SmackDown Redux (January 28th, 2011): Wait. Which Team Are The Heels?

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But this week, I so don’t have one!


After last week’s completely solid edition of the A-List show, SmackDown, I had high expectations for this week especially after such a great edition of Raw. But as per usual, somebody somewhere dropped the ball and SmackDown had to regretfully job to Raw this week. It sucks and it’s unfortunate, and SmackDown does not deserve to be the Rosa Mendes of the shows. Ouch. That was a low blow.

Instead of the handicap match I predicted last week, we got a Diva tag team match consisting of Michelle McCool and Layla squaring off against Kelly Kelly and her partner, the rarely seen endangered species known as Kaitlyn. Following that, we also had continuation in the Drew/Kelly Kelly WWE High saga. Seriously, those YouTube videos are gold.

And no Beth Phoenix. Sorry, David.

Lay-Cool’s theme music is playing when SmackDown returns from commercial break. The official number one contenders for the Diva’s Champion are dressed in their flawless best and boosting each others’ ego as they walk down to the ring. Michelle and Layla pause to themselves out when all of a sudden they are clubbed down from behind. NXT Season 3 winner, Kaitlyn, sends them crashing to the concrete and Kelly Kelly isn’t far behind. The “faces” seem pretty pleased at their actions and they both kick Lay-Cool towards the ring. Kelly drops down besides Layla and begins pounding her head into the mat, while Michelle manages to kick Kaitlyn away and fight back just a little bit. Kaitlyn stumbles back and that allows Michelle to pry Kelly off Layla and scream at her to get off of her friend. Kaitlyn comes storming back towards Michelle, spins her around, and spears her squarely into the guardrail. Michelle screams in pain and rightfully so. She basically look like she broke in half. It doesn’t help the matter anyway when Layla gets thrown into Michelle. Both members of Lay-Cool hit the ground again.

Kaitlyn picks up Michelle and Kelly picks up Layla, and Lay-Cool find themselves tossed into the ring. Kaitlyn and Kelly climb in behind them and they send Lay-Cool to the canvas with simultaneous clotheslines. The referee orders Kelly from the ring and she obliges him, and that allows Lay and Cool to get back to their feet. Kaitlyn is waiting and double-clotheslines them back down. Layla rolls out of the ring and the referee asserts himself once again. He makes Kaitlyn back up and that gives Michelle some breathing room. She crawls to the corner and makes her way to her feet clearly baffled at the turn of events that has taken place. She’s screaming about Kaitlyn when the referee calls for the bell.

Kaitlyn runs full force towards Michelle but the former schoolteacher is able to get her elbow up and send Kaitlyn stumbling back. Michelle wildly goes for a roundhouse kick, but Kaitlyn ducks it and throws herself into Michelle. Michelle goes down and when she gets back up, Kaitlyn knocks her down again. The NXT3 winner follows it up with a nice little suplex and goes for a cover. Michelle easily kicks out and Kaitlyn jumps to her feet. She stomps on Michelle and goes to the ropes. From the ground, Layla reaches up and grabs Kaitlyn’s ankle, causing the rookie to turn around. She gets into it with Layla which is enough of a distraction to give Michelle the time she needs to recuperate. When Kaitlyn gets rid of Layla, she turns around, and Michelle absolutely decapitates her with a big boot right to the kisser. Kaitlyn goes down like a sack of potatoes, clutching her jaw, and Michelle proactively pins her. Lay-Cool pick up the victory and chances are it’ll be another two months before we see Kaitlyn on SmackDown again.

All I can do is just shake my head. The match, if you want to call it that, lasted for like a hot minute. Literally, one hot minute. Wow. What’s so bad about this situation is that it wasn’t even awful. The beginning was a wonderful change of pace even if it left me wondering which team were the heels and which team were the faces.

I’m not entirely sure what the WWE is doing right now. They announced a random title match for the Royal Rumble but did little to build it up. Now this is not surprising, but SmackDown has really been on fire lately. I guess the WWE can’t have a good Diva Raw and a good Diva SmackDown. That’s just asking to much and since they exerted all their energy into Raw this week, SmackDown clearly got the short end of the stick. It sucks and it’s disappointing, but life goes on. Michelle’s kicks are absolutely insane. How devastating do they look on television? I would be scared to death to take one of those kicks in the ring because I firmly believe in keeping all my teeth.

