Where Did Moolah Rank on WWE’s Top 50 Superstars of All Time?

WWE Hall of Famer, The Fabulous Moolah is the only female star to rank on WWE’s Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD (sorry Trish), coming in at #27.

By that ranking, WWE considers Moolah a greater star than the likes of Randy Orton (#29), Mick Foley (#33) and Batista (#49).

Shawn Michaels took the #1 spot.

See the full list here.

Thoughts: Great to see WWE honor Moolah like this. Sad to see that she is the only female to make the countdown, I would have definitely put Trish somewhere in there myself. Alas, it’s just a gimmick for a product that they hope will bring in revenue and not to be taken too seriously.

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  • aiden123



  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Congrats moolah may you be resting in peace.

    YAY the greatest wrestler of all time the heartbreak kid shawn michaels (: he definetly deserved to be number one. God i miss him, he was my favorite since my first time of watching WWE till today.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Bryqan Bryqan

    Moolah is the longest reigning WWE title holder of all time so it’s not THAT surprising that she’s that high on the list.

    As for Trish, I wonder if they’re afraid of her popping up in TNA?

  • MaeMoolah

    This is amazing so glad that Moolah is that high she deserves it

  • litafan2000

    That’s nice that Moolah made this list. I’m surprised that Lita or Trish didn’t make this list. But whatever it’s nice to see someone else make a the list other then Trish Stratus!

  • revharrypowell

    Trish? I stunned they didn’t put McCool in the top 5.

  • UncleCuc

    I don’t see how that list can be any sort of order. Rey is higher than Flair? Hogan is #23?

    Congrats to Moolah for making the list at all. I could’ve seen Trish making the top 50, but even more glaring is the omission of Sting. Granted he never worked for WWF/E, but they own all the Jim Crockett Productions and WCW footage.

  • MaxPower

    @ UncleCuc- The Rey thing confused me too. I’m not surprised that they put him ahead of Flair & Hogan because of them working for TNA(but honestly, the fact that they didn’t make the top 5 or even 10 is ABSURD!), but I am surprised that they put him ahead of Cena.

    Plus, props to The Fabulous One for making the list, no other woman deserved it more.

  • Macho Madness

    “I don’t see how that list can be any sort of order. Rey is higher than Flair? Hogan is #23?”

    I think any fan whos that that is totally wrong ordering. They are obviously just pissed about hogan and flair being in TNA wrestling.

  • Macho Madness

    I think any fan knows that is totally wrong order*

    Flair should be top 3 in my opinion.

    As great as I think Trish was, with all the great superstars over the years I don’t think Trish should be on that list at all.

  • Macho Madness

    Macho Man should be #1 in my opinion…I’m biased though since he is my all time favorite haha

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/art1ej art1e

    im kinda thought chyna would make the list shes a pioneer to womans wrestling…

    glad trish didnt make it shes over rated if any diva deserved it in that time would be lita shes the most popular diva of all time….

    glad moolah got that high on the list its awesome they think so highly of her….

  • The Twilight Bandit

    I agree Lita was the most popular and most loved by the fans(crowds -reactions) of all time – but Trish accomplished a little more. I guess Lita’s title wins were a bigger deal because they obviously took her seriously to main event RAW twice and win. Although that might be true, Trish made most of hers surprising and memorable. She was perhaps the most decorated diva..she should have made it.

    Maybe they can do the greatest divas of all time list? Well there’s that dvd rumored to be in the works- we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • NT86

    Batista shouldn’t even be on the lower-end of that list, UGH!

  • ichiban

    No one really should put any thought into this list.

    But Moolah never drew any money nor had any good matches. The only reason she had the title which seems to her only credential was because she booked the title and controlled the supply of women wrestlers to every major promotion in North America. She was too afraid to drop the title someone who might threaten her position. To put on a list to the exclusion of Trish, Lita or Chyna is pretty laughable not matter how random the criteria seems to be.

  • litafan2000

    I agree Macho Madness, as great as Trish was I don’t agree with her being the top superstar of all time. Now if this was the top Raw superstars of all time then yes she and Lita would be on that list. But to say she is one of the greatest superstars of all time is laughable. There many great superstars missing from this list.

