Armchair Creative Team: How Should WWE Book Awesome Kong’s Debut?

It’s the return of the Armchair Creative Team! You’ve probably heard of the term ‘armchair quarterback': someone who sits on the sidelines and feels they know best. Similarly, the Armchair Creative Team is our own spin on that term, as we lend our ideas to WWE’s Creative Team for possible storylines. Okay, it’s a trillion percent likely that none of our ideas will ever come to be — but there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasizing!

This time we tackle how WWE should handle Awesome Kong’s debut to the company. Three of our writers have weighed in with their storyline ideas. Which one would you most like to see come to life? Read the three pitches and then vote! And as always, you can share your own ideas in the comments.

Cryssi’s Idea
So playing off something I heard about there potentially being a female Nexus member… here we go. Over the next few weeks and post Royal Rumble, the Nexus under the guidance of CM Punk leave the WWE in a wake of destruction. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel take the Tag Team Championships back from Santino and Kozlov, while David Otunga ends up feuding with and winning the United States Championship from Daniel Bryan. CM Punk has entered into a feud with Randy Orton, the new WWE Champion after he defeats the Miz at the Royal Rumble, and one night during the ending segment of Raw after a horrible Nexus beatdown of Randy Orton, Punk cuts a promo saying that the Nexus will soon become the most dominant force professional wrestling has ever seen. His goal is to have every championship belt on Raw inside the Nexus and because he won the Royal Rumble, the WWE Championship will be his at WrestleMania. He lets those words linger and says that of course, there is one other championship. It doesn’t mean much, but it’s a title and he wants it inside the group as well. Yup, it’s the ‘butterfly belt’ that Natalya is still wearing around her waist.

He talks about how impressive she was in beating Melina at the Rumble, and wonders out loud exactly which Diva is worthy enough to bring the championship to Nexus. In the end, Punk declares that the shameless Divas of Raw are not good enough. They’re just ‘flimsy little gold-diggers who signed their contracts simply to gain their fifteen minutes of fame’. The woman who is going to bring gold to the Nexus is someone who can not only destroy every single bleached blond (and brunette) on the roster, but she can also stand toe to toe with any man as well. Punk flashes his trademark smirk to the crowd and points at the stage where a piece of deliciously devastating music begins to play over the PA system. The lights dim and the spotlight rises, and Awesome Kong makes her way onto the stage… and she has her hand wrapped around the throat of Natalya! She drags Natalya to the ring, who is desperately trying to fight her off, and Kong tosses her inside like a rag doll. The Nexus boys scatter and Kong takes center stage. Natalya is coughing and gasping for air, but Kong just pounces on her. She beats the living daylights out of Natalya and puts her out of her misery with an Awesome Bomb. She places her foot on Natalya’s chest, takes her Nexus armband from her pocket, slips it on and raises her hand in the air like a salute. The crowd is stunned speechless. The boys salute her back. And CM Punk stands there nodding in approval. Kong reaches down and picks up the Divas Championship, which she had brought with her to the ring along with Natalya, and she places it across her shoulder. She spits down at Natalya and says one simple word; “Mine.”

Erin’s Idea
After Melina defeats Natalya at the Royal Rumble and becomes Divas Champion, she plays up her heel character, becoming more cocky and arrogant. She takes her “slap happy” thing to another level, embarrassing Divas left and right by smacking them in the face backstage, after matches, etc. The slapping becomes her “thing”, and she plays on it by “warming up” her hand or wearing a glove. This goes on for a bit until, in the middle of a self-congratulating backstage interview following an easy victory, she bumps into a nameless woman. Not seeing or noticing who she bumped into, she yells at the faceless peon for making her drop her Divas Title, her back turned until she reaches the end of her tirade, turning around and coming face to face (face to chest?) with Kong. She’s intimidated, but, being cocky, she goes to slap her to ‘teach her a lesson’. Instead of blocking it, Kong takes the slap, but does not react–she doesn’t even blink. Shocked, Melina tries again, with the same result. Flabbergasted, Melina just stares at Kong, asking “Who the hell are you?” Instead of answering, Kong slaps Melina, sending her to the floor like a ton of bricks. Kong takes the belt, hoists it on her shoulder and walks off.

