Naomi plays to the crowd and flies at Alicia. Her feet connect with Alicia’s face as she flips over her and lands on the apron. Alicia falls back and Naomi climbs to the top rope. Alicia stumbles to her feet and as Naomi goes for a crossbody, she just barely gets out of the way. Alicia uses the opportunity to hit an axe kick, but she misses it. Cole covers it up nicely and mentions that it may have caught Naomi on the spine and when Alicia goes for the cover, Naomi has the presence of mind to kick out. Alicia goes for the finish again, gets Naomi right in the middle of the back, and this time she makes the pin. Alicia wins a great match and celebrates with Maxine.

The celebration is cut and we are taken to the backstage area. Goldust is talking to Aksana and he tells her that she is doing a tremendously great job. Aksana is distracted and Goldust picks up on this and asks her what’s wrong. Aksana says she spoke to a lawyer and things are pretty bleak. There’s no options for her at this point and she is going to have to go home until they can fix her papers. Goldust says there’s always options but Aksana just doesn’t agree. She says going home for six months will kill all her hopes and dreams. Goldust reassures her that just won’t happen. Goldust says they will fix it but she has to focus on the task at hand right now. Aksana reiterates that she just can’t and Goldust takes her face in his hands. He tells her to listen to him. She can focus and she can do this no matter what. He peps her up and says that there is another competition and a match and she can shine. He says he believes in her and then asks Aksana if she trust him. Aksana isn’t sure. Goldust says that she better and he finally gets her to say yes. Goldust is pleased and then starts to tell Aksana what she has to do tonight. They begin to discuss strategy as NXT fades to a “Legendary” promo.

Following that, there’s something about SmackDown this week and finally our show returns to us. All the girls are in the ring and Striker runs down what is going to happen next. All the girls have one minute to talk about whatever they want to talk about. Naomi goes first. Striker asks her for her topic and she says that she just wants to vent. There is someone on NXT who is working her nerves and that person is none other than Michael Cole. She says that she’s sick of his negativity and his bad attitude, and that he is no Jim Ross so he should stop acting like he’s all that on commentary. Naomi continues on her rant by saying that all the girls are sick of looking at him to and if he doesn’t like NXT then he can just leave. She caps off her promo by saying Cole should do something with his hair because she’s tired of seeing all the gray. She asks the crowd if they agree and she gets a huge pop in response. Love it so much.

AJ goes second and she says that tonight she is going to put out a personal ad for herself. She says that she’s single and she wants to tell everyone what her dream date is. They would go back to her place and turn the lights down real low. Then they would start to turn things on, like her X-Box. If they don’t like X-Box, she has a PS3 and if they’re hungry, she’ll take care of it because she’s probably already ordered a pizza. After all that, they can pop in an action movie and call it a night around ten. That was adorable.

Up third is Kaitlyn and her topic is age before beauty. She turns to her pro, Vickie, and says that like a fine wine, Vickie just keeps getting better with age. She says that she can’t help but respect how experienced Vickie is and then she tries to compare her to a nicely aged piece of cheese. It’s pretty painful and Kaitlyn admits that she’s stumbling over her words. She says that she got together with Dolph and they bought Vickie a present. It’s her favorite perfume, Bengay. Oh boy. Epic fail.

Aksana is fourth and tonight she is going to talk about America. Before she starts, she gives a shout out to immigration and says that she hopes they’re watching because she thinks America is the most beautiful country. Aksana says that without America there wouldn’t be double double ‘E universe and without double double ‘E universe there would be no Aksana and Goldust. She blows him a kiss. Aksana says that furthermore, without double double ‘E universe there would be no beautiful people sitting in the crowd and that she loves everyone. She thanks Christopher Columbus for discovering America and takes her spot back in line. This segment is so epic.

Last up is Maxine and she says that her topic tonight is disrespect. She says that last week Hornswoggle disrespected her by shoving a pie in her face, but nonetheless she was going to end up on top. Maxine turns her attention to Kaitlyn and says that Kaitlyn is actually lucky to have Vickie as her pro but she doesn’t appreciate it because she had to go and disrespect the relationship between Dolph and Vickie. Maxine calls Kaitlyn a homewrecker and says that is not how ladies conduct their business. She’s so good at this.

