The Second Annual Diva Dirt Report Card: WWE Divas Edition

2010 is coming to a close and for the second year in a row, we have produced two audio specials reflecting on the WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts in our annual report card! Diva Dirt editors, Melanie and Steven offer their take on how each of the ladies have fared this past year as we look at each Diva and Knockout individually and gave them a grade from A-through-F.

First up, if you’re looking for an excuse to break away from your family on Christmas day, we have the Diva report card.

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Check back tomorrow for the Knockouts report card.

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  • Trevon

    Alicia Fox = C
    Beth Phoenix = B-
    Nikki Bella = C
    Brie Bella = C-
    Eve Torres = B
    Gail Kim = C
    Maryse = F
    Melina = D Only cause she was injured for most of 2010
    Natalya = A-
    Tamina = D-
    Kaitlyn = F-
    K2 = C
    Lay-Cool = A+
    Rosa Mendes = D-
    Tiffany = B-
    Jillian = C
    Serena = C

  • GailKimFan09e

    What about Vickie :( she a diva right?

  • Ozzy Valentine

    Vickie Guerrero A+ =)

  • Ozzy Valentine

    Some other women who deserve mention

    Melina – B – > She made a stellar comeback, but began treading water after losing the Championship. Recently gained slight momentum and generated interest with her recent “slow burn” heel turn. Hope 2011 marks the comeback of an evil Melina we haven’t yet seen.

    LayCool – A+ > Best year by far..

    Natalya – A- > Launched a successful singles career and captured the Silver Butterfly belt.

    Beth – A+ > She was having a good year capturing the Women’s gold, suffered injury, yet was determined and made a quick comeback and has given LayCool a run for their money since returning.

    Beth also gets extra brownie points for saying she wants to wrestle LITA in 2011 and suggesting the red headed, Queen of Xtreme make a return soon. That match would be explosive. Make it happen WWE.

  • madslam2009

    Alicia Fox = C+
    Beth Phoenix = B-
    Brie Bella = C-
    Eve Torres = C
    Gail Kim = D+
    Kaitlyn = C+ (Lets not be too hard or judgemental)
    Kelly Kelly = C+
    Layla = A
    Maryse = C
    Melina = C
    Michelle McCool = A
    Natalya = A-
    Rosa Mendes = D
    Tamina = C-

    I think you were being a little hard on K2 and Kaitlyn. She has kinda bridged out of the “Kelly Kelly offense”. And she has also been invovled in her first contendership storyline. And Kaitlyn winning NXT and showing chaps for a girl with half a year of experience.

  • Goodvibes

    Alicia Fox = C+(She won the Divas belt, and has consistently been used)
    Beth Phoenix = A (Whether she’s been injured or not, she’s been hot property)
    Nikki Bella = C (She is definitely the ‘Beyonce’ of her tandem)
    Brie Bella = C – (The Kelly Rowland of her tandem)
    Eve Torres = C (Average year at best aside from her title win)
    Gail Kim = C- (Going to Raw was the kiss of death for the best female worker)
    Maryse = C+ (She hasnt had a terrible year, just not as memorable 09/08)
    Melina = B (Not her best year, but injury prevented that not her)
    Natalya = A (Her best year to date in the WWE)
    Tamina = C (2011 will see her star rise)
    Kaitlyn = C+ (minus being green, she’s had a fantastic year so far)
    K2 = C+ (Still WWE’s golden girl despite not having a title run)
    Lay-Cool = A+(theyre stale but still manage to stay on top)
    Rosa Mendes = D (No luck for Rosa)

  • xMissxBellax

    Alicia Fox = B
    Beth Phoenix = A-
    Nikki Bella = C+
    Brie Bella = C
    Eve Torres = C+
    Gail Kim = D (Never used)
    Maryse = D
    Melina = D
    Natalya = B+/A- (somewhere in the middle)
    Tamina = C
    Kaitlyn = F
    Kelly = C
    LayCool = A
    Rosa Mendes = C- (She’s slightly improved)

  • JillianHallTNA

    Alicia Fox=C+
    Beth Phoenix=C
    Brie Bella=D-
    Nikki Bella=D
    Kelly Kelly=B
    Michelle McCool=A
    Jillian Hall=A+
    Gail Kim=A-
    (Can’t wait for Knockouts tomorrow)