The ensuing weeks will deal with Melina trying to get her belt back, but being too intimidated by Kong to get close enough to take it. This could be played straight with a touch of humor. Kong becomes less of a voiceless monster as the weeks progress, playing Melina’s intimidation for laughs. Eventually, we learn who Kong is, she gets mic time, and, exasperated at her inability to possess her own title belt, Melina soon agrees to defend the championship at WrestleMania. But, in a sense, she’s battling to get her belt back–Kong’s just competing to keep it. The feud would be largely out-of-the-ring encounters with their first match (singles or otherwise) taking place at WrestleMania. The aims of the feud would be establishing Melina as a heel once again and introducing Kong as a monster in the expected way, injecting her with babyface personality as the storyline progresses.

Melanie’s Idea
Awesome Kong is not just a threat to the babyfaces (assuming she is a heel), but a threat to the entire Divas division. As such, much like her role in TNA, she should be played up as the monster that doesn’t give a you-know-what about anyone. It’s safe to say that with someone of the magnitude of Kong, you’d want her in your title picture as soon as possible and that is exactly what I suggest…

I’d place Kong’s debut at the Royal Rumble later this month. Sure, some would like to see her debut in the Rumble match itself but I’d much rather see her make her mark upon her debut. (There’s always next year for the Rumble!) Following a hard fought title defense against Melina at the Royal Rumble, Natalya would be celebrating in the ring — a little out of breath — when all of a sudden the lights go dark. When they turn back on, an unidentified figure (to the announcers) would appear at the top of the ramp-way.

Making a beeline for the ring (or more importantly, who’s in it), Kong walks down to the ring with authority as Natalya realises she’s coming for her and tries to put up a fight, showing the fans what a true, fighting champion she is, but Kong overpowers her. In a display of her unique presence, Kong would throw Natalya around the ring like a rag doll before hitting the exclamation point: the Implant Buster.

Making her statement on the WWE — and the Divas Champion — the fans/announcers would be left to wonder who this new mystery woman is. “Can she even be called a Diva? She’s a monster!”

The next night on Raw, the footage from the Rumble would be recapped by the announcers and it’d be announced that Natalya isn’t at the show tonight due to the harsh beating she took. Then, the lights would flicker and the Anonymous Raw GM’s laptop would buzz. The GM’s email would say that he hopes the fans like his latest signing, confirming Kong’s identity as whatever name they give her. Following this, it’d be time for our standard two minute Diva match between any combination of Divas. (Take your pick.) Halfway through the match, the lights would go down and Kong’s new music would hit. Once again she’d make her way down to the ring, and this time annihilate both of the Divas involved in the match.

Kong’s path of destruction would continue for a couple of weeks until Natalya returns to Raw and makes a gutsy challenge. Showing what a fighting champion she is, she challenges Kong to a match ‘anytime, any place, anywhere’. Of course, Kong is only too happy to accept and it’s on at Elimination Chamber in February. In a non-title match, this one is all about the fight — Natalya tries to show she’s not intimidated by Kong but is generally overpowered by the monster Diva. Natalya would try and try to fight back, not giving up but realizing the task of defeating Kong may be too much for her, her friend and fellow ‘Sister of Destruction’, Beth Phoenix would come out and throw in a white towel ending the match.

Unable to defeat Kong — but never backing down — Natalya would challenge Kong again, this time for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania. In the lead-up to the show, we’d see Kong work her way through a series of Divas — both heels and babyfaces — to the point where the entire Divas roster takes a stand against Kong on the final episode of Raw/SmackDown before WrestleMania. All of the Divas unite, come down to the ring and say they’re here to bring the fight to Kong. A huge brawl would ensue with Kong taking out Divas left and right but eventually all of the Divas would begin to wear her down and Natalya would get the upper-hand by leaving Kong laying in the ring.

