Diva Dirt & ChickFight Presents: Taylor Wilde’s Retirement Match Against Alissa Flash on February 5th

The February 5th match between Alissa Flash and Taryn Terrell has now become a retirement match for former TNA Knockout, Taylor Wilde! Quite the juxtaposition considering it would have been Terrell’s first independent match. Going in the opposite direction, Diva Dirt and ChickFight will now be presenting Taylor’s final match on February 5th in San Francisco.

Diva Dirt will be on hand, providing exclusive live updates, photos, videos and more. The match will be available for download via ClickWrestle.com.

Plus, Diva Dirt’s David (Mr Glamazon) will serve as special guest ring announcer.

Full details for the bout are below:

ChickFight, Pro Wrestling Revolution and Diva-Dirt.com are pleased to announce that we have selected a replacement for former WWE Diva, Taryn Terrell (Tiffany) at our February 5th live event.

Former TNA Knockouts Champion, Shantelle Taylor aka Taylor Wilde, will step into the ring for the final time for ChickFight and Pro Wrestling Revolution on February 5th in San Francisco.

In a special ChickFight match presented by Diva-Dirt.com, the #1 women’s wrestling website, Shantelle will face off against Diva Dirt’s fan-voted Independent Wrestler of the Year, ‘The Future Legend’ Alissa Flash.


The extremely talented Taylor has decided to retire from the professional wrestling industry following her departure from TNA Wrestling last year. Competing around the world for TNA as Taylor Wilde, Shantelle became one of the most decorated females in the company, winning the Knockouts Championship on one occasion and the Knockouts Tag Team Championships on two occasions.

Now ready to hang up her boots, she hopes to leave her mark on the industry by defeating fellow former TNA Knockout and one of the finest female wrestlers in North America, Flash.

Will Shantelle ride off into the sunset with one last victory, or will the Future Legend end her career with a loss? One thing that is guaranteed is that both females will be giving it their all in Shantelle’s last match.

Join us in bidding farewell to Shantelle live on Saturday, February 5th at John A. O’Connell High School in San Francisco. Doors open at 6pm PDT. Pre-sale tickets are just $10 for general admission and $20 for front row and can be purchased at the link below. Tickets at the door will be $15 for general admission and $25 for front row.

For more information please visit www.prowrestling-revolution.com and www.diva-dirt.com.

Click here to purchase tickets!

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  • soju81

    Wow…. sounds like a really good match. Chickfight/DD did a good job finding a replacement for Tiffany. I wish I could see Shantelle’s last match live. I wish she wasn’t retiring because I always hoped to see her square off against Gail Kim, but I wish her the best….

  • A.E

    i am kinda surprised that she is going to retire she still young don’t tell me that because she going to get married anyway good luck for her and wish her the best.

  • Billy James

    Well I’m not surprised as Taylor recently got engaged and her future husband lives in England. So let’s be happy for her.

  • A.E

    i also read on some site that she wanna concentrate on her psychology studies maybe that on of the reasons that she is retiring

  • http://www.facebook.com Trevon

    AWW her last match man I wish i could see that, but i know its gonna be good, but i hope she goes out on top

  • Ayzali

    I’m glad she’s returning to her studies. Although it varies on the Indies she’s being conscious of her body. I’m really looking forward to the match even though it’s bittersweet.

  • drayme

    What an upgrade!

  • JillianHallTNA

    I hope that Taylor wins :D

  • wl75

    This is gonna be a brawl, since Taylor can fight like there’s no tomorrow- since for her, there isn’t….Alissa better watch herself on this one…

  • Macho Madness

    Taylor Wilde is an upgrade for sure!! Should be a great match!

  • The Crying Light

    News of her retirement breaks my heart. She really is quite talented. Her movements are very crisp and natural-looking, she flowed well in the ring and I rarely see her botch a move. I can still remember the kicks she gave Velvet during her early feud with the Beautiful People. For a time, she actually reminded me of Alundra Blayze. I don’t mean that of course to offend Blayze’s fans but she did seem to be heading toward that direction.

