WWE Drops ‘Unified’ in Divas Championship Name

Small note, but worth mentioning anyway: WWE has stopped referring to the Divas Championship as being the ‘Unified Divas Championship’.

The belt was referred to under that name in the early weeks following last month’s Night of Champions match which saw the Divas and Women’s Championships unified.

In the last week or so, the ‘Unified’ has been dropped on television and on WWE.com.

From now on, the belt is simply the Divas Championship with Lay-Cool being referred to as ‘Co-Divas Champions’.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/art1ej art1e

    cool….the belt hasnt changed so i dont think it needs unified anyway…

  • ChrissyL

    That’s kinda dumb. So that wasn’t even a Unification of the titles. It was just a “let’s get rid of the women’s championship” match.

    I think they should’ve made a whole new title. The Diva’s Championship looks like it came out of a crackerjack box.

  • darkangels

    well that means the wwe womens title can still make a comeback

  • http://yahoo.com madslam2009

    It started as soon as Hell in a Cell ended. Good, unified is to much.

  • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

    Yes im glad umm i just hope maybe that ther’s still hope for the womens title to come back but if not i just want one official champion

  • genxyxlove91

    I’ve never considered the title to be unified anyway. If it was, they would’ve carried both belts and Michelle would technically also be the Women’s Champion.

  • ecwroh

    Not surprised. It was only a matter of time that this was going to happen.

  • TheJesterEmperor

    How pathetic. All the Night Of Champions 2010 Lumberjill match between Melina and Michelle Mccool was, was just a clandestine way of getting rid of The Women’s Championship. Initially I thought that the Unification would imply that both title were competed on BOTH brands. However as I aforemention on a previous page, WWE needs to fabricate more titles for the Diva Divisions so that it does not leave some Divas in the Waiting Line. The next innovation should be a Tag Team Divas Championship. Establish that and there you have it. Making rational use of some of the less publicized Divas. Utilising Divas such as The Bella Twins, and Lay-Cool as
    Combatants. If WWE do this I believe the Divas will attain much more publicity, nonetheless their notion of creating A Divas only show is not the right move at this current moment.

  • xtrahote

    The point of unifying the titles is so that there is only 1 championship! I would of liked to have seen a new title created, but in all fairness the divas championship hasn’t been around all at all. Just like the Tag Titles, after awhile you drop the unified part (since both championships became one now) and move forward, I don’t see the big deal. I don’t think a second championship nor a tag team championship is needed in WWE at this point. The divas barely get enough time to have a decent women’s championship storyline, imagine if they kept the women’s championship or added tag titles. They would be useless and the same people complaining about getting rid of the women’s title or adding tag belts will still be upset cause of the lack of attention/ storyline those belts would get. WWE creative can make decent storylines for everyone if they put effort into them. Why just have one divas feud when you can have several? And it would be helpful if more divas were linked to guys, that way we can have more mix tag matches and sub storylines leading into the championship scene. The bottomline is WWE needs to do there job at making creative storylines and actual lasting feuds before they add additional titles.

  • TheJesterEmperor

    @Xtrahote What point are you trying to convey. Have you not witnessed that there are psuedo feuds between several Divas such as Maryse and Eve. And they are implicated in Intergender Tag Matches; For example Eve and RTruth versus Ted and Maryse, yet what is being done with that? Nothing. Formulating new titles would be a rational move rather than Having one title, and only having the Publicized divas: Michelle, Layla, Melina, Natalya, Beth. Maryse and Eve always competing for it. You have Divas such as the Bella Twins who are denounced for their In Ring ability nonetheless their exceptional co-operation, and manipulation of being a twin and using that to their advantage, makes them a quintessential DIVAS Tag Team. Therefore rather than having them booked in for fillers where nobody pays attention, they should be implicated in Tag Team Diva Events. Look how many Diva Tag Team Matches go to waste, and that makes it completely asinine and pointless, that they are competing for nothing.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    I figured they would sooner or later ….

  • aiden123

    it would be better by having just the one title because when people win it then it shows how high up they are i.e it could go back to before the divas title like they hade smackdown superstars wanting a title shot and possibly wrestlemania if the had tag titles then it will be the same as TNA u will hardly see it!

  • Mr_McKay_86

    Unified or not, I think we realise it is one title in the company. Doesn’t mean to say the Women’s title is gone forever though.

  • UncleCuc

    Women’s title might come back in the late 2020s or early 2030s. After all, Stephanie and Hunter have TWO daughters.

  • 041293

    They simply used the unification match a ploy to retire the Women’s Championship, which is just sad.