However, come WrestleMania, Kong’s reign of terror would truly begin when she’d defeat Natalya for the belt and move onto her next victim… er, I mean challenger.

Which idea did you like best? Which would you most want to see? Vote below!

Remember to share your own ideas in the comments!

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  • ryanmvs

    I think Kong will be in the rumble even though I’d hate to say it. I think Chyan shouldn’t stayed the only diva to ever compete in the rumble. No her AND Beth.

  • A.E

    i am personally would like for her depute on her own on both smackdown and raw dominate both brands.

    but i take Cryssi idea it well made the nexus watchable it well give the divas more exposure on raw
    if wwe smart would not let her as laycool bodyguard it well overshadow her.and it well make laycool sorta of hypocrite since their previous fat and man joke kong as laycool sidekick wouldn’t make since and it well make her number two.

  • Holbrook

    love all your ideas! very creative! if only you guys were the wwe and tna creative team womens wrestling would be at its peak!!! well done ladies as always!

  • ryanmvs

    I like Erins. The slap thing made me laugh. haha.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    cryssi, was the best, and i actually got into the storyline that she talked about. also, i read that her name is gonna be Kong, which i am fine with, as long as they give her a dominating theme and everything, :). i just cant wait until she debuts lol

    or i also wouldnt mind her begin the bodyguard of Laycool

  •!/jayd211 Jayd211

    i would love for Melanie’s idea to happen and i think its the most likely of the ideas that could happen

    the only way id tweak it is i would play up Nattie and Kong’s past WWE (actually Matt Striker) has mentioned in the past that Nattie trained in Japan so why not let Kong be not only a monster heel but a monster from Nattie’s past that has come to make her life a living hell. when she first debuts the announcers can be like who is she and nattie can have a look on her face like what are u doing here have Kong destroy her and then let her be off tv for a while like Melanie said but then when she comes back have nattie cut a promo explaining to everyone who this monster really is.

    id also down the line love a renewal of the gail/kong feud and they could completely ignore the past there if they wanted (since they dont acknowledge TNA)

  • gameover813

    i honestly dont think Awsome Kong is going to be part of Nexus i think it might end up being Maxine since most wrestling sites have been saying that creative is thinking of adding a female nexus member. If there gonna do that i see them wanting someone more of a talker then a wrestler so more Maxine then Awsome Kong, so for Kong i see creative just using her has a bodyguard for Lay-Cool then her just snapping on them and destroying them or Awsome Kong appering after some 6 Diva tag match and destroying all of the Divas in the match plus other divas coming out trying to stop her but she just ends up destroying them to…..

  • FELO.

    Not a fan of Melina winning the title and being the queen of slaps, seems kinda silly to me. For me it’s either Cryssi or Melanie. I’d be happy with either one if they were executed well.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Can’t choose because i predicted all of them, so it’s hard to just chose one :\

    I guess i want her to debut in the royal rumble being the 3rd women to ever step in the RR but this time eliminating all of the jobbers (of course) and then eliminating herself. It would be a great way to make a name for herself right away, and then who knows were it could go from there.

  • Vakho

    cant choose.

  • knowyourrole

    I honestly HATE the idea of Kong being apart of Nexus. It would completely throw it off. I do like the idea of them gaining all the titles (although it’s iffy if slater and gabriel are even still in Nexus). But it needs to be a girl that was actually ON NXT. It would make far more sense than just bringing in someone random. Not to mention do you REALLY think that the wwe will use her right? If they are gonna have a diva in that big of a storyline it’s gonna be a hot one. I would like to see Kong paired with Laycool. I think it will in the long run be better for her.

  • Vakho

    its weird to debut at royal rumble.. what would be her theme?! or tron?! i guess that wont happen.. i think something like an ambush or being laycools bodyguard since they were loosing?! i dont know… but definitely not the royal rumble.

  • Goodvibes


    Kong makes her first appearance on Smackdown, as Vickie Guerrero’s/Dolph Zigglers bodyguard. With Dolph making a beeline for Edge’s title, Vickie introduces Kong as her latest weapon, much like Chyna for HHH Kong could interfere in matches and help Dolph towards the title, and teach Vickie’s tormentors a lesson or two along the way.