    And granted, she was given an early title run, but as far as I’m concerned, she quickly proved herself to be worthy of being given an upset over Kong because her skills were convincing.

    I think she only had a few weaknesses. One is the fact that she never had anything remarkable about her moveset that made fans to really associate her with or really find her interesting as far as casual viewers were concerned. Granted, her movements were great but her set was quite generic. Also, I always thought that her finisher was a bit impractically unless ODB was the one selling it.

    But that being said, this is something that she can easily work on. Her body seems capable of a lot of things beyond the cookie-cutter set.

    I hope she reconsiders retiring because she has a lot of potential as far as in-ring work is concerned. :)

  • The Crying Light

    PS: I just read that she’s retiring to concentrate on her studies. That’s good for her. Of course, as a fan of her work, I can’t help but wish she would continue wrestling whenever she has time. Maybe she can ask MsChif for some tips. ;)

  • jdcabltv

    i will miss her wrestling, but she is getting married and probably wants to start a family too, and probably is tired of the BS that is pro wrestling…LOL!! GOOD LUCK TO BOTH LADIES!! THIS WILL BE A GREAT MATCH!!

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Rather have tiffany but either way i love taylor. I’m glad she’s retiring, she has had a good run in the wrestling industry and now it’s time for her to make a family with young future wrestlers (:

  • vgmkyle

    How the hell is this a replacement? It’s an upgrade! I can’t stand Tiffany, but I love Taylor’s charisma and ability to perform. Flash will dominate her, but it’ll be a good match overall.

  • adifferentsame

    I have no doubt that this could be just as endearing and passionate as Trish Stratus’ farewell match was, albeit on a lesser stage. And what an opponent to cap your career off with. All the best, Taylor.

  • The_JM

    I was always a big fan of her work not just in tna but in the indies especially in shimmer. She had to rebuild a division that suffered a loss of gail kim. Maybe she’ll come back to the indies like alicia did but regardless I’m happy for her and I wish nothing but the best. It’ll also be interesting to see her face Melissa since they faced about 5 years ago at shimmer volume 3, we’ll see how much both have grown in-the-ring. And agreed this is NOT a replacement its an UPGRADE. Lol no offense to Tiffany.

  • melina prez

    Awwwww that’s sad she’s retiering noooooooooooooooo.

  • Williambitious

    I wish she wouldn’t retire but I’m sure she knows what’s best. I also wish I could watch the match.. oh well. The best of luck to both but I’m hoping Taylor wins.


    Agreed with LVEFAN Id rather have Tiffany just to see if she has a chance of being a great wresler. But Im gonna miss Taylor she was my favorite KO hope she wins. *off topic* Speaking of people I miss, Cherry LOL I have no clue why though.

  • http://yahoo.com madslam2009

    No my Shantelle. She was the reson I became a female wrestler. At least I can see the Clickwrestle match. MAN I will miss her.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOyzTv-g8FA Piggie James

    Must say that it’s very sad to see Taylor leave. But she’s still very young, and it’s not like she has completely ruled out wrestling ever again (although unlikely). Hopefully she will succeed in her new career path, and potentially still wrestle a few shows now and again for fun :D

    This match sounds absolutely awesome, and I agree that Tiffany is no comparison to Taylor, who could potentially call herself a veteran of the business already. The difference in their attitudes also speaks volumes of how Taylor will be sorely missed.

    There’s obviously a few rare women in the industry today who still have a career (Tara), but as I’ve heard from many female wrestlers recently, Mickie, Tara, Taylor, and Madison, it’s all very important to have something to fall back on when your wrestling career ends. If you suffer a serious injury and your career is cut short, then you’ll really have no good means of supporting yourself.

    Alissa Flash is a superb final opponent for Taylor, and I don’t think anyone could have asked for anyone better. Will be a top class match for sure.