Striker wraps up the segment and sends it back to Mathews and Cole. They talk about the Power Punch Challenge, which is next, and take us into the Raw Rebound.

The Raw Rebound concludes and we’re shown a video package of Kaitlyn’s match with Vickie from last week. The leads into a backstage shot of Kaitlyn who seems to be prepping for the second challenge of the night; Power of the Punch. She’s punching at the air when Vickie walks up to her. Vickie says that she really wanted Kaitlyn eliminated last week but since she wasn’t they’re stuck together for another three weeks. Vickie says that they can live in peace instead of making each others’ lives a living hell. Kaitlyn says she is cool with that but Vickie has a condition. Kaitlyn is not allowed to look at Dolph Ziggler, much less talk to him or touch him. If she catches Kaitlyn ear Dolph then getting eliminated from NXT will be the least of the rookie’s worries. Kaitlyn basically just rolls her eys.

Cue pointless promo for crappy movie no one is going to see. Womp womp. Knucklehead just looks awful. Once that pointless crap is done, we return to the set where all the girls are seen onstage. It’s time for the second competition. This one is a bit better than the first, but not by much. Naomi completely destroys the competition AFTER having to redo her punch because the first time she hit the bag with two hands. Here are the scores:

Naomi: 801
Aksana: 666
Maxine: 605
AJ: 362
Kaitlyn: 5

Naomi is the clear winner and to celebrate her victory she mocks Michael Cole. Beautiful! NXT cuts away for a Tribute To The Troops promo and when it returns we go into the main event match of the evening; Aksana versus AJ!

Goldust and Aksana make their way to the ring first. Aksana is forcing her smile and once she steps inside the ring she looks very hesitant to go into this match. Goldust gives her a brief pep talk and Aksana fakes that smile once again and gets set for action against AJ. And speaking of AJ, the Union City, New Jersey native names her way to the ring next accompanied by her pro, Primo. AJ and Primo make their way inside the ring and Primo has a few words for encouragement for his rookie as the bell sounds. Primo and Goldust exit the ring and Aksana and AJ get set to start their match.

AJ takes Aksana down with an arm drag and follows it up with a drop kick to Aksana’s chest. She leaps up at her opponent, slides down, and rolls her up for a crucifix. Aksana scampers out of it and climbs out of the ring. She walks over to Goldust and says she can’t do this. Aksana is pretty pissed and Goldust tells her she has to get back in the ring. Aksana fights with him but he pulls her into a hug and tries to encourage her to continue on with the match. Aksana finally gets back into the ring, albeit reluctantly, and AJ is quick to take advantage. She starts working on Aksana’s arm but the girl who is facing deportation responds with a mighty slap to AJ’s kisser. The spunky brunette hits the mat and Aksana starts to complain again. She slapped AJ so hard she hurt her hand and Goldust tells her that she has to stay on AJ. AJ slowly gets back to her feet and Aksana picks her up for a body slam. AJ wiggles out of it and wraps her arms around Aksana’s neck. She grounds with a headlock and starts working her over and trying to wear her down. Aksana’s fighting spirit doesn’t go and she fights out of the move and heads to the ropes. She drops to her knees in front of AJ and slams her in the face.

Vintage Goldust!

AJ flies back and a disoriented Aksana doesn’t know what to do next. Goldust tells her to finish off AJ, but it’s AJ who is able to reverse another power slam attempt and roll Aksana up in a modified small package. She steals this win but it’s Aksana who is about to steal the entire show.

Primo and AJ celebrate her victory, while Goldust tries to console his rookie. They highlight the ending of the match and Goldust has a microphone when that’s finished. Goldust tells Aksana that everything is okay and tells her to stand up. He says he knows this immigration drama is driving her crazy and that it’s starting to scare her but they do have options. Aksana starts screaming that there aren’t options. Goldust says yes there is. He suggest they get married. Aksana makes him repeat himself. Goldust does and strokes her face while adding he did say he would do anything to help her. He takes Aksana’s hand and drops down to one knee. The crowd goes berserk and Goldust asks Aksana if she will marry him. It takes Aksana a moment to digest what is going on but once it sinks it, her face brightens and she agrees. She leaps in his arms and the soon to be golden couple of the WWE celebrate to end the show. Ohmygod.