The evolution of Kelly Kelly continued. Immediately following her loss alongside Kaitlyn, the gorgeous blond bombshell stayed at ringside to watch the match between Drew McIntyre and JTG. She didn’t get involved but the camera caught her shaking her head at a lot of Drew’s offensive moves which confused me. In my humble opinion, Kelly came off looking like a hypocrite again this week seeing as how she helped stage an attack on Lay-Cool before her match even began! Matt Striker, yes the sexy blue eyed announcer that I wish would read me bedtime stories, pondered aloud; “Does she want Drew to be passive? Does she want to control her man?”

It’s a fair statement. You can’t really get pissed off at someone for being aggressive when you yourself are being just as aggressive. Kelly was a total heel tonight and whether you like it or not, I think she may end up turning soon. What I found to be the most interesting thing about the whole segment is who Kelly climbed into the ring after the match and Drew walked off without even noticing her. Kelly’s facial expression wasn’t a smile and it wasn’t a scowl. She seemed thoughtful and like it finally dawned on her why Drew is the way he is. Perhaps it’s the writer in me that is getting into this, but she suddenly seemed to understand him and call me crazy, but she looked like she wanted to reach out to him.

I love it.

I also love how I can make this crappy edition of SmackDown happy and positive. What lacked in Royal Rumble build and match action was compensated for with character development. I’ll take it even though it’s not what I wanted out of tonight. Come Sunday, I expect Layla, Michelle, and Natalya to deliver another amazing match but I truly hope that this will be the end. It’s time to move on and after tonight, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Lay-Cool tweener turn for a feud with a heel Kelly.

This is the WWE, after all. Never say never.

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  • LaceyVonErichFan

    The beginning of Kelly Kelly’s heel turn. She seemed like a heel all night. Kaitlyn did decent for her debut match, that kick was so devestating. Everytime, Michelle kicks Kaitlyn the boot sounds & looks epic. Michelle is definetly the best boot kicker ever to step in the WWE ring.

  • BillyGP

    Liking Kelly turn only thing i liked on SD diva wise

  • theregoeskitty

    LMAO at the picture of Mccool and Kaitlyn it seriously looks like her head’s been kicked off, it makes my brain confused lol

  • Nicolex3

    Short match but I did enjoy it . Kaitlyn ate Michelle’s boot !

  • RangerDeon

    this night…what’s a nice way to say “stupid”?

    Why did Kaitlyn and Kelly attack LayCool? There was no attack backstage, no confrontation…they just ran out and attacked them.
    And didn’t Kelly JUST say she hates people who attack people for no reason? Like..I’m all for aggressive faces. But the writing was terrible…there was no explanation. LIke…Why is Kaitlyn mad???

    I fear Kelly will be a heel. But that would make only two faces on SmackDown….
    I dunno. I’m confused. WWE has never made me this confused before but now I’m doubting myself and my own existence!!!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i wish the match had of been longer, because the attack from KK and Kaitlyn was really good, and i enjoyed the outside action, but it was over before it got started really, and that kick was devastating, however, Kaitlyn did good for what it is worth, and i am so excited for the RR 2011, cant wait for the match, :)

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    I have never been so excited for a WWE PPV in years. Can’t hardly wait for the RR.

  • DarkMaverick87

    I am begging WWE to keep going with this angle by turning Kelly heel. She clearly can work the heel persona and I think a strong heel run could bring her career to new heights. Say what you want about her, but she is one of the most over divas and her heel turn could bring that something fresh to the women’s division that is needed (let’s face it… Lay-Cool can’t do it all).


    I am probally the biggest Kelly fan and Im LOVING this heel turn.
    Now Im not a fan of Michelle but I’ll give her credit she’s 1 of the best kickers

  • madslam2009

    Smackdown was………………………………….I really cant find a word to describe it. I liked the when Kaitlyn and K2 attacked Lay-Cool on the outside. And Kaitlyn, in-ring wise was fine for what it was. I think she needs to work on in-ring placement.

    Knowing WWE, I doubt they’ll turn Kelly heel. I would love to see it but I doubt itll happen.

  • Kaledrina

    i think a heel turn for kelly would be a bit silly. she’s pretty much wwe’s only highly over face diva right now.. and there’s only two real faces on smackdown! for now i’m putting it down to the lack of kelly’s acting ability and wwe doing their usual shoddy writing. it would be interesting, though, if it were to happen.

    i feel sorry for kaitlyn’s face. michelle must really dislike her or something lol

  • BillyGP

    The diva match is the only match i dont want to see at the Rumble only because Laycool should not be on ANOTHER PPV.

