Allison Danger Launches New All-Female Promotion, Pro-Wrestling SUN

More big news today as Diva Dirt contributor and SHIMMER co-founder, Allison Danger has been announced as the president of Pro-Wrestling SUN, a new all-female promotion to run in conjunction with WORLD-1 Wrestling.

Details below:

Pro-Wrestling SUN Returns!

Pro-Wrestling SUN was a women’s company that First On Stage produced for two years in Japan and quietly went into hibernation when its top two stars, Hikaru and Seki Maemura, retired. The WORLD-1 Women’s title, EWA Women’s title, now defunct AWA Superstars of Wrestling title, and WDB Mixed tag team titles were recognized.

Allison Danger will serve as the 2011 President of the new SUN and plans to run events before the regular WORLD-1 events. The WORLD-1 Womens title will be the recognized title for SUN and Ms. Danger has not announced if there will be a tag team title.

“Being the President of the new Pro-Wrestling SUN will give me the creative outlet that I have been looking for. Women’s pro-wrestling in the States over the last two years has been on the rise and with SUN we will have a chance to do something different. It is our time to shine and that is why I am so happy that Mr. Nakamura allowed us to continue using the name SUN.

Both SHIMMER and WSU have done an amazing job of bringing real womens professional wrestling to a new audience and with SUN we will try different things.

In no way are we trying to compete with the other womens organizations and I look forward to working with both companies to help everyone. I believe 2011 will be the year of womens pro-wrestling.”

The first event will take place Sunday afternoon, March 20 at the Knights Of Columbus in Jackson, NJ with a 2pm belltime.

Congrats to Danger! I hope you will all join us in wishing her lots of luck in the comments.

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  • madslam2009

    Allison, congrats. I hope this company reaches Shimmer’s Level one day.

  • Dan

    Damn, another women’s wrestling promotion in NJ :( Thankfully, Shimmer’s in Chicago.

    Congratulations and good luck, Allison! I look forward to the results :)

  • DarknessRuler

    Keep those NJ promotions coming!!! WOOOOO

  • Jayd211

    Ima need someone to make one in Maryland or DC

  • shonshu

    Great news.

  • vonVile

    The East Coast is getting too greedy with their women’s promotions. We need more on the Left Coast! SF is too far away for me. :-(

  • darkangels

    wow do thay have enough female talent to go around on the east coast luchalibreusa is starting their women division soon but looks like most of female talent will come from the the southwest like Erica D” erico and few other girls from that region that we rarely hear about that’s great new faces new stars to emerge 2011 and beyond looks great for womens wrestling

  • xxQOXxx

    Hope there’s a Untitled Danger show on Saturday so we can get some more info on this.
    Seriously awesome news but i agree with @vonVile a promotion running out of SF would be great.

  • ecwroh

    The more women’s wrestling the better. Happy to see another promotion being around that can showcase the women.