In Video: Christina Von Eerie vs Lizzy Valentine on NWA Hollywood

Following last week’s match with Shelly Martinez, this week NWA Hollywood presents two more familiar names: Christina Von Eerie, best known for her work in ChickFight and from a recent TNA tryout, takes on Lizzy Valentine of Wrestlicious fame. Check out the match below:

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  • madslam2009

    I didnt like tis match. It had some good spots but it was a little over the top and Von Eerie seemed lost in the ring. Maybe Its just me.

  • Mr_McKay_86

    Good match but a little short.

  • Ayzali

    Nice short match.. Something was off though.. They both seemed to be stumbling a bit at times.. Communication problems?

  • shannymac

    They both looked really confused throughout the whole match.

  • DarknessRuler

    Christina did look confused. I liked how Lizzy was able to try and fix the mistakes. For example when Christina got the boot on Lizzy on the turnbuckle, then grabbed Lizzy but didn’t know what to do, so Lizzy just managed to get the neckbreaker in. Ok match though. I want Lizzy Mainstream TV!!!!!

  • Jamal

    So far not really impressed with NWA Hollywood’s women’s division. Both women looked totally lost in this and Lizzy’s selling was suspect.

  • Blacklighter05

    I like Christina’s attire and hair. I liked some of her moves. Lizzy Seems like a generic blonde akin to K2. That is my opinion and I’m probably gonna get slack for it. Now, The match had botches BUT I expect them when watching NWA. haha! I enjoyed it and I’m glad that it was short so that they couldn’t dig themselves a deeper hole. IMO, these girls need to spend some time studying each other or talking to each other and scripting their match, SOMETHING to make the match more fluid and with less botches.

  • mbell75

    Wow, why are womens TV wrestling matches so awful? I just worked with Lizzy yesterday along with Liz Savage and Onyx/Lisa (Bronco Billie in WOW) and we filmed matches 10 times better than the crap they put on TV. Thats with no real script either, just letting the girls work thru the match. is the site and I have everyone from Shelly Martinez and Christie Ricci to Becky Bayless and Lizzy.

  • Jamal

    It was probably miscommunication, because I’ve seen both do better.

  • sugarrush28

    I have never seen Von Eerie wrestle before so I won’t judge her too harshly. Lizzy on the otherhand was always pretty bad to me. I had to laugh at the annoucers hyping her skills. I have seen some of her wrestling and I have never seen her do any lucha stuff. I’m not saying she can’t do it i’m saying i’ve never seen her do it.

  • Aksana

    I didn’t enjoy this match, which was a shame because I love both of these girls. Christina was sloppy at times, and got lost with Lizzy at times in the match – Lizzy also needs to work on selling. I also wanted to add, NWA has to have the worst commentaters ever, they hardly even talked about the match, not to mention they have the most annoying voices ever. I still really like the show though, the match last week with Shelly was great! so i’m not off it yet.

  • NeedAhotTotty

    I watched the whole NWA Hollywood show on TV, and when it comes to this match i thought it started great and was actually more exciting than the previous men’s match (or matches, can’t remember) on the show.
    There was a moment in the corner where Von Erie definitely botched something, and i thought Lizzy did a good job of recovering it. Then later in the match, there was another awkward spot where you could noticeably see Lizzy’s face get frustrated with a “are you kidding me, again” type expression.
    I know some of you think they both looked lost, but when one girl in the match misses a couple of spots, it’s going to be hard for the other one to not be a bit confused.
    In the end, I’m still a big fan of Lizzy Valentine, and i think Von Erie looks cool, and is decent, but like so many other’s, is just alright, and a lot more hype.
    In the end, i actually thought it was a pretty good match, despite the couple of “awkward” moments. Fact is, there were also multiple Lizzy valentine signs int he crowd which shows she is a draw to the audience. Too bad, I read somewhere on her FB that she won’t be going back. And then again, with Von Erie down in Florida at the Dudley’s school, I don’t think she’ll be back either.
    Sorry NWA, you just keep losing your top talent, and that’s just going to make your overall show worse than it already is.

  • whatnowcustoms

    Ummm ok I am currently in wrestling training so i watch every match with a microscope nowadays. Lizzy Had a great match considering that CVE was so sloppy. Every botch in that match was CVE’s fault. Lizzy saved that match. For the person who said they never saw Lizzy do lucha look on youtube i know for a fact there a video of her training with Juvy, if not more videos and she does some sweet moves! Lizzy needs to be signed to WWE or TNA so she can showcase her amazing talent more!

  • lilmac_08

    I think the match was great! In fact, I couldn’t be more pleased with it! Lizzy Valentine cleaned up the obvious sloppiness of Eerie very well. I especially enjoyed Lizzy’s strong power moves she used. This match was very crisp and very much enjoyable. Although short, this 5 minutes of womens wrestling was clearly better than every match shown on an NWA Hollywood show yet! Short, but sweet. Plus Lizzy looked beautful! I loved her attitude, look, and skills! I can’t wait too see much more of her in the future! I give this one an A+, simply ’cause of the talent of one Lizzy Valentine. We want more! Lizzy!, Lizzy Lizzy!

  • lilmac_08

    It really sounds like you guys are knit picking Lizzy, and I don’t understand why? She is a great talent and is super entertaining every time.