Ashley Likes to Play Hooky

Notice that said hooky not hooker. But anyway, our dearly departed Ashley Massaro has been causing uproar among independent promoters for no showing events she was booked for. And it gets worse – among the events Ashley skipped out on was Dawn Marie‘s Wrestler’s Rescue, a charity Diva Dirt itself endorses. Depriving charity should be a cardinal sin, right?

I guess there’s something cathartic about this – so here’s a big “shame on you” to the promoters for booking Ashley in the first place. Because that’s what fans really want to see. Anyway, one promoter, Wrestling Ink, called Ashley out on no showing an event over the weekend:

On behalf of myself and my company I would like to apologize to all the fans that anticipated seeing Ashley. As you all know, she pulled another one of her now classic no shows. If some of you weren’t aware Ashley was to appear late saturday night in Atlantic City with her agent and 3 other Playboy playmates. Her agent and the 3 playmates all showed and stayed in the Crowne Plaza, being inconvenienced because they had to sacrifice for the quote on quote wrestling star. As I’m writing this Ashley has still not returned a phone call to myself or her agent stating why she decided to not get on the plane Friday night. I urge fans and other promoters to not support her in the future and make her realize that it is a privilege to be hired to come to conventions not a right she has coming to her.”

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  • Luis

    thats just wow =]

  • Erin

    Wow.. That’s just irresponsible, especially since she’s done it numerous times.

  • Debs


  • Krystal

    I agree. She’s done this plenty of times before.
    People need to stop booking her, because we all know she’s not gonna show up. She’s just irresponsible like Erin said.

  • Alana.G

    Thats funny it’s about damn time someone called her out on her bullshit no show stunts , but honestly is anyone surprised

  • marco

    no comment on ashley

  • TaylorJade

    People really do need to stop booking her, it seems like they would get it by now. I mean, skipping out on charity work? That’s bad.

  • Tina

    what is the reason why she didn’t show

  • Michelle

    She never has a reason, and if she does, it’s usually a load of tripe and the worst excuse possible.

  • Kendra

    her excuses are always that she sick…lame

  • Dani

    I wonder what her excuse will be this time.she’ll have a blog posted in no time.

  • Ryan

    She’s getting annoying. But in her latest blog she states that things aren’t going great right now for her and that must be “life”. Yeah, okay what a load of crap. She needs to get her act together.

    It seems like she’s trying to get away from wrestling though, like all together. She’s no-showed all the wrestling events, but has made it to all of her club, stripper, and party events. Hm.

  • Sonia

    There comes moments in our life when things aren’t going great and life seems hard, yet as humans we have to have the ability to move on and surpass those difficult moments. With that being said, there’s NO excuse for her to no-show at events, especially since she has a daughter to take care of. Does she not care about her daughter? looks like not.

    I don’t like her, never have, NEVER will. She could’ve at least gained my respect, but she hasn’t. Why? Because she thinks she deserves everything to be handed to her.

    And what’s pathetic is that she keeps making up excuses to bail out of events[example: *coughs* *coughs i'm 'sick'] . Like, she should mature. People work even though they’re not feeling well/sick all the time.

    And “yes.” Melanie bailing out of charity work is a “sin.”
    So she should burn in….a nice place with fire :D lol

  • Steven

    +1 for Sonia for the Mean Girls reference. ” Boo, you whore’ LMAO

  • Sally

    I once had a friend that would always bail on me, she would lie to me and make up some crap that she “was sick” or my favorite excuse “oh no I’m just to tired I couldn’t come today…” and crap like that. You want to know what my friend was doing? Usually it was drugs or she was staying up way to late and slept through everything. Yeah I gave up on her and she is living in a tailor with her dad and trying to have a baby with her underaged boyfriend/chew toy that she wants to marry, and she dropped out of highschool her senior year. Sorry for the life story but I couldn’t help but make a connection. Maybe with this Ashley can finally be washed away from the entertainment industry