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Tonight: It’s the last Diva Dirt LIVE of 2010 and we will be looking back and reminiscing at some of the top moments of the year in WWE, TNA as well as the independents. We want you to call in with your favorite moments and memories from the year gone by in women’s wrestling too!

Interact with us throughout the show by calling in to have your say! Call in with your thoughts on our topics tonight or join the chat room below. For full details on how to interact click here.


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  • alexl467

    If she is indeed signed with the WWE what do you all think are the chances of there being a Kong vs. Undertaker match at WM?


  • The_JM

    Lol mr. G what dd live episode did someone purpose to you? I have to see this.

  • tjsmith3

    Finally got to call in. It was fun. Someone in the chat mention the korean person calling back. This is the first time that I have called the show. Is there someone else in Korea who is listening to Diva Dirt?

  • UncleCuc

    @alexl467 The chance is 0%. 1- Kong is an attraction, but not a main event WM vs UT level attraction. UT only has a few years left, they’re not going to waste a WM match. 2- WWE doesn’t do intergender matches anymore. The last one i can remember was a tag between GlamArella vs Mickie/Kofi for the woman’s and IC titles in 2008. I can’t remember the last straight intergender singles match, but it was probably Chyna. 3- Kong might not even be on a main roster by WM. Every new talent signed to WWE goes through FCW. Everyone.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

    Melanie, did u say they might sign Melissa, Holy Sh!t! haha

  • JillianHallTNA

    I wanted to chat but I was sleeping that time.In Europe is 6 hours before.Like when here is 6pm in New York is 12am
    Why I cant translate in Croatian???

  • RadicalRhys297

    Wowz, gots of break ups and robot chats in this edition, wish I’d be able to call in sometime. But much like JillianHallTNA said, Europe has a different time and it would be like… 1-3 in the morning… really awkward to join the chat. =-\

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Radical…I’m sorry about the break ups. :-( Skype was fighting us like a 100lb. marlin who wouldn’t jump into the boat. Happy new year and hope you call in soon!

  • RadicalRhys297

    Thanks, maybe I will in the future, when I can sort things out in my life, exams and all that. Happy New Year to all at Diva-Dirt as well. =-)

  • Lita-Sault-666

    DivaDirt Live always puts a smile on my face; Thanks Guys!
    …& Happy New Year x)

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Thank you Lita-Sault-666…hope you call in someday!