Women of Wrestling Podcast Christmas Special with Allison Danger, Kellie Skater & Rhia O’Reilly

Sit back with your mulled wine, party hat and ill-fitting Christmas jumper and join Stew & Lee, as they look at recent news, reflect on some of our interviews from 2010, and dole out the official podcast awards for Wrestler of the Year and Woman of the Year. However, nothing can quite go according to plan, as your intrepid hosts are visited by three guests… err… ghosts… in a tri-continental “A Christmas Carol”-themed special. Dropping in are the returning Allison Danger (talking exclusive news about the reformation of Pro-Wrestling SUN and *so* much more randomness), followed by Australia’s very own “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater (talking her 2010, being an international gangsta and her abusive relationship with Lee) and finishing up with Northern Ireland’s rookie prospect Rhia O’Reilly (on training with Lance Storm, working in Europe and her dreams for 2011). Thanks for supporting us with a phenomenal 2010, and we hope to move on to bigger and better things in 2011. Happy holidays!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=-3&id=100000716103622#/Only.the.best.get.through?ref=profi Team Laycoolness!!!

    Great to see Rhia labelled as a future one to watch… She done a great job at both EVE shows, plus she’s a really friendly girl. Her and Becky James (Team Storm) make a great duo!

    Plus I got a great picture with them LOL!!! XD

  • WWE Divas

    Random Thoughts –

    * Super Long, but nice episode/podcast.

    * I have to disagree about the whole Naomi/Kaitlyn discussion. I think Naomi has got a whole lot of charisma and a lot more personality. Kaitlyn has got personality too, but there’s nothing about her that jumps out at you and says, “I want to be here, this is my time!” Etc… Naomi on the other hand, has got a lot more going for her. She’s beautiful, she’s got a fierce, no nonsense character, and is a very outspoken personality. We haven’t had someone like her in a long time, she’s almost like StoneCold, in terms of being the anti hero, only she’s actually the anti-diva. It’s not just about wrestling, and we get that. Naomi brings both charisma and wrestling ability. Kaitlyn sort of just, falls flat halfway, personality-wise that is. Personally, I don’t feel resentment because she came in from out of knowhere and won the thing, it’s more because I truly felt there was a better option in Naomi.

    I can’t see Kaitlyn lasting very long, but we’ll see.

    * I’m not very familiar with Madison Eagles, I’ll check her out on youtube soon since I’m starting to feel that I’m missing out.

    * Was never a big fan of tea until just recently, never added milk though. I’m more of a coffee person, and yes, I add milk/or cream. Ya, I am weird.

    * Love Lufisto, she’s been through so much, it feels good to know she’s taking better care of herself and I hope she’s around for years to come.

  • laqisha

    @WWE Divas: Madison Eagles shes kinda similar to Michelle Mccool but more skilled.
    She been wresling since 2001,trained in MMA,trained Jessy McKay and Kellie Skater.
    Also she tryed out for OVW multiple times when it was WWE’s develpmental territory but never recived a contract because WWE is stupied.And her finisher is sick.

  • laqisha

    Why jesse McKay havn’t got on mainstream yet ?

  • WWE Divas

    Has TNA showed interest in Madison Eagles? Would she possibly break new ground in women’s wrestling here in the States?

    I believe Naomi will be one to do that too, she’s got what it takes. I don’t mean to disrespect african-american women in the WWE, but unfortunately; most have been pushed aside after one good run. That personally pisses me off, Jazz and Jacqueline were great, but mainly served as fodder for women like Trish Stratus, Lita and even Victoria to an extent.

    Jacqueline had a great rivalry going with Sable at first, mainly though, it was used to help turn Sable into a bigger star. Jacqueline got a filler Title reign as a result, and then served another filler reign for Stephanie McMahon to take it off her. She didn’t get storyline driven matches while she was champion, the focus wasn’t on her, sadly. It’s a tragedy she didn’t get to hold it in 02 or 03 when the division flourished. For all the hardcore stuff she did in TNA with Gail, she should have been rewarded with atleast one reign there.

    Jazz had a more prominent role than Jackie i’d say. Jazz established herself as the one to beat in the women’s division but mainly, she was cast as a thorn on Trish’es side. After Trish became a heel again, there really wasn’t anymore room for the lesser known women such as Gail, Nidia, and ofcourse; Jazz. I feel bad she never had a run as a face. She could have thrived with the right storylines.

    When Linda Miles won Tough Enough 2(which I watched religously!), my hopes were restored. I wasn’t a fan of her personality, but she could go in the ring, and that was impressive enough. Her first match in Velocity against Ivory was not bad. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who became addicted to TE2, the fans were crazy rooting for Linda Miles. She will make a great babyface I thought. I was wrong. She soon remerged as the overtly sexual dominatrix, Shaniqua. Although she was huge, she wasn’t quite Chyna and would perform sloppily against the guys when serving as a valet. I remember a Smackdown taping I attended in which she dropped Eddie(orChavo)twice while attempting a powerbomb. No Linda. No! =(
    She faded soon after.

    Other divas faded as well, Krystal Marshall was one. I like Alicia Fox, but she’s not quite there, skill wise. She’s still a little sloppy and has got the voice of a 13 yr old girl, I don’t buy her mean girl promos.

    Naomi on the other hand, I feel has got it all. She can break ground if she really focuses and hones her skills. She’s magnetic and can be a face or a heel more naturally than Alicia I feel. She’s very distinct in the way she carries herself and has got presence, something else Kaitlyn lacks btw.
    I’m not sure where Naomi came from, but she’s the total package and if she avoids injury or stepping on anyone’s toes; she’s going to go far. I’m 100% behind this girl, I’m excited for the ride.

  • shonshu

    Great podcast, it spread some christmas cheer in the freezing conditions of the U.K. Really funny too. The thought of Kelly Skater and Mercedes Martinez being buddies makes me smile. I read on the internet that the people who run Neo in Japan were very impressed by Madison Eagles. Especially her size and gracefulness. Alison Danger is so good at wordplay, that is an unsual and entertaining talent she has. It’s great that wrestlers from the U.K. are getting some attention like Rhia O’Reilly, and Nikki Storm on the previous podcast. Loving the Dickensian vibe.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/womenofwrestling leeburton

    Stew’s to thank for the Christmas Carol gimmick. Only at this time of year could we get away with it.

    Thanks for the great feedback too, we really appreciate it. What do you reckon to our choices for Woman and Wrestler of the Year?

  • shonshu

    Yeah I would agree with your choices for Woman of the year and Wrestler of the year. Madison Eagles became Shimmer champ (Shimmer must be one of the most prestigious women’s titles in the world now there’s no Red Belt or even the WWE Women’s Championship belt) defeating a good champion and also made her debut in Japan. The match in Japan with NEO was also an interpomotional match between two champions. She also trained other wrestlers and has definitely got where she is through hard work and dedication. Mercedes Martinez must have come close though after making number 3 in the PWI rankings and debuting on pay-per-view with WSU. She also secured a move to AAA. Both made solid achievements. But some of it is luck no doubt, sometimes things just come together and click. To come back from something like a stroke and to create something positive from the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ is hard work. A real test of friendship, character and faith. Nice that you guys thought to acknowledge that. Merry Christmas to the Women of Wrestling Podcast team, Diva Dirt, the fans and the female wrestlers all over the world.