TNA Knockout Tara’s Business, Black Widow Customs, Catches on Fire

A fire broke out this morning at Black Widow Customs, the business owned by TNA Knockout, Tara aka Lisa Marie Varon in Louisville, KY.

WHAS11, a local news station in Louisville reports:

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) – Firefighters and arson investigators are on the scene of a business fire on Preston Highway.

The business – Black Widow Customs – was the subject of a Consumer Watch investigation on WHAS11 Wednesday.

The fire is out right now but firefighters say the fire is suspicious.

An employee says when he got to the business Thursday morning, the shop had been broken into and vandalized and that there were several small fires on the ground near a car inside the shop.

He says he couldn’t put the fires out and that they spread quickly, destroying the whole inside of the store.

Investigators say they are looking into the fact that Black Widow Customs was featured in a WHAS11 Consumer Watch.

There were no injuries in the fire.

Some of the other businesses suffered smoke damage.

News report below:

The fire is being treated as ‘suspicious’ by officials, with arson experts on the scene. Black Widow Customs was featured on WHAS11 news’ ‘consumer watch’ portion just yesterday with a customer claiming that the business had ripped them off.

Thanks to WPN for the heads up.

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  • Macho Madness

    Poor Tara and her husband. What is wrong with some people? Hopfully the dbags that did this are brought to justice if there was foul play.

  • Jayd211

    WOW … good thing no one was hurt feel bad for Tara though

  • The_Eric

    Does anyone know the story behind Tara ripping off a customer?

  • Trevon

    aww so sad people work hard for their stuff and some to set it on fire Just WOW. people are so mean. Hope she keeps her shop open though.

  • Jayd211

    i just hope it wasnt tara or her husband that set the fire

  • wl75

    Yeah- the timing of this was really unfortunate. Hopefully there won’t be any rushes to judgement- let’s see what the fire department says.

  • RedHotVixen

    Thats awful! =( Hopefully they bounce back from this.

  • mrdiva518

    omg lyke dat a damn shame i can onlii imagine something you put your heart and soul into tu jus be gone so quickly…i hope she going to be ok.!

  • madslam2009

    That really sucks. Hopefully the cause is determined and the crook (If there is one) gets caught and pays for what he did

  • art1e

    poor tara hope they get who did burnt down her shop…

  • nathaniel

    Her business burns down and her employees become part the unemployment statistics all within a week of Christmas. It may be awhile before she enjoys the holidays again.

    First someone steals her wheels off her car at her home, and the idiot tries to get her company to make them fit his car. Then (speculation) her business gets destroyed because someone didn’t like the quality of the work done.

    When she was being interviewed at a ComicCon in Chicago earlier this year, she said that she was house hunting for a possible move. How much do you wanna bet before spring that song, “My Old Kentucky Home” won’t apply to her anymore?

  • melina prez

    That kid did it in the other video DD posted !!!!!!!! Screw him !!!!!!!

  • sanchezdiego96

    I feel so bad for her :( It sucks this happened at all, but it sucks way more that it happened a few days before Christmas :( I hope shes doing alright.

  • XoDirtyDivaXo

    Poor Tara, I hope she stays strong ! :( Glad no one was hurt.