  • TorrieFan12

    Alicia Fox = -B
    Beth Phoenix = +B
    Brie Bella = D
    Nikki Bella = +C
    Eve Torres = C
    Gail Kim = -C
    Kaitlyn = C
    Kelly Kelly = -B
    Layla = A
    Maryse = D
    Melina = B
    Michelle Mccool = A
    Natalya = +B
    Rosa Mendes = -D
    Tamina = -C
    Jillian Hall = -C
    Tiffany = -B
    Serena = D

  • melina prez

    Id give

    Alicia Fox C-
    Beth Pheonix B+ (Because she was hurt.)
    Brie Bella D
    Nikki Bella D
    Eve Torres C-
    Gail Kim C+ (She did better this last year she was an three ppv and she had more title shots.)
    Kaitlyn C-
    Kelly Kelly B-/C+
    Layla A
    Maryse D
    Melina B- (Because she was hurt.)
    Michelle McCool A
    Natalya A
    Rosa Mendes D
    Tamina C
    Jillian Hall C-
    Tiffany C
    Serena D

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Alicia Fox was at her best in 2009 both as a face & heel being clean and crisp with these phenonmenal moves now she’s just plain sloppy and losing her spark. The promo she cut before melina’s return was just amazing, definetly the best heel promo coming from the WWE divas this year since she actually got a reaction then LayCool actually do, so i give her a B-.

    Beth was injured for almost the whole year as well so i give her a C+.

    Melina also deserves a C+.

    Natalya was a valet through out the whole year as well untilseptember except for that mini feud she had with tamina, so i give her a A-.

    LayCool, A+.

  • mikeparis18

    Really loved the show.
    A.Fox: C+
    Beth: B-
    Bellas: C
    Eve: C-
    Gail: C-
    Kaitlyn: C
    Kelly Kelly: B
    Layla: A+
    Maryse: D-
    Melina: C+
    Michelle McCool: A
    Natalya: A-
    Rosa Mendes: F
    Tamina: D+
    Jillian: D+
    Tiffany: C+
    Serena: C-

  • sanchezdiego96

    Wow, I remember Maryse swearing that 2010 was gonna be the “Year of Maryse”…But look at her now. Being dragged down by Teddy. She needs to do more in his matches! She nneds to interfere help him win gold or something! Let Cody and Ted be a team and Maryse manage. She could do soooo much as a valet but she has to do SOMETHING.

  • Blowbangfan

    Current Roster:

    Alicia Fox: C+ (held Divas championship but loses every match now)
    Beth Phoenix: B (strongest Diva is impressive but loses points to injury)
    Bella Twins: D (boring Divas are now valeting for boring Daniel Bryan)
    Eve Torres : A (glamorous beauty shows great athleticism, brief title reign)
    Gail Kim: D (extremely athletic and acrobatic but boring and uninvolved)
    Kaitlyn: A+ (winner of NXT, charismatic on the mic and strong in the ring)
    Kelly Kelly: B + (acrobatic and charismatic Diva is always a fan-fave)
    Layla: F (untalented and unattractive to me, used to be funny but dull now)
    Maryse: A (gorgeous Diva is good in the ring, brief reign as Divas champ)
    Melina: F (predictable Diva is low on charisma and boring in action)
    Michelle McCool: C+ (not a fan but she had a great year)
    Natalya Neidhart: A (skilled wrestler is dominant and the new Divas champ)
    Rosa Mendes: D+ (horrible wrestler but entertaining and stunning)
    Tamina: C (strong and powerful Diva is working as comic relief)

    Released Divas:

    Jililan: D (released but always bored me – not her fault)
    Serena: F (no charisma and horrible in the ring, terribly boring)
    Tiffany: D (not good to me)

    *Mickie James: A+ (amazing, charismatic and strong, beautiful and sexy)

    This is how I rate the WWE Divas with Kaitlyn first because I love her the most and believe she’s better than what she gets credit for and she’s brand new in the ring and looking strong. Eve Torres, Maryse and Natalya all get A’s as well, because they are favorites of mine with lots of skill and beauty too.

    It was fun to listen to this podcast and I enjoyed reading people’s grades as well. Mine won’t be popular but it is how I feel.