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  • Spike7000

    Apparently WWE has signed one of Eddie Guerrero’s daughters Shaul Marie Guerrero

    – from

  • ianlopez

    @Spike7000 yeah I read that too! hopefully it’s true!

  • Spike7000

    Yeah the reports have been everywhere even on

  • Spike7000

    I saw some of her photos she’s very pretty and has Vickie Guerrero’s smile

  • Kaledrina

    ^ and if anybody could teach her to wrestle, it’ll be jillian ;)

  • Bryana

    Yeah Vickie daughter is real pretty and yet very young as well she is 20 years old lets hope Jillian make her a star in the ring

  • stchick

    ahh of course the obligatory backened compliment concerning eve, if anyone did this this promo would be calling this grade A lol, (no one says jack about laycool) poor her that’s all I’ve got to say

  • stchick

    and as if eve was at fault for the short tag match

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Stchick…not a backhanded compliment towards Eve at all…the promo was too long regardless of who delivered it b/c it cut into time they could have spent on a solid tag team match. I thought Eve did a nice job considering that 1) she is not great on the mic and b) she was in the ring with The Miz who is really strong vocally. All in all a good night for her, although I am not sure why she and R-Truth are paired together.

  • The_JM

    @mr glamazon i think eve and r truth are together to try and get eve over with the crowd