In Video: New Episode of WSU Uncensored featuring iPPV Hype and Top 5 WSU Moments of 2010

New episode of WSU Uncensored below:

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  • IronSheikFan

    Great episode, Jessika havok rules.

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Fun episode! (Did Havok use a modified Glam Slam in this video package???)

  • Ayzali

    @Mr.Glamazon it sure looked like it! I’m really excited for WSU next IPPV. I’m also so impressed by Havok she’s growing into a nasty heel, I love it. This just makes me more excited for my move I’ll be able to support this promotion in person. Also nice top five moments.

  • NY32986

    I was surprised that there was no mentioning about Mercedes and AAA. Because even though right Here on Diva Dirt it was reported, since then not ONCE did Mercedes ever come out and say anything about it, not even saying flat out that RCW is a “primer” for her and Melissa before going to AAA, sometimes I wonder if it’s all, I hate to say it, speculation that ends up falling through. I was hoping here on Uncensored TV that something would be mentioned about it.

  • IronSheikFan

    Why would WSU mention that they are losing the face of their promotion? It gives away that the title is switching hands in January. However, Angel Orsini mentioned it on one of her promos to set up this match.

  • NY32986

    Here’s the thing, EVERYBODY IS SAYING she’s going to Mexico, well Everybody but Mercedes, I just would rather hear stuff straight from the main person instead of reports from the coxey army and not a single word from her to kill any rumors, straighten any facts and clarify any claims, even if it’s confirmed without a starting date known like these reports have speculated.

  • IronSheikFan

    She’s probably not going to say anything until her WSU run is over because if she did say something now, everyone would expect her to lose right away. WSU & Martinez probably don’t want to tarnish what they built up with her reign by admitting she’s leaving and making who ever is next in line look like they only won because Martinez was leaving ,if that makes sense?

  • laqisha

    Who’s that fat lady that ate the cutter from homcide?

  • dirtydiva

    that is no fat lady,it’s rick cataldo the boy diva, get into him, epic as he is, he is very underrated

  • IronSheikFan

    Rick is great at the live events, but it doesn’t translate that way on to DVD in my opinion. Homicide beating him up was fun live.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    didnt Jessica Havok, try out for tough enough or is the process, i think she is one of the girls that i read was trying out,

  • dirtydiva

    I would like to see Rick on the DVDS more …. solo. I think his burden is he used to make talentless girls look better like Brooke Carter or Roxie Cotton, hence making him look just as weak/strong as them.

    tough enough on the other hand alot of girls are reported to try out.

    Havok is better suited in TNA

  • IronSheikFan

    I think that is Rick’s job to make people better and the girls associated with him usually get more screen time.

    A lot of girls have done the tough enough. Does anyone know when they will announce the cast?