    IDEA TWO: With Laycool on a losing streak as of late,Layla and Michelle introduce Kong as there special ‘Helper’ much like the idea above Kong could run through anyone and everyone for the girls. Eventually this could lead to a Laycool break up, with Kong siding with Layla to attack Michelle, as Layla no longer ‘needs’ Michelles help as she has Kong .

    IDEA THREE: Have Kong debut on Raw after the Royal Rumble , Melina gets a re-match for the title and Natalya is standing in the ring only for Kong to hit the ring and decimate her. Melina could side with Kong as well as her mouthpiece, an updated Raisha Saeed of sorts.

  • Vakho

    and the girl in nexus should be MAXINE

  • jim3009

    I was thinkin more of Naomi & Kong (as sisters) debuting at once. What the story line would be similar to her role on tna she have naomi be brain and kong be the muscle and together could could face Laycool or beth & natalya. Also make there debut unexpected on smackdown to attack all divas then the same or raw…then after that make there big debut in a battle royal ,they would enter last and dominate the whole match.

  • Vakho

    @goodvibes idea 2 rocked.

  • RockinRed45Mvs

    Oh gosh I can’t choose either. I really liked all three. The Nexus storyline would work cuz they would be unstoppable. Even if Melina doesn’t win the title or feuds with Kong I really would like her to embrace the ‘emotional’ thing. LayCool and Natalya have said that on commentary so it could work. Mix that with the ‘slap happy’ gimmick and you got a real character and personality (something Creative needs to do with the Divas).

    Kong could even come in as LayCool’s bodygaurd. I don’t want it but its what I see WWE wanting to do. LayCool has established themselves as cowardly. (Aren’t all heels? lol) Anyways they’ve taken it to a new level. They could bring her into tag matches and have her win them for them. Kong realizes that and turns on LayCool.

    My guess is either her in Nexus or LayCool’s bodyguard.

  • SClub7

    I say make her Darren Youngs Mom/valet, kinda like Shelton Benjamin and Momma. Just kidding..But I’m afraid that’s how she’s gonna be used..

    I want her to be the only female on a male season of NXT. I think making her a valet would be lame.. I could totally see them putting her with Eziekel Jackson or Mark Henry :/ And I agree with that one person, put Maxine in Nexus!

  • Gail Kim #1


    Gail was released from WWE, she didn’t just leave.. So she didn’t CHEAT on WWE by going to TNA..! It uis only logical to go to the 2nd company and earn a living.
    Surely as Kong is from TNA she deserves the same treatment? I know she’s huge but I mean it’s totally double standards, She made the TNA KO Division with Gail Kim..

    Hmm, GOTTA be Gail Kim!!!!!

  • 04bia

    im not too sure about kong joining nexus i dont think it will happen the last thing raw needs is more divas they’ve got more than enough. i personally would love kong to go to sd since they need more diva talent. also i would love to see kong vs beth!!!

    honestly the real possibility i see right now is kong being laycools bodyguard. i dont knw why BUT it seems realistic. storyline wise laycool are losing, they can’t beat and overcome beths strengths. they always get the short end of the stick cos beth always beats them. tbh after this weeks sd, beth beat michelle showing that their rivalry is ending, so a new rivalry is needed. ENTER KONG!
    heres how i would do it, laycool bring in kong to be their “muscle” against beth! they get kong to their dirty work. later kong gets pissed because laycool are “ordering” her about and this sets up the laycool/kong feud!

    p.s alotta people are saying laycools gimmick is getting stale and they’re getting boring, so id say this is a good possibility to get laycool back in the hunt!

  • MadisonMaryse

    All good but I voted Melanie as I think it’s closest to how I would book it too.