  • Bobby-james

    What a joke – Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Steve Austin, Bret Hart and The Rock make up the top 5? I guess what’s interesting is that I wonder where Shawn would have ranked had he not retired? Where would Undertaker be if he wasn’t getting frail? Where would Bret Hart be had he not returned to WWE? Don’t get me wrong, I think there are a lot of people that deserve to be in this list – but people like Batista and Jeff Hardy make the list? Come on. CLEARLY – this is used as a tool to generate revenue because if the list were actually thought-out, it would be an entirely different order and have other people – but WWE has to do what it must and make TODAY’S FANS want to buy something with YESTERDAY’S stars. The fans are attracted to names they know plain and simple.

    But to leave out Trish Stratus? Didn’t WWE rank Trish Stratus as the Number 1 Women’s Champion (ahead of Moolah) of all time? Then she’s not on the list and Moolah clocks-in at number 27? It’s a little inconsistent, honestly. Trish Stratus was the female version of The Rock … Lita was the female John Cena. And neither of them make this list … but Jeff Hardy and Batista do. And Eddie Guerrero is high up there too.

    The problem is, lists like this are made based on career lengths and championship reigns – not actual substance. I don’t think Trish and Lita needed to be ranked in the Top 10 – but they certainly should have made Top 50! Both of those women accomplished what their male counterparts did in much less time. That’s why they’re memorable – Trish and Lita became staple names in the annals of professional wrestling because they worked hard, were over with the fans and were incredibly charismatic – and they didn’t need 20+ years to do it *cough* Hogan, Flair, Michaels, Taker, Edge, etc.

    And for those of you claiming Trish Stratus is overrated – step back a minute and think of the real overrated stars of wrestling, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Batista… that’s overrated. None of those men have EVER shown me an overly memorable match – the matches were always simply HYPED to be epic and “one of the ages” – blah blah. But their repetoires left something to be desired and their mic skills/acting … let’s not get started. If you notice, much of the list at the end is comprised of “old-school” stars and former WWE stars – the higher spots are reserved for current or WWE-favorites, with a few oldies sprinkled in to make it appear credible.

  • Bobby-james

    And before it’s questioned:

    Trish as the female Rock: She was hugely popular, she had merchandise, a focal point of a division, she wasn’t the greatest technical wrestler – but she was always improving, and she was one of the faces of WWE – especially women’s wrestling. And she won some and lost some, but usually finished every feud in first place.

    Lita as the female John Cena: She was over from the get-go, had a feel-good comeback, rivaled Trish as the greatest in the division, marketed as the “it’s okay to be daring and different” woman, seen as one of the primary main eventers (whether it was as a valet or wrestler) – BUT like John Cena – Lita’s opponents (except Trish and Mickie) generally got burried in her matches. SuperCena = SuperLita.

  • ombrino

    in WWE
    divas = women
    superstars = men
    So for Vince The Fabulous Moolah was a man!

  • MaeMoolah

    I don’t see why all you people think Trish deserves to be on there becuase she shouldn’t be on there. The fact that Moolah is on there is a miracle considering it is a WWE list so i’m happy there is one woman on the list and that one is the woman who deserved it the most

  • ichiban

    @MaeMoolah Thats a pretty crazy post if you dont mind me saying the only reason Moolah is considered as a legend is WWE promoting her as so due her relationship with the McMahon, this DVD included.. Again not for her matches or impact at the box office.

  • MaeMoolah

    I undertsand that but people don’t look at her other accomplishments she has all they see is her 28 year title reign she accomplished alot more than just that

  • ichiban

    What are her other accomplishments?

  • Aksana


    your sense of humor is pretty low…

    I’m happy Moolah made the list, she deffinatley deserved it. But I agree with Bobby-james. Trish was voted #1, Moohla was #2 I think? It would only make sense to have Trish on the list. I also totally disagree with people saying Trish was overrated. She was a fantastic performer, as was Lita. Lita often carried Trish in matches but Trish is still Trish… one of the most accomplished female wrestlers to come out of the WWE ever. She was stronger as a speaker, and I think with that AND her in-ring skills won the crowd over, making her the stronger figure.

  • spiffy

    It’s just a list. All lists are subjective. No need to get bent out of shape because so and so isn’t ranked where you think he/she should be. All they’re doing is creating buzz to sell a new DVD.