TNA Knockout Breaks Jaw

TNA Knockout, Ms Tessmacher aka Brooke Adams, who recently made her in-ring debut on Impact is said to have suffered a broken jaw according to her official website.

Furthermore, reports Adams as writing on her Facebook page:

“The worst xmas I’ve ever had. Got hit my a friend in the jaw. Its now broken in two places. Now in the ER for the 3rd time. It was so wonderful to spend my xmas here in the ER for 9 hrs. Some damage may not be able to be fixed. Please keep me in your prayers. Hope everyone else had a wonderful xmas!”

A speedy recovery to Brooke.

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  • fanboy

    awww that sucks.. I was hoping to see more of her

  • JillianHallTNA

    poor Brooke :(
    What a friend hit her???

  • JillianHallTNA

    poor Brooke :(
    What,a friend hit her???

  • layla1fan

    Awww poor Brooke …. she is so cute and was working hard to become a wrestler. I hope the damage isn’t permanent. I always wanted her to have the popularity her extreme exposè partners have.

  • drayme

    Under trained wrestler gets hurt.

    Im shocked.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Poor Brooke, she just got starting to wrestling again, and now she is injured

  • Ed

    Wow. The Knockouts just can’t catch a break lately. Taylor & Hamada leave, Tara gets injured, now this.

    I think God is trying to tell you something, TNA. He wants you to get off your asses and bring in Christina & Jennifer already, and he’s taking out all the remaining Knockouts, one by one, until that happens.

  • A.E

    lol i couldn’t agree with you more Ed more knockouts need to come to tna as soon as possible you cant just rely on the remaining ko tna need more ko more than the remaining the beautiful people,mickie,madison sarita and winter hopefuly also that a sign that may be going to use daffney more.

    poor brook hopefully have a speedy recover one more question isn’t beth phoenix suffered the same injury when she deputed???

  • ryanmvs


    It was Victoria vs Beth and Victoria slapped / hit her and broke her jaw. then Melina brought Beth back for a tag match because she had a ‘sprained ankle’.

  • Alex

    poor brooke i wish her the best

  • darkangels

    Wow the knockouts are really getting knockout no pundit entended

  • Marshy

    God is telling TNA,Wake and smell some coffee and sign some new talent like Christina,Jennifer,and Serena.Since Taylor,Hamada,and LVE are gone from TNA,you have to bring in new people.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Well there’s more space left then 4 my Jillian!!! :D
    TNA need’s now 1 new Knockout and Jillian must grab this moment now before it’s too late!!! ;)))

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    That’s sad, now we’re going to have to wait about 6 months to see her back for her to recover.

  • Spideywebby

    Poor girl! Speedy recovery!

  • melina prez

    Thats sad hope shes not injured next year :(

  • Aksana

    Oh dear… I hope TNA do plan on giving Brooke a role within its Knockouts Division, what with all these feuds going on at the moment other wise it’ll be bye bye Brooke :(!

    I hope she recovers soon, i’d hate to see Brooke get released, the girl seems to never get a break… her WWE career was a mess and TNA seem to be dimming her away from her extremem expose identity, having her compete with the other Knockouts is good. Plus, she’s a lot better then people were expecting her to be, she’s got a lot of potential.

  • DarknessRuler

    Just when you thought she would get some spotlight, this happens. Jealous friend, If I was Brooke, I would pop her friend’s implants and see how it feels

  • art1e

    i hope she doesnt get released she has so much potential like Tiffany….hope she recovers quickly & nothing is damaged permanently..