    I’d have Kong debut at WrestleMania. Have Mania feature Natalya defending against Beth in a face vs face bout between the two friends. Nattie retains and then afterwards they’d shake hands then Kong comes in out of nowhere and attacks both leaving them laying and standing tall. In the weeks that follow Beth & Nattie talk about knowing who Kong is but never thought she’d show up here. Leading to an Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules, Kong wins the title from Natalya. At Over the Limit, Beth challenges her for the belt but comes up short. June comes around with Fatal 4 Way, so we throw Gail Kim into the mix. Gail ends up shocking the world and winning the title with a surprise rollup on Natalya. Kong gets a rematch at MITB in July where Gail is able to retain via countout. At SummerSlam, we have a blockbuster 6 woman tag of Beth/Nattie/Gail vs Kong/Maryse/Alicia. Kong’s team wins when she pins Gail which grants her a title rematch at Night of Champions.

    From there it can branch out in two different directions.

    1.) Gail retains through a DQ finish which leads to a rematch in the first ever Divas HIAC match so there will be no countouts or DQs and Kong wins the belt back there. At Survivor Series we have Gail/Nattie/Beth/Eve/Kelly vs Kong/Alicia/Maryse/Laycool, Nattie gets the win for her team in the end so she faces Kong in a tables match at TLC. Kong manages to put Nattie through a table and retain. At the Rumble, we have the first ever Divas Rumble (obviously smaller than the Royal Rumble) to crown a #1 contender. Beth wins and goes on to challenge Kong at WrestleMania where she finally overcomes her and wins the title after an impressive GlamSlam for a WrestleMania moment


    2.) Kong vs Gail was set for NOC but in the weeks leading up, diva chaos led to the match being changed to a championship scramble. Kong vs Beth vs Nat vs Gail(c) vs McCool. Michelle manages to sneak away with the belt which leads to the beginning of a Kong face turn as she challenges and destroys Michelle for the belt at HIAC. At Bragging Rights, Laycool take on Kong in a handicap match but Kong beats them both. Survivor Series features a 5 on 5 being Kong/Beth/Nattie/Kelly/Gail vs Michelle/Layla/Maryse/Alicia/Vickie, it comes down to Kong and Vickie and Vickie runs away for the countout. At TLC, Kong overcomes Melina and at Royal Rumble wins a 3 way over Maryse and Alicia. At WrestleMania, they have a divas battle royal to crown a new Miss WrestleMania. Vickie enters it and hides the whole time trying to sneak away with the win but it ultimately comes down to Vickie and Kong. Kong wins after giving Vickie the Awesome Bomb for our WrestleMania moment.

    Yeah I’m just going on and obviously none of this would EVER happen :P Just some ideas that I would go with if I was in charge.
    And the first story would obviously necessitate LayCool being sidetracked on SD with a mini-feud with say Kelly and Kaitlyn, and yeah that would never happen!
    There’s also other possible stories I imagine too like Kong as LayCool’s bodyguard.

    And lastly, I personally think Maxine should be the mouthpiece of her own stable, on Smackdown, elevating some lower card/newer guys rather than be in Nexus.

  • A.E

    bad idea of kong as laycool helper it well only put them in the spotlight and well make her a second place.

    deputing on her own would and made her a make her a monster heel .or make her part in nexus that would give the raw divas exposure that they need since nexus is the centerpiece of raw

  • A.E

    or even better wwe use gail and rekindle their feud

  • Rhawk

    Melanie hit the nail on the head by saying her debuting in the rumble wouldn’t be so big, I mean she needs the spotlight and the rumble isn’t the place for that tbh, she can always join next year.

    Also, besides the fact that Gabriel & Slater are on SmackDown now with The New Nexus, replace them with Husky & Michael as WWE Tag Champs, and the rest would fall right into it.

    In the end though, Melanie got my vote, makes Kong seem that much stronger really.

  • wl75

    Out of the three- Erin’s is the most interesting one, but all three of them have her debuting on Raw, when it’s more likely she debuts on Smackdown since they need more heels over there.

    I think the path of least resistance is to being her out as LayCool’s bodyguard in a program with Beth, then have her turn on LC when they realize too late she’s uncontrollable.