Maria Kanellis Comments on Possibility of Going to TNA, Other Diva Releases

Former Diva and Celebrity Apprentice star, Maria Kanellis talked to the Miami Herald about the possibility of going to TNA and commented on the releases of some of her fellow Divas.

On TNA, she said:

“I never actually talked to [TNA] too much about it,” said Kanellis.

“ I’m not saying that I will never do it, but what I am saying is I’m completely focused on my acting career right now, and with pilot season coming up, I’m just super excited to be out here doing that. I’m in acting classes and working my tail off. I’ve been on tons of auditions.”

Kanellis also commented on the departures of Divas who came in at the same time as her:

“It’s very funny because I still have friends within WWE, and now seeing some of the other girls released, I’m so surprised,” said Kanellis.

“There was a whole group of us that came in together. It was me, Melina, Mickie [James], Jillian [Hall]. We all came in about the same time, and a lot of us are no longer there anymore. It’s kind of funny how we all went in around the same time and left around the same time. I’m just happy about the future.”

You can read the full story here.

Thoughts: Kanellis is keeping super busy, it seems. She has just filmed a movie with Gene Snitsky of all people due in 2013, will be recording more songs for another musical release and has the DivaMania tour coming up with Jillian and Tiffany. Good luck to her. Don’t forget that Maria will join us on Diva Dirt LIVE this Wednesday at 10pm.

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  • Aksana

    First Modelling, then Wrestling, then Singing, then Reality TV, and now Movies? Wow. She’s done quite a bit, I guess she’ll have no problem running out of stories to tell her grandchildren?

  • A.E

    Aksana haahaaa kinda i gree but i wanna point out something she is said and make me thinking is melina is the next to leave wwe because she is right that all of her divas co-workers that come at the same time all of them left only melina is remaining that make me wounder about her future in wwe.

    maria is doing a lot and she seems happy good for her.

  • Macho Madness

    the is one girl I would NEVER want to see in TNA!

  • SlapHappy

    Glad she’s not headed to TNA. What for really? She’s cool and a beautiful girl, but let her do her acting thing and stay away from the ring please.

  • Teri

    I think she should continue to pursue a career in acting, and forget TNA (and pro wrestling altogether). TNA is going to do absolutely NOTHING for her.

  • The_JM

    Macho Maddness in a good or bad way?
    Happy for her, glad she’s keeping busy. She reminds me a lot of velvet sky, not too great in the ring but sure can cut a promo and has great mic skills. Melina being released seems unlikely right now seeing as how she’s feuding with nattie which will probably last until mid february.

  • SlapHappy

    And vice versa, she would bring nothing to TNA.

    I mean really, I hate to sound like a party pooper but, Maria isn’t really a big deal. As I’ve said, she’s beautiful and cool but she doesn’t do anything for me. Bon Voyage, Maria Kanellis.

  • Macho Madness

    @THE_JM Nothing against her really, she just isn’t not the kind of girl I want in the KO division and in TNA.

  • tjsmith3

    Maria is a nice girl and all, but I DON”T want to see her in TNA. She really brings nothing to the table. Her wrestling is mediocre at best and TNA already has enough pretty faces. If she came to TNA, what would you do with her?

  • The_JM

    @mm I guess I feel the same besides the way things are going for her, I don’t think she’ll need tna.

  • Kaledrina

    love how she’s been keeping herself busy. i think she realises that wrestling just wasn’t for her, but she was a good talker when push came to shove. i wouldn’t mind seeing her in tna in that capacity but for now i’m just glad she’s still finding work.

  • Macho Madness

    just is not the kind of girl*

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Maria & TNA is a horrible mixup. She should stick to what she does best and that’s modeling & acting.

  • The_JM

    @kaledrina curious, who exactly is that for your screen image?

  • melina prez

    She definately should not wrestle fot TNA. She was ok but not to good. Happy she is staying busy.

  • CableV

    I love how a lot of these ex-wrestlers are always talking about their “projects”. Meanwhile, outside of the internet and conventions, we never see or hear from them again. Good luck Maria, see you on that Divas World Tour with Jillian & Taryn.

  • Alex

    I would love to see Maria in tna she capitalized on that one moment of huge mic time in wwe and think about how she could be with the freedom that the knockouts have mickies with tna and she stills works on her music so Maria can too

  • Kantrell

    Shoot if Chirsty Hemme could do it then Maria can fa sure can do it..

  • ryanmvs

    If Christy returns to the ring full time I’d love to see Maria work as a backstage interviewer and well interviewing Madison she attacks Madison for calling her a red-headed Bimbo.

  • fanboy

    I can’t imagine TNA asking her to have a audition match… lol…. might be full of botches even if its with the best TNA’s got… she should just stay out of the ring… or even away from my tv… I stopped liking her after she became pretty bitter about wwe with her whole DIVA DIARIES thing…

  • fanboy

    Christy was pretty decent before she left WWE imo… I didnt think she that bad unlike Maria

  • Holbrook

    I think that Christy was a good wrestler.
    And i adore Maria, ive just been watching her matches. She did show improvement since her beginngin. i plan to follow her career and stay a fan through whateveer she does!
    Question dd readers-my brother and i, always have this fight!- he thinks that kelly kelly is more talented (wrestling wise) and more beautiful than Maria, but im the opposite. Who do you think? We always have dif. wrestling opinions.

  • seasons-of-love

    Christy had two really nice matches with Melina at the end of her WWE run. Her match with Victoria was alright as well.

    Um, and I defo think Kelly is more talented than Maria. Maria just wasn’t naturally athletic. At all. They’re both pretty.

  • ryanmvs

    IMO Kelly is worthless.. I mean I liked Kelly with the whole Mike Knox storyline when she started WWE but wrestling wise she may look good in the ring… but she’s not good. she botches more than the bellas.. and for Maria.. I like red-headed punk chicks better than blonde bimbos IMO

  • Mickey_Beck

    Incase you guys don’t know she hates melina so if she is released then she won’t be joining.