EVOLVE Promoter Says He Brought In Reby Sky Because She Can Talk

In case you haven’t heard, model and Lucha Libre USA star Reby Sky has been booked for tomorrow’s EVOLVE show in Union City, New Jersey. However, promoter Gabe Sapolsky says Reby was booked — not because of her Playboy model looks — but because she can talk and show personality.

Writing on the Heyman Hustle website, he says: “After watching some videos of Reby, I realized she could talk, and had a great deal of charisma and personality. Reby is a true talent. In football terms, Reby Sky is a 1st round draft pick.”

You can read the full blog here.

Thoughts: It’s nice to see any female wrestler being praised for her talking and charisma because it is something we don’t often see discussed when it comes to the Divas, Knockouts etc. Reby is a young up-and-comer with a real passion for wrestling, and it’s great to see her, pardon the pun, evolve in the industry. We hope to hear more and more about her in 2011. I could definitely see WWE snap her up. Go Reby!

For those not too familiar with Reby, we first introduced her to our readers back in July, just prior to the premiere of Lucha Libre USA where Reby is part of the broadcast team. Until recently, Reby has been on the sidelines discussing wrestling as co-host of ‘Busted Open’ on Sirius XM but is slowly but surely pursuing her own career in the industry first with LLUSA and now with EVOLVE, as well as training in her downtime.

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  • ichiban

    Lets hope she does better than Dawn Marie did….

  • ecwroh

    We don’t talk much about the Diva’s & Knockout’s talking and charisma skills because, no offense, not too many of them are really anything that special in those departments. Which is okay. I have an idea. How about we choose who we think is the best at talking and showing charisma for the Divas, the Knockouts, etc.

    For me:

    Divas: Beth Phoenix

    Knockouts: Velvet Sky

    Women of Honor (ROH): Sara Del Rey

    Indies: MsChif

    International: A tie between LuFisto & Madison Eagles.

  • shonshu

    Portia Perez is not bad on the mic. Madison Rayne is also good. Who else.. Rick Cataldo lol…