Diva Dirt LIVE with Maria Kanellis: January 5th, 2010 / New DDLIVE Homepage

Former WWE Diva, Maria Kanellis will be our special guest tonight on Diva Dirt LIVE. The show kicks off at 10pm ET.

We’ll also be discussing and taking your calls on who you think will be the breakout star(s) of 2011, following WWE.com’s selection of Tamina.

As always, call in on 347-989-8156.

NEW HOMEPAGE: As we see in the New Year, it’s a new look for Diva Dirt LIVE! DDLIVE now has its own official homepage which can be located at diva-dirt.com/live. Simply log-on every Wednesday night to listen to the show and join the chatroom. The new sub-site also has all the details you need to call in for free via Skype or Google Talk.

See you tonight!

EDIT: Archive of the show below:

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