Wow. What a great night of NXT action! I’m going to have a lot of fun with these top five things so lets get it started. Coming in at number five tonight was Maxine’s promo during the speaking segment. This girl is growing on me each and every week, and after she nearly died last week, how can you not cheer for her? She picked a great topic to talk about and she delivered her lines flawlessly. Maxine just oozes sexuality and her words are filled with innuendos that make you scratch your head and wonder if it’s really PG or not. She’s a breath of fresh air in terms of a heel Diva and I truly hope that she sticks around for awhile, and beyond. I’ve said it several times that I think Maxine would make an amazing heel manager for someone and I stand by that claim. Pair her with the right Superstar and you just may have a future power couple. I love it.

Another promo takes the fourth spot tonight and that promo belonged to AJ. I thought it was so clever and charming that she put herself out there like that. I’ve been really rough on her this season, even went as far as to dub her my new Percy Watson, but she proved that she could cut the hyper chick on speed act and just be natural. I love that she’s finally embraced this uber face character they’ve given her and the difference now is that she’s made it herself. This is the first week that I haven’t felt like AJ was a fake or a poser. She’s just AJ and even though I like her better as a heel, just AJ is fine with me as long as she’s this endearing.

Plus she led Matt Striker right into the line of the season: “I’m more of a Craig’s List guy.” Seeing everyone crack up over that was just amazing.

Taking the middle spot tonight is the Power of the Punch Challenge. Finally we got a challenge that the male rookies got to participate in and it wasn’t watered down. Naomi’s score wasn’t to far off Alex Riley’s from Season 2 and the fact she mocked Michael Cole, again, was just amazing. Of course, I’ll get into that more later. Kaitlyn’s whiff was hilarious. She had a terrible night and despite the fact she’s my favorite, I’m glad that she didn’t dominate the headlines this week. It’s nice that the WWE is handling her carefully and they held her back. She doesn’t need to be overexposed. The creepiest thing and perhaps my favorite moment in the whole challenge was when Aksana got a 666. Striker commented, “…what does that have to say about you?” I laughed. It got better due to the fact the other girls moved away from Aksana. The poor thing just stood there with a confused look on her face. I don’t think she has any clue what 666 stands for.

In our runner-up spot tonight is Naomi herself. Not only did she deliver big time with her match against Alicia, but she brought it on the microphone. The WWE is reportedly very high on Naomi and they took a big step in pushing her tonight when they gave her free reign to bash Michael Cole. She said what all of us fans want to say and she stuck it right to him. Naomi said she hated his face, his hair, and if he disliked NXT so much then he should just leave. She won my heart last night. Naomi is so ready to be on the main roster. She’s already better than the majority of the girls up there right now.

As a side-note, I want to say kudos to Alicia, Naomi, and the commentators for covering up the missed ending and making it look so good. Everyone kept their cool and I love that neither Alicia nor Naomi panicked. They simply tried again and that’s really all you can do. Mistakes happen and not just to Divas. I probably loved this part most of all.

And last, but not least is our number one moment of the night. It pretty much capped off the best episode of NXT ever and it’s something I’ve been waiting for since this whole thing began. Following the conclusion of her match against AJ, Aksana basically had a breakdown. Her immigration problems have built up to the point where they’re making her lose focus and she lost it. Goldust came to her rescue and comforted her. He told her that he promised he would do whatever he could to help her, and he offered her his hand in marriage. Aksana looked surprised, and a bit baffled. But when Goldust got down on one knee and asked her to marry him right there in the middle of the ring Aksana’s eyes lit up and she gleefully accepted his proposal. My heart swelled. My eyes filled with tears. The golden duo of season three shared an embrace as the show came to an oh so premature close. Just brilliant.


What did you guys think of this week’s offering? Agree? Disagree? Sound off in comments. Until nxt week, Cryssi… out!

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  • GailKimFan09e

    Amazing write up Cryssi i completely agree yesterday show was really great its kind sad that now that NXT is on wwe.com the episode get more entertaining and when they were on Tv they weren’t that good i really don’t see the logic in this WWE,….. But again it really was an Entertain night… everything was great…

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    NXT is getting much more entertaining on the internet then it was on TV.
    But anywho I enjoyed most of it. I enjoyed the challenges, the talking and the matches.

