In Pictures: Divina Fly Gets TNA Photoshoot Treatment + Has Divina Signed with TNA?

Independent wrestler, Divina Fly, who recently had a tryout with TNA posted a few pictures from a photoshoot she did backstage with Lee South the day of her tryout.

In the past, tryout talents have been known to take part in photoshoots with TNA despite not being signed, including our own Mia Yim and Christina Von Eerie.

However, the difference between those photoshoots and this one is that those photoshoots didn’t bear the ‘’ watermark and this one does. That could lead one to speculate that Divina has been signed by TNA.

Check out Divina’s gorgeous photoshoot below courtesy of her Facebook page!

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  • A.E

    she look amazing i hope she got signed all what tna needed more girls to the roster .if she deputed i hope as a baby face cause ko short on faces.

  • Teri

    Ahhhhh, she looks superb. Can’t wait for her debut!

  • dafalcon

    Lee South always does amazing work, but in this case he begins with exceptionally fine material! Thea Trinidad, aka Divina Fly, is knockout gorgeous, but what may surprise wrestling fans is that she is every bit as beautiful wrestling as she is posing. This is an exceptional young talent with a special pedigree. I hope that our suspicions are true and that she will soon be in the TNA ring!


    She is absoloutly Stunning! I hope she gets signed by TNA, but i would of prefered in WWE, but as long as she’s happy

  • kemare1

    She looks amazing btw did anyone else know kelly kelly has worn that outfit on tv before


    sorry this is off topic but can someone please tell me all the independant wrestlers that have tried out for tough enough?

    @kemare1 I think its just the same top as kelly different boots and pants i think and imo she looks so much hotter than Kelly in that outfit

  • A.E

    @kemare1 haaa i would thinking of the same thing.

    @xILOVENATTIEx personally she well be perfect in tna.ko need more girls wwe is already staked .

  • kemare1

    Ya the top was the same and kellys short were of course shorter

  • A.E

    @xILOVENATTIEx we don’t know yet.

  • callie superperv

    i’m in love

  • Aksana

    Very pretty girl, i’m sure she’ll fit right in with the Knockouts. Hopefully she will get signed because i’d love to see Divina vs Sarita.

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    Wow that last pic of her is stunning! Like Trish Stratus stunning. This girl HAS to be signed by TNA. I hope they use her well. Would love to see her join the beautiful people. Cause she is obviously beautiful! One problem, she isn’t blond

  • Macho Madness

    I REALLY want her to get signed! It’s looking good! *FINGERS CROSSED*

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    I also prefered WWE for her but TNA is still a good choice. She could be TNA’s own “AJ Lee”.

  • A.E

    i don’t get your logic know why people bitching about should be signing with wwe in the same time they bitching about the lack of the faces in tna you people should be thankful if she got signed with tna going to be different fresh face plus i am kinda tired of seeing the same faces in if she got wwe i bet my money that she well be lost in the mix.just because she is a pretty face then wwe sign her

  • baby

    looks a lil bit like trish !

  • LaceyVonErichFan


    Seriously? Must you comment on people wanting her to be in WWE? You really have to shutup. If people rather have her in WWE over TNA then let it be, no reason to comment on an opinion. You obviously want her in TNA because your a Knockout mark well i want her in WWE because she has the whole package to be in WWE which is rare in the indies and it’s like a one out of a lifetime chance. Jennifer, SDR, Serena and Christina are the only women who really belong in TNA.

  • Spideywebby

    I’m sure TNA will use her more well compare to WWE. Since Kong, AJ, Naomi & Katylin are still waiting for their debut, i’m sure WWE will have more than enough problems just to think of how & what to do with them. Plus the fact that Beth is still not really feuding with any Divas currently, the weird Melina plots & Eve, they should stop getting new girls.

  • LaceyVonErichFan


    Well TNA have the same problems with WWE. They have Daffney and Miss.T who are doing nothing while Madison/Tara are feuding with Mickie. The Angelina/Winter storyline is progressing with Velvet tagging along as well. Now that Velvet vs. Sarita is done, Sarita has nothing to do. TNA is a mess, it’s all over the place. Espicially with Divina coming in, what would she do? Become a valet for a while?

  • Spideywebby

    Lol don’t worry LVEF. I’m sure TNA will think of someone to feud with Sarita since she signed another 2 year contract. She probably be teaming up with Winter soon to feud with TBP, & after Mickie wins the title, she probably gonna go for it. No matter how i see it, I’m sure she wouldn’t be in Gail Kim’s shoes. TNA is definitely not in a mess, & i rather have the Knockouts ‘all over the place’ than a 5 min match.

    IF Divina is coming in, i’m sure being a valet for a while is not a bad thing. She is young, she got all the time. Why rush to get into the ring? Plus i’m sure the spotlight will shift soon, & Daffney will probably be involved in something. Miss.T i couldn’t care less. Maybe throw her in to feud with Cookie or something.

  • -liam

    Has nobody noticed…..shes wearing Kelly Kellys ring attire? (the top and bottoms with belt) strange

  • A.E

    @LaceyVonErichFan listen up i won’t repeat myself again i am not a ko mark i said i want her in tna because they lack a lot of talent and they need a fresh face that all if anyone her that is a wwe mark is you .and beside the only way to get in wwe if is a current talent got fired because the roster is technically U need stop being a bitch.and stop attacking me for just expressing my opinion .gosh you are annoying.

  • A.E

    actually if davina come tna maybe she well form alliance with mickie .to be brought by mickie as an equalizer to tara to keep her from interference and maybe tag champ one point so there is a lot of possibilities that you could think off not just valet.

  • ryanmvs


    I don’t know if to read it on diva-dirt or if you missed it but Brooke is out with a broken jaw. and Daffney… She’s useable. but I bet TNA won’t use her because she’s not ‘pretty’ enough.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Reminds me on Trish Stratus :D