Get It While It’s Hot: Makeover Battle Royal

Here’s your chance to watch last night’s, in the words of Christian Siriano, “hot mess” of a Makeover Battle Royal. Actually, if I were you I’d skip through and just watch the ladder match and if you like seeing girls getting scalped (okay, exaggeration) then you might wanna watch Roxxi getting her hair did too. Fierce! Anyway, get it while you can coz I don’t think it will be online for long:

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  • Kelli

    Poor Roxxie. It should have been one of those bitches like Velvet Sky or Angelina Love. Maybe even Christy Hemme. But not Roxxie.

  • Daniel

    Lol, calm Kelli. Angelina & Velvet were playing characters. I’m sure the real ladies themselves didn’t want anybody to get their head shaved.