SmackDown Spoilers: January 21st, 2011

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

Beth Phoenix def. Layla (Source:
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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i can see this slowly, having Laycool, bring in Kong to help them stop losing to Beth, and have them starting to feud, and wrestler at wrestlemania which i am fine with, but should be a good match

  • K2hollax3

    lets hope this match is going to be good and hopefully not short.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Th3 Glamazon Strikes Again! Yeah I could see Lay-Cool bringing in Kong as a body guard. Im not really feeling that idea….but shoot anything to see Beth vs Kong!!!

  • Devin-Dash

    How many times do we have to see LayCool go against Beth? If the WWE can’t see how desperately the Divas division needs to be shaken up, they’re blind. SmackDown is lacking, they have no other choice but to pit the same people against each other week in and week out. CLEARLY something needs to give. Do a trade, have the draft early, anything. The SmackDown roster is incredibly lackluster.

  • Macho Madness

    hmmm this seems to be leading more and more towards Kong debuting as a LayCool’s bodygaurd because they can’t handle Beth on their own….

  • bortman

    then next week it going to be laycool vs beth with beth winning the match..

    then laycool will introduce KONG!!! soon.

  • Anthony

    SmackDown has become so repetitive its getting annoying, they desperately need to switch things up.

  • gameover813

    I guess this match will be alright ughhhhhh i just wish Smackdown would try 2 mix it up maybe a 6 Diva tag match with Kaitlyn,Kelly Kelly,Beth Phoenix vs Rosa, McCool, Layla i would really like to see that but i guess there doing this for Awsome Kong to come in as a bodyguard for Lay-Cool so will see…….

  • UncleCuc

    SD! only has 7 female performers and only 4 of them; Beth, K2, Michelle and Layla; are even watchable in the ring. That’s going to make for some repetitve matches. Compare that to RAW, which has 9 female performers who can all wrestle at least half decent.

  • wl75

    I agree- this has got to be leading up to Kong debuting as LC’s bodyguard- my hunch is she debuts the SD ep after the Rumble.

    You know what I’m thinking? They’ll combine Beth/Kong and Nattie/Melina’s feuds- could we see a Fatal 4-Way for the Divas title at Wrestlemania?

  • xMissxBellax

    Match could be decent but seriously… this is so boring. It’s the same thing over & over and they really dropped the ball with Beth’s return storyline. They need to shake things up badly. Send Gail to Smackdown. Send Alicia or Maryse…. go back to the writers that actually gave the Smackdown divas a story and attention.


    I could see this like others said LayCool introducing Kong as a BodyGuard and a Possible Kong vs. Beth match at WM.
    They also had Drew McIntyre vs. Trent Berratta(Sp?) Drew won and Then tried to shake his hand Trent declined Drew beat him down and Kelly ran out to check on Trent pissing off Drew

  • OvSeven

    next week Laycool Vs Beth in 2 on 1 or tag match with Beth Kelly (or Natalya) Vs Laycool

  • Valese

    I guess Layla didn’t lose via roll-up like Michelle did. Why does Layla have to be the one from Lay-Cool who has to eat mat, nearly all the time?

  • queennattie

    Where is this going……?

    Am I the only one who does not like the whole idea of Kong just being Laycool’s bodygaurd? I mean sure it will mean her vs. Beth (which I like) but I don’t like that she’ll be a “bodyguard”. I want her to just be Kong.

    I hope to goodness that she doesn’t debut as a bodyguard. I don’t know, I just feel like it’s so above her lol. I’d rather her be single.

    I hope Beth goes into the rumble again, then Kong comes in and eliminates her. Then Kong eliminates herself and starts attacking Beth until they get seperated.


    @queennattie I like that Idea ALOT better than her being a Bodyguard

  • 041293

    I do hope that they don’t make this ALL about Lay-Cool. Lay-Koong maybe?

  • Eve4Ever


  • drayme

    So predictable is bad in 2011.

  • Spideywebby

    I want Kong to come in & beat up all the Divas. Just like Shaniqua’s storyline with Dawn/Torrie/Nidia.

  • art1e

    all i can hope is that they dont have Layla “scared” of Beth & that’s how she gets the win..

    cant wait to see this match,love watching Beth & Layla is better with every match she has…

    why not bring Rosa into this feud & have her win a match???

    also put Kaitlyn with edge to face Vicky & Dolph is it that hard??..

    i think kong will be going to smackdown either for nexus/laycool i really dont like either.

  • Litaker61

    Smackdown seriously needs some shaking up cause the whole LayCool/Beth feud is getting stale fast.

  • 04bia

    i knew it, i knew this would lead up to kongs debut, it makes sense too. theres no point of having her debut at RR or enter in the divas title storyline outta the blue it would make sense. this storyline with laycool/beth seems realistic.
    & i agree laycool/beth is getting stale they’ve done the feud to death its needs refeshening! also wwe needs to do something about the sd’s divas roster, its too thin they need to debut naomi and kong soon!
    about kongs debut i feel it’ll be after RR on sd, laycool are unable to overcome beth so they bring in kong. not as their “BODYGUARD” but just as their plan to destory beth. they will use kong to do their dirty work simple!

  • Nick

    :( my favourite divas get beaten weeks after weeks! from Chelle to Lay!

  • LovableLittleRabbit

    Beth Phoenix defeats Layla.

    What else is new.