In Pictures: Mickie James Debuts New Look for TNA In-Ring Debut (Spoilers)

Former WWE Women’s Champion, Mickie James debuted a new look for her in-ring debut in TNA, which was taped earlier this week for Xplosion (yes, Xplosion instead of Impact).

So as not to spoil anything, we’ve placed the pictures in spoiler tags. Hit ‘Show’ to see more:

Here are pictures from Mickie’s match with Sarita which was taped for Xplosion. Mickie debuted a new look, tying into her country gimmick, wearing denim shorts and a plaid shirt.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Thanks to Jessie for the tip.

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  • theregoeskitty


    to be honest, she looks like she’s doing a porno in a barn after the show :S

  • art1e

    mickie looks great she has put on abit of weight since leaving wwe but she carries it well & tara as well in that outfit omfg…

    these two work well together so i cant wait to see what happens since can wrestle at their best..

  • Aksana

    she looks hot! well, she’d look hotter in a normal wrestling attire… but who can hand on heart in TNA say they wear normal attires? either way, she looks hot.

  • 041293

    Not a big fan of this new look. Daisy dukes weren’t made for wrestling.

  • aiden123

    if she wrestling sarita what is TARA doing there i didnt no she came to the ring

  • Jack5326

    Looks a bit trashy, yet she is looking physically better than ever,so I’m not complaining haha. I see it as just fitting in with the trashy look of the KOs ala Angelina Love.

  • Toby

    She doesn’t look bad plus it’s something new.

  • theregoeskitty

    i think she should go back to the attire she wore on SD (the one in SVR2011 for example)

  • RadicalRhys297

    And here I though it couldn’t get worse than her Pocahontas gear… and then she wears this. -.- Never again please Mickie lovely, you’ll make my eyes cry if you do, and not in the good way either.

  • ryanmvs

    I’m a huge fan of this. she doesn’t need to look like she’s all hyper and happy all the time, she can have an attitude but yet still be a face.

  • Alex

    Nay she looks like a hillbilly hooker. Why can’t she wear her gear from WWE.

  • ryanmvs

    Most people are saying ‘NAY’ because they liked it better in WWE. Well, shes not in the WWE anymore and doesn’t have to wear that. If WWE never signed her and she kept working at TNA or something I bet you that you would like this wrestling gear.

  • DPWE1111

    “If WWE never signed her and she kept working at TNA or something I bet you that you would like this wrestling gear.”
    Erm…then there would be nothing to compare Mickie James with? Her original TNA attire (as Alexis Laree) was absolutely horrible, so comparing this to that, this is better. However, in comparison to her WWE skirt attire or her metallic pants attire, it looks awfully trashy! It’s really a huge step down. Speaking in kayfabe, it’s as though Lay-Cool cut up ALL of her clothes and this is what she has left! It kinda reminds me of an ODB-esque attire.

  • RedHotVixen

    Big yay! She looks hot. And if she can still pull off all her moves, then I’m not too worried that its not traditional ring gear. I was actually hoping that MJ would go back to wearing skirts, but this pretty good too. Its WAY better then her bell bottoms and that boring stuff she wore on SmackDown!

  • Aksana

    At the people who’ve decided Mickie looks like a hooker, have a look at some of the stuff Chelsea, Christy, Lacey and Velvet have worn and then come back here and review your comment. She doesn’t look like a hooker at all.

  • Maxine

    I wouldn’t say she looks like a hooker, but the outfit looks really sloppy to me. I don’t mind the idea of country-fied gear for her since that’s clearly the side of her personality that she’s playing up. Despite that this just looks really cheap to me. Other Knockouts dress poorly, yes, and they get called on it, too.

  • Aksana


    I just think it is silly comparing what Mickie is wearing, to a hooker. Comparing this sort of attire to what the other Knockouts have worn in the past is ridiculous in my opinion. I also respect the point that some of the Knockouts do dress trashy because that is the way their character is built. But from my awarness, TNA hasn’t given Mickie a trashy role.

  • AliciaNamoni_Jazz

    @Aksana I agree with 100% she looks GREAT. It’s sonethin new and different, if she kept her old attire ppl will still be complain. Of course ppl is not goin to like it. This diva-dirt home unsatifsy ppl.

  • donnie darko

    She looks good. And obviously if Mickie wrestled Sarita and Tara is there, then Tara did a post match beat down on Mickie James. Why? Because Madison asked her bitch to do her dirty work for her. Not hard to figure out lol.

    Anyway, she looks great! And I hope they modify her song cause I’m not a big fan of the whole “I’ve gone country” stuff. Maybe if it wasn’t so annoying.

  • xJonFer12494x

    Her hair and face look great, her attire does make her look like a redneck hooker. : /

  • XDirtyDivasX

    Honestly, some of the people are over exaggerating on the new look. Mickie looks good to be just released from wwe not to long ago.. a lot of complaints on this site.

  • donnie darko

    @XDirtyDivasX – Tell me about it! =/

  • Aksana

    …I know i’ve made my point, but can someone tell me what makes her look like a hooker? I couldn’t disagree with that claim any harder if I tried. Her role at the moment has a country thing going on, the outfit she is wearing has been changed into a WRESTLING attire. I haven’t seen many hookers, but seriously? she looks fine.

  • Aksana

    Oh and, I think it is ridiculous that Mickie gets her debut match on Xplosion. TNA has given Mickie a huge push, and a huge pump up to the Knockouts Division. They threw her straight into a PPV, Gave her a great segment with a great build up. I thought having her Debut match on Impact wouldn’t need to be questioned, but whatever. I’ll still be watching.

  • Bryana

    Is Trashy like a disease passed around in TNA because everytime the knockouts wrestle that is what i see Mickie i know you are doing the whole country girl thing but at least wear outfits like the ones you wore in smackdown like that blue top with the blue jeans and cowboy boots it was sexy not trashy like this.