    Alicia vs. Naomi was intense and all over the place not in a sloppy way but in a clean slight. I enjoyed Naomi so much and i though that she has more chemistry with Alicia than Michelle. Alicia can keep up with Naomi’s fast paste and not make her look bad. Naomi’s attire was fantastic. Alicia’s attire reminded me of Awesome Kong’s attire in TNA back then. Alicia should keep her hair like that because it suits her much more than the afro and the curls.

    All im praying for is that WWE don’t ruin Naomi the way they ruined Alicia.

    Alicia on ECW was just like Naomi right now. With the flexibility, fast paste and high flying type moves. But WWE turned Alicia heel and just ruined her move set completely. I say WWE should keep Naomi face and then have her turn Heel when they need to.

    Maybe in the future Naomi & Alicia can feud because they can bring in alot of heat like last night. When was the last time the crowd was that much into a match?

    As for Kaitlyn, looks as though WWE are taking down her spotlight and bringing up Aksana. AJ Lee is a tease for the PG rating, Maxine would be the kind of good tease, AJ would just be the bubbly high flyer.

  • Brett

    This is one of the best shows WWE has made, they really seem to be giving more to the Diva’s on NXT since moving to nxt.wwe.com I love the whole build up between Goldust and Aksana, and sad that this is not real (even with th 13 year age difference) I see Aksana as the next Terri Runnels (which is a good thing people). The only flaws through the night were the beginning with Aj getting almost every song when other rookies were blowing like crazy. Also when Aksana got 666 0.o . O and Aksana did not metiton the shovel to the head haha (but i was thinking it). Anway good show CONGRATS AKSANA 10/10

  • http://www.twitter.com/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

    i really hope alicia now realises she needs to change her finisher, she misses it nine times out of ten and it’s not cool, foxy!

    overall it was a good episode, i feel like a bad wrestling fan for saying it, but i’m finding the silly competitions more entertaining than the actual matches. aj/aksana was a better than their first match – would it really kill to let them use finishers, though? and i do think naomi needs to tone down her flash. i don’t see much difference with what she’s doing in the ring and say kelly kelly with her cartwheels, backflips and hurricanranas. i want to see some substance and basics from her.

    i think it was a great promo by maxine, hopeless dreaming but she so needs to be the secret raw gm! naomi went for the cheap pop which i didn’t like and aj and kaitlyn were just terrible. aksana was good, too.

  • Bryana

    I completely loved NXT i agree with Cryssi this was by far the best show ever and love Naomi even more now keep making me proud girl im with you all the way. I also cant wait until they pull the trigger for Naomi vs AJ that match is going to be epic.

  • Brett


    Theme Song Challenge:
    This was my least favorite part of the night as clearly almost every diva blew the horn at the same time but Aj still got the points.

    Naomi vs Alicia Fox:
    Very good match, Naomi and Alicia both matched up real well with there spunky ability. WHY WAS MAXINE STANDING OVER BY THE TABLE???? Anyway good match and they kept it down to only one match botch. BEST OF THE NIGHT

    Aksana Segement:
    I love everytime Aksana has a segement, even with the accent she does the perfect promo and makes you believe everything she is saying, and her expressions are flawless. Keep on ENTERTAINMENTING Aksana!!!

    Topic Segement:
    This was a good fill in to stall some time and sucked that it was not a challenge as clearly Aksana would have won.I also loved Naomi bagging on Cole xD
    Kaitlyn Segement:
    Clearly I got nothing out of this segement…

    Pack The Punch Challenge:
    This was kind of draggy as Naomi and Aksan were the only ones who tried and AJ, Maxine, and Kaitlyn just completly jobbed it as they were told to do. Anyway not my favorite part of the night. Aksana really 666 0.o

    Aj vs Aksana:
    Good but dragging match, as Aksana was worried about going home and being beat with shovels. My favorite part of the match was when she brought out the vintage Goldust move and gave a mean jab into Aj’s jaw. Anyway poor ending but still very entertainmenting haha.


    Individual Thoughts:

    AJ: Um………

    Aksana: Best performance, not only did she do 2 perfect promos, but showed how her deportation was effecting her by bringing it in to her match. GOOD JOB!!!

    Kaitlyn: I think the Ben-Gay went to your head.

    Maxine: Look at Aj^^^^

    Naomi: Loved her, especially jabbing at Cole and finally she got a real attire!!!

    Rating: 9/10

  • ryanmvs

    ehh. It was alright. Most likely the best show yet in my opinion. So glad Namoi got rid of those bangs! anyway. Its the best out of what they had so far…

  • Aksana

    I love, love, love the intro! wow, it feels really odd seeing 5 of them standing in the ring…

    Naomi’s bangs are getting worse every week. Lol at Kaitlyn pushing Aksana’s hooter thing when Edges theme song comes on, I hate how these Rookie Contests are made so obvious… they could atleast put more of an input for the other Divas.

    Naomi VS Alicia was a great match, I still think Alicia should have been Naomi’s pro. Only on this match I was extremely happy with Naomi’s wrestling, i’d like her to win NXT after watching this. Also props to Alicia, she made Naomi look really good in this match!

    Awww, Akdust is so creepy…its cute. Get the tissues ready! The free speech thing was really pointless, they could’ve squeezed in some Kaitlyn and Vickie instead of that poop. However I loved Naomi microphone skills. Naomi really has the fans behind her. Aksana needs to work on her microphone skills, I think shes absolutley adorable.

    Well, that was one odd showing of NXT…

  • BobAnthony

    Name That Tune? Where were Tom Kennedy or Jim Lange when you needed them?

  • ABC

    Great write up and great episode…Alicia vs. Naomi was better then some matches on Raw and Smackdown…I think Maxine’s neck is still bothering her, which is why she was far away from the ring during the Alicia/Naomi match

  • RadicalRhys297

    When Goldust got down on one knee, Askana had a small ‘demonic’ look when she smiled… ‘what does that say about her indeed!’ I have a strong feeling, not now of course, but somewhere along the lines, she is SO gonna divorce him and turn into a selfish bitchy bitch and be all like ‘I got my VISA back, so I don’t NEED your stupid ring anymore!!! *throws off her finger and slaps Goldust across the face* I’ll be po’d of course, cause come on, NO ONE DOES THAT TO *breaths in* GOOLLLLDUST! But in the good way like.

    I really hope this happens in the future, but for now, I’m happy to see them as a make belive couple. I can also imagine some immigration reps appearing on the show and the two have to fake their love and such, will be lolz worthy for sure. =-)

  • ClockworkApple

    Am I the only one who thought of Daniel Bryan when Naomi cut her promo?

    Anyway, I want to see more wrestling. The challenges are fine but when will a WWE Diva need to punch a bag or talk about “ignition”. Naomi has been quite impressive in ring, so has AJ to a point, but they NEED more time. Working a two minute match only allows for little offense between both wrestlers, or a squash.

  • donnie darko

    Good write up Cryssi as always, thanks Diva Dirt for these recaps because otherwsie id have to look for it on youtube. I’m a mobileuser mostly so thanks for the consideration.

    This was a good show overall. I love Aksana. She definitley reminds me of Maryse in the way that she’s blonde, and hot, and they’ve both got the accent thing going. The only thing is I find Aksana a million times more entertaining and a lot better in the ring. I wonder if this talk of a Marlena ressurection type gimmick is really true? I wouldn’t be opposed to it and Aksana can probably do the role justice and maybe even make it better. She’s got all the tools and then some. She probably won’t win but she will fit into her storyline with Goldust like a glove. They’re perfect together and I hope to see more of them on RAW in the near future.

    AJ did good too, I wanted them to play all diva themes though. :(
    AJ is great to see in the ring, her style is a lot like Gail Kim. This worries me for Gail. For all the obvious reasons.

    Kaitlyn – she’s a little funny but that’s all. I don’t want to praise her to the high heavens when really her act is kinda lame. I was one of the first to get behind her when everyone dismissed her, and now I’m not impressed or anything. She’s hot. That’s pretty much it. She should take it upon herself to get some intense training done.

    Maxine – I like this chick but she needs to step it up if she’s going to stick around. Her promos are good and I guess she’s sticking with the “On Top” gimmick for the rest of the show. She should focus on being creative and standing out. Her gimmick of OnTop can be refocused on when she’s a single wrestler or valet.

    Naomi – She’s a total bad ass. I love her. She has to win. Her ring skills are better than Eve, Fox, Layla, Maryse, Kelly, Bellas, Rosa and Tiffany imo. She’s great. Ofcourse there’s room for improvement as always but she’s got a great character – herself. And thank you for calling out that weasel Cole. I hate him lol

  • darkangels

    Naomi moves like mickies james

  • layglamacool

    I kinda upset that alicia botched her finisher twice in the same match. She clearly cannot do it properly, she doesn’t measure up her oppenent enough to do the move she needs a new finisher. But the match was good. As for the challenges it was annoying that AJ got all the answers but i am glad that she won. I think AJ, Naomi, and Katlyin are going to get a spot on the main roster. I would like to see maxine there as well because she makes a great heel and has the best mic skills out of all the rookies, as for Aksana this immigration/marriage storyline could carry on after the show.

  • layglamacool

    oh and i don’t remember when alicia fox got the new weave but it looks great, better than that crap she had before.

  • Jack5326

    Wow was NXT good! I absolutely love this episode, possibly one of the best pieces of WWE programming this year. Aksana and Goldust’s storyline is just fantastic, and whilst I wanted Naomi with Goldust before the season started so they could be colourful, loud amazingly talented freaks together, Goldy and Aksana works so much better. Whilst the story is absolutely ridiculous, I love it. I cannot wait until their wedding happens, which I think will all end in tears, but it’s going to give Goldust a monster push which is what I’m happy about. He could potentially be the creepy psychopath he once was if Ted Dibiase wrecks his wedding, and with Aksana on his arm, it’ll be perfect.

    Naomi was also amazing tonight. She oozes charisma and talent, I think she’s amazing. The clear winner for me; she is the next breakout-diva without a doubt. She has the charisma and talent to be THE black Trish Stratus.

    Even the commentary was amazing tonight, Cole is on form now in his cocky tweener role and his Bengay joke had me rolling. 8.5/10 for NXT tonight, the ‘entertainment’ competitions could have been better, but overall the show was epic.

  • theregoeskitty

    this episode has been one of the best so far

    i looooved the Aksana and Goldust proposal!

  • unscripted & flawless

    › it sucks that one of these girls has to go! seriously, after jamie was eliminated, i had, and still have, no freaking idea who is going to go home next! it would really suck for maxine to go just because she’s a heel, because she is amazing on the microphone, and improving in the ring. aksana may not be the goddess of the mic, but her storyline is very entertaining and her matches are great, and it would tank if her storyline got cut short by being eliminated. kaitlyn is entertaining, although she definitely isn’t a shakespeare on the mic, she is a normal person to me – but with more comedian qualities. aj’s spunk has yet to make me like her as much as i did going in, but meh, she’s entertaining nonetheless. and of course, i love naomi’s attitude. she’s the face alicia fox, feisty and will put you in your place without a second thought. her match with alicia was absolutely amazing, and i am going to dread the next elimination.

  • ABC

    Michael Cole was less annoying too

  • ClockworkApple

    I’m sorry, but I laugh a** off whenever Cole says “Wheres my gong?”

  • mah

    very creative night…bad for Kaytlin but great in everything else

  • RockinRed45Mvs

    Wow. This episode was pretty much the best and my favorite one yet of the season. I love AJ she’s so awesome. I was starting to question if her promo was PG or not, then i ended up liking her even more. Naomi got to shine on the mic, in the ring, and during the power of the punch challenge. Her bashing Cole was amazing. Not only do i love her in-ring work but i was so happy how they cleared up the botch. They could’ve gone with it and ended the match but i’m glad they didn’t. Alicia needs a new finisher i think. And Aksana is just so awesome too. I love how they use her. The 666 thing was priceless.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xxtesxx TommyStarstruck

    @Kaledrina YES! I would love to see Maxine as the secret GM. Her mic. skills are great and I think if she alligned with Vickie for a minute, she could gain heat and then I think she could take the torch and be a great GM.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xxtesxx TommyStarstruck

    and I wish NXT would’ve been this great when it was televised! Naomi Night for the win <3