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TONIGHT: We are joined by our regular co-host, Mia Yim, as well as special guest interviewee, Marti Belle from WSU! Plus we discuss the recent Tara/Mickie feud in TNA and the WSU iPPV this past Saturday.

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  • DjayDay

    Nice to hear from Mia again. She is very down to earth and I love her for it…

    Okay, this bugs me, but I have to say it! What in the freakin hell, was that one dude talking about. He brought up the freakin’ Nexus, and Randy Orton in a conversation which wasn’t even close to being relevant. Another thing, what does he mean Tara and Mickie had nothing to with anything. It wasn’t put together over night, dumbie! Tara is Madison’s partner/bodyguard, and she said herself Mickie had to go through her to get to Madison…Hense why she attacked her backstage too! Ughh, I’m sorry DivaDirt, i was listening to that idiot mumble on like he knew what he was talking about, but…clearly he didn’t

    Well, I hate to rant but…Plus, Marti seemed amazing! She seems so diffrent in WSU. So sweet and innocent, compared to over the top and hilarious in real life..

  • DarkJoker

    Man Marti Belle was wired to the max ! Wonder how many energy drinks she had before this interview ? She was talking a mile a minute and never stuttered once. Entertaining Podcast for the most part. Note to fans: Don’t call in if you don’t know what you want to say or are too nervous to talk. That’s just wasting the hosts time and taking time away from fans who are trying to get on the podcast, who know what they want to ask or comment about.

    As far as TNA dropping the Mickie/Tara storyline feud without a conclusive finish and winner is another example of TNA Booking at its Finest Worst. The fans were into it and they wanted more. The Knockout’s when given a good storyline and at least 10 minutes of in-ring time pull off the best rated segments on Impact and Mickie vs Tara was the only Highlight of another TNA Lackluster PPV. But like always how does TNA Creative reward the Knockout’s ? By completely booking random matches for tonight’s Impact and next week’s Impact for reasons only Alcohol Induced Crackheads could understand. It’s sad and somewhat of a travesty that the Fans of Women’s Wrestling can’t find a way to convince TNA and WWE that the Ladies Deserve equal billing on their respective T.V. / PPV programming to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Women Sports Entertainment Athletes can draw ratings, ppv buy-rates, sell merchandise, and make money for WWE and TNA without being overly portrayed as Eye Candy Sex Symbols.

    Mia Yim seemed to become the forgotten lady on this podcast. No fan questons for her this time, but she did have a cold and that probably took a lot of her energy vibe away. Hope you feel better Mia. Also on a recent podcast you mentioned that you wouldn’t mind having Jamie Keye’s physique. Mia you are a Beautiful and Talented Lady just the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Could Jamie Keyes ( I’m not trying to hate on her ) at this point right now have worked great entertaining matches with Sassy Stephanie, Sara Del Rey, Mickie James, and Daizee Haze looking like an in-ring veteran ? Hell No ! But you Miss Mia did an outstanding job working with these ladies, showcasing that you know what you’re doing in that ring, and the fans that have had the chance to watch you in action via Youtube or live in person know that Mia Yim is a Future Player in the business if given the right opportunity. Dixie Carter and TNA were complete IDIOTS not hiring you. Maybe WSU or Shimmer won’t be that stupid. Then maybe it’ll be ROH or WWE calling you up and offering ya a contract. Keep doing your thang Mia !