  • Katie

    I understood the attack on LayCool, it was very late payback when Kelly feuded with them and hey it might of stopped them from cutting a boring promo with Layla doing all the work. Kaitlyn I gotta give props too for taking that shot to the face, damn did that look painful! Kelly is just evolving and I’m loving it, I want her to be heel. I know she can play that and I too believe that she finally understands Drew.

    Also? There are three faces, Beth, Kaitlyn and Rosa. I want to see Kelly with LayCool, I want to see her and Layla reunite at some point too.

  • NT86

    I really doubt that they’ll turn Kelly heel. Why turn the Diva who they use for most of their promotional and marketing reasons? In-ring she’s a lot better suited to be a face, because she has the right moveset for it. Look at how effectively she worked as an underdog babyface against powerful heel Beth on RAW a few times in 2008.

    This match could have been something interesting but yet again it had to be cut short by that predictabke McCool big boot. Kaitlyn seems to have made some improvement since NXT. She looks like she’s taking well the basic power moves like TIffany did, but I think she could go further seeing as how she has a really athletic, buff look.

  • suman2135

    michelle’s big boot was awesome
    match should been longer
    i guess wwe is aping for the kong’s return after RR thats why i dont think laycool will walk out with the title.
    hope laycool breakup and we get a 3month long fued between the bffs

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    I don’t want LayCool to split up before WM27, i think we can last 2 more months of them.

  • DarknessRuler

    That kick……….SICKKK, I felt so sorry for Kaityln when she couldn’t sell the attack and held her face. I would have held my jaw too.

  • K2hollax3

    haha That kick was awesome as! but poor kaitlyn…
    And yeah a kelly kelly heel turn would cool as..

  • suebenden8

    The match wasn’t that bad. The only problem I had with it was the timing. Kelly Kelly & Kaitlyn attacking Laycool was something different, the boot by Michelle was incredible, and it seems to me that Kaitlyn is improving. So I don’t think there was anything bad about the match.

    The only negative about tonight’s diva action was Kelly Kelly & the whole Drew segment. I still don’t get what they are trying to do. It is confusing me each week. Kelly gets mad at Drew but look at what she did to Laycool tonight. Makes no sense to me. Still don’t know what they are doing. Do they want to turn Drew face or Kelly heel? I just don’t know.

  • ClassicKellyEve

    “Kelly Kelly and her partner, the rarely seen endangered species known as Kaitlyn.” OMG Crissy you cracked me up with that sentence, i was LOL-ing for about 2 minutes XD … Well, the divas match isn’t that bad, it would be great if the match was longer.. Kelly heel turn would be possible IMO.. And maybe turn Kaitlyn to a heel too? I mean this match makes me remember about that “Blondetourage” (Kelly and Kaitlyn)

    “i feel sorry for kaitlyn’s face. michelle must really dislike her or something lol” @ Kaledrina i agree with that~..

  • Nick

    people are just overestimating Kaitlyn. the way Michelle sold her attacks should be the one u guys praise. Michelle’s sellings this week were just exaggerating. how can a little girl like Kaitlyn match with the queen of SD? i saw all kaitlyn’s moves in the ring. those were just too weak to beat down somebody.

    and BTW, Michelle’s kicks are always flawless. but only that kick doesnt soothe McCool fans. Kaitlyn needs to eat some more kicks like that. so does Kelly.

  • art1e

    i dont get why they got 1 minute i know its meant to be a coming out of nowhere win but still they could of had kelly work some of the match just incase Kaitlyn might forget what she has to do…

    that scoop slam was sloppy as thats the nickpick i have…

    also why not rosa in this match? all kaitlyn has done is c*ckblock drew so it doesnt make sense…..

  • DIVAsupporter

    I myself don’t want my precious kelly heel… but If it’s gonna develop her character and acting… I’m all for it…

    I think Kaitlyn did pretty well.. even in the start she did quite well… can’t wait for Kaitlyn to get a longer match… after watching her last night.. it made me feel like i wanted more out of her

  • Spideywebby

    What heel turn? Just because of this attack? I don’t think so.

    All i see is Kelly, Kaitlyn & Beth teaming up against Laycool & Kong in the near future. They are probably building that up right now.

  • DIVAsupporter

    bTW did u guys see during drews entarnce.. the camera goes to kelly and cole says “I have a bone to pick with kell……” and kelly stares at Cole and snobs him… EPIC…