Perfect 10 of 2010: Natalya (#6)

It’s that time of year once again: the Perfect 10 is back to count down the top 10 Divas and Knockouts of 2010. Based on their year’s successes, we’ve compiled (as best we can) the ten Divas and Knockouts we feel gave us a 2010 to remember in WWE and TNA. Check back over the next five days to see the countdown unfold, with the #1 being revealed on New Year’s Eve (Friday).

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2010 was the culmination of a dream for Natalya. Having worked her way through the independents, it’s been a long road to the top for the first ever third generation Diva. Her family lineage has long been touted, she of course is the daughter Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart and niece of Bret Hart. But it was in 2010 that Natalya began creating her own legacy as the first lady of the Hart wrestling dynasty.

Though it was in the last quarter of 2010 that Natalya came to prominence in the Divas division, she has been in the thick of things since the start of the year. With her uncle returning to WWE television for the first time in over a decade, Natalya and the Hart Dynasty (DH Smith and Tyson Kidd) found themselves caught up in an epic WrestleMania-sized storyline as the feud between Bret and WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon unfolded on Monday nights. It all culminated at ‘Mania 26 when Bret scored a sweet victory over Vince. Natalya perhaps scored the best spot of the night for any Diva (and yes, we’re aware there was a Divas match!) as she delivered an almighty slap to the man that writes her checks.

With the Hart Dynasty now babyfaces, the next stop was guiding her team to tag team gold. In April, the Dynasty scored the Unified Tag Team Championships and though Smith and Kidd were the ones technically involved in the matches, Natalya was as much part of the team & as much a champion as her boys. This was never more evident than when we saw the debuts of the Uso brothers and Tamina to Monday nights.

The feud between the Usos & Tamina and the Dynasty spilled over several months and featured six-person tag team matches, including one at Fatal 4-Way in June. Natalya owned the night by scoring the pinfall with her powerful discus clothesline to Tamina.

By September, the Dynasty had lost their Tag Team Championships, causing friction between Smith and Kidd. Meanwhile, Natalya found herself moving on too — she won a Divas battle royal to become the #1 Contender to Lay-Cool’s Divas Championship.

In a feud that spanned four months, Natalya proved unsuccessful against Michelle at Hell in a Cell, and then again against Layla at Bragging Rights. In her final shot at the title, the odds were stacked against the Hart Dynasty Diva as she faced both members of Lay-Cool at Survivor Series. Instead of succumbing to Lay-Cool’s antics, which including making fun of her for having a beard like her legendary father, Natalya overcame her obstacles and realised her dream.

The new Divas Champion added an exclamation point to her golden year, leaping off the turnbuckle and crashing through Lay-Cool and a table to win the first ever Divas Tag Team Tables Match at TLC in December.

After working hard for years and waiting patiently on the sidelines for her turn, Natalya goes into 2011 as the reigning Divas Champion and adds a new chapter to the already legendary Hart family lineage.

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  • A.E

    congratulation to nataly i kinda pissed that ranks 6 she should rankk #1 for making laycool”boring go through table lol.

  • A.E

    2010 was natie’s year she made the hart proud by becoming a champ.

  • fanboy

    i just love what you said.. “after waiting for her turn”

    I used to not like Natalya.. but I always liked her laugh… it was just when she won the Divas Title.. I saw how great she really was… I really like her discuss clothsline.. and her sharpshooter..

    I feel Layla maybe on the list at number 4-3
    and Michelle at number 1 again for the 3rd time in a row

    the others might be the KO
    wish kelly was here.. but im not gettin my hopes up

  • Tripp

    Never really liked her tbh. She has all ways been (to me) boring a.f. her character on tv hasn’t given me any reason to like her. her mic work is shitty and i don’t find her that attractive at all. But i do give her credit as one of the best in ring competitors the E has had im a while. And with melinas turn and awesome kong coming in hopefully they can help her become interesting as a champ. [Fingers crossed on that one.]

  • RadicalRhys297

    @A.E – Doesn’t mean she deserved to be ranked number 1, she’s fine where she is for this year. ¬__¬

  • PedroPedroso17

    2010 was Natalyas best year so far, hope 2011 goes even better for the gorgeous and talented diva.

  • Aksana

    Anyone who puts Laycool through a table has my respects…

  • angelbaby09

    This is a good spot for Nattie, so proud of her.

  • wl75

    I don’t know- this seems a little low to me. Maybe not #1 (I’ve got a gut feeling about who it’ll probably be), but certainly top 3 material…

  • drayme

    Still remains unconcerned about Harry and TJ fighting….

  • callie superperv

    Nattie is an amazimg wrestler who had great a 2010 and is finally bringing a little respect to the butterfly belt, which is stll recovering from the share-a-title stench (a concept which tanked with Jericho/Chyna yet wwe still recycled it). I was upset when Nattie lost the first ever divas title match, but the reign is so much sweeter now! crowd killer title reigns are getting to be as bad Stephanie’s Mac husband’s- ok vince we get it-you book them to the moon-we get it-we get it-we get it-yawn… zzzzzzz

    Trip is tripping “boring” “shitty on the mic”- compared to back flip girl, jump rope girl, piñata skirt red head or crowd killer- _________ please

    this means ashley simmons & lauren williams made the top 5- yay!!!!!!!!!
    and crowd killer will be #1-booooooooo!!!!!!


    sorry getting off topic-love you nattie- I think your “regular” girl hotness is a nice break from the models- get’m girl


  • The_JM

    Pefrect spot for nattie, I guess the saying good things come to those who wait is very true. Not sure if the same can be said for gail but anyway this countdown has been spot on. I have a feeling layla will be number 4 and madison rayne number 3 or 2. Congrats nattie never the less and can’t wait to see her feud with melina unfold and possibly kong. Oh the possiblities 2011 has for our divas champion.

  • Thannya

    2010 has been a good year for Natalya. I only hope 2011 can be better because she deserves it. Next year, Natalya must be on top 5, if not top 3. I’m sure her feud with Melina is going to be great.

    Off topis: Only 5 spots left. Madison Rayne, Angelina Love, Tara?, Melina?, Maryse?, LayCool.

    LayCool, of course, is going to be number one. If last year two divas were number one, this year can happen the same. I think it would be unfair for Layla. After all, there wouldn’t be LayCool without Lay.

  • vonVile

    I feel Natalya’s slot at #6 is about right with her only being a major player in the Divas title scene for the tail end of the year. After many years of the WWE wasting her talent as a valet I’m happy they finally got smart and allowed Natalya to be the Diva wrestling force she should have always been.

  • Kaledrina

    i think she has been pretty irrelevant to the divas division for pretty much all but the last two months, so putting her at number six seems a bit too generous to me. it would be like placing katie lea/winter at number five simply ‘cos she won a title last week. natalya’s definitely had a good year for herself, though.

  • art1e

    layla has to be on this list shes the most improved diva by far this year,mccool should be number 5 she hasnt done much or improved much at all…

    5 McCool or Tara than Madison ,Angelina & maybe layla 1 or 2….switch afew.

    i think nattie only the past 3 months has been the only time shes stood out..

  • adifferentsame

    I expect Tara, Madison Rayne and Angelina Love to follow. Lay-Cool will be number one, obviously.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    So that leaves Madison, Layla & Michelle a guarenteed spot at #1,#2 & #3, but i wonder who the other 2 are probaly Sarita & Tara.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    No not tara, definetly angelina (:


    Layla should definetly be #3, because her womens title reign was one of the worst it was plain. Michelle should be #1 because of all her accomplishments & she rarely botches, also she has given us most of the best matches this year. Madison should be #2 because she has improved imensly in the ring & the mic. Sarita should be #5 then Angelina at #4.

    Natalya is good at #6, if she had been doing something earlier this year she would rank higher.

  • adifferentsame

    Tara has packed in an eventful year, capped off with some of the best Knockouts matches of the year. She deserves a spot in the rundown.

    Angelina is a no brainer, same with Madison Rayne. If Lay-Cool are split apart, I’d like Layla to place ahead of Michelle. Simply because she showed the most progression this year.

  • Cod3Cody

    Congrats to Natalya! Glad she finally won the Diva’s Championship, however I believe her reign has been a pretty boring one so far. Not her fault though….WWE destroyed the womens division completely after they got rid of the Women’s Championship.. :(

  • 041293

    I’m sort of glad that Natalya won the Divas Championship instead of the Women’s, cause she can build the Divas belt into what the Women’s Championship was.

  • 041293

    I expect Ms. Rayne or Ms. McCool to take the #1 spot only because they’ve been pushed all year round as the top divas of their respective brand.

  • melina prez

    U may have been too generous but this has been her best year.

  • Kaledrina

    @041293 isn’t that a bit of a rubbish reason to have somebody as #1 though? simply because they’ve been forced upon us so